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Dolphin Slaughtering Environmental Issues Katie Cothran.

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1 Dolphin Slaughtering Environmental Issues Katie Cothran

2 Facts about Dolphin Slaughtering QW7AkDIU

3 Why Dolphin Slaughtering?

4 What countries are dolphins slaughtered in? Japan, Faroe Islands, Chile and Turkey.

5 How are these slaughters inhumane?

6 Is dolphin meat safe to consume?

7 Have there been protests against slaughtering?

8 Dolphins Perspective-Poem Dolphins roaming through the sea And here you come along Spear in hand, net in another tin cans are not where we belong Noises make us scared We swim to where is safe When finally rested,here you come Your boats are blocking the way Red is seeping down the ocean Red is seeping down the ocean I’ve lost my will to live One flipper off, the other mangled Why do we deserve this? You make us watch, our families die Isn’t killing us enough You bleed us out, and cut us up And drag us through the dirt Don’t you know, what you do to us, make us really hurt We are dolphins and we are aware, of what is expected to come Make us your food, label our packages, but just wait one sec If you’re killing us, we will become extinct, did you ever think like that? So when disorienting us, and taking our lives Think about the ocean We are god’s creatures, and you are killing us off What sense does that make, the ocean is what we are a part of

9 When I close my eyes, I see their blood. when I cover my ears, I hear their screams. my dreams become nightmares, as the Chrystal clear ocean, turns red with blood. the sound of crashing waves, is smothered in screams. they die by spear, as they bleed their last drop. the last thing they see, are their families bleeding out, an ocean, a cove, turning red with their blood. these beautiful beings, scream their last breath, as they struggle to get more air. sometimes they drown, to confused to know which way is up, or to weak to get back to the surface. these sleek swimmers, whose home is in the ocean, drown as their demise. these creatures are know world wide, but no one really knows them, no one knows what makes them tick, and very few know what is happening. these beautiful creatures, the children of the sea, are dolphins. they are being murdered, destroyed. and we do nothing, absolutely nothing. because too few know, too little care to know. so, you sign the petition. so, you send in money. but do you really mean it? are you one of the few, who want to make a difference? or do you do it for glory, to fill the empty cavity, in your heart, to tell your self, that your a good person? because if that is how you feel, then please try to care. its the least you can do, for these dolphins. they hold no grudges, they never, ever doubt us. and we choose not to see it, the affection they give us, because they lay it out plainly, it is not like they hide it. so please try to care. it's the least you can do, for these sweet, smiling creatures, these children of the sea. and i honor those, who want to Make a Difference

10 Final Statement To learn more about the brutality that is inflicted on dolphins watch the cove documentary, and go on to: Article on Whale, Shark and Dolphin hunting: s/article-2229915/The- fishermen-forced-hunt- dolphins-sharks-spears- traditional-whale-prey-dying- out.html

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