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Kiwanising Action Plans. Riverton Aktion Club Theme: Action Desired Future State: An Aktion club is thriving in Riverton Current State: Asset: We have.

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1 Kiwanising Action Plans

2 Riverton Aktion Club Theme: Action Desired Future State: An Aktion club is thriving in Riverton Current State: Asset: We have many young people who could be involved Barrier: We lack a committed Kiwanian to serve as advisor Baby Steps Conduct interest survey at CES for members Adult sponsor – Suz Murray CES sponsor – staff member Organizational Meeting Contact: Gay Hughes, 307-851-3149

3 Charter Aktion Club in Division 4 Theme: Desired Future State A new Aktion club is chartered for division 4 Current State: No action club exists in Division 4 as in other divisions There is interest from club and community No media interest or coverage yet (conventional or social) Barriers to overcome: funding not yet established, hours, anxiety, personal interactions Baby Steps Division meeting with district admin & community leaders Commitment from A.R.C. (financial) Determine which club to sponsor/co-sponsor Get club member commitment Reach out to community organizations Plan charter event (include other orgs, clubs and media) Contact: Carl Shinn, Tom Martinez – (719) 329- 8623

4 Kiwanis Memberships for Christmas Presents Theme: Inclusion Desired Future State Members actively give Kiwanis membership dues as Christmas presents to friends and relatives (just as many give to charities, such as Heifer foundation) Whether or not a child goes to meetings, the revenue goes to the club Current State: This program does not exist today There are comparable gift membership programs in other charities we could learn from and adapt Baby Steps (evaluate the technology and administrative process by which this could be accomplished) RMD emails every club to introduce the program Club president announces it at meetings Suggested uses: members pay for kids and or grandkids memberships in clubs near individual’s residence Contact: Gail Coombs, DTC, 303 771 8218,

5 Orientation of new Members Theme: Relationships Desired Future State At all levels of Kiwanis organization (international, district, division, club, project), new members are oriented to how the organization works. Current State: Structure for this is currently inconsistent, leading to gaps in information, and inconsistencies (different people are told different things) Baby Steps 1.Start with KI video, order orientation materials from KI, customize 2.Make sure that one or two club members (or a committee) are accountable for orientation 3.Invite officers/board members to attend orientation 4.Hold orientation at a coffee shop or bar 5.Have a list of club projects available for discussion; invite new members to choose first activity to get involved in (no push/no pressure). 6.Add Kiwanis education into monthly meetings (10 minutes -1 x/mo) 7.Host social events to help get new members connected and form relationships 8.Prepare an info packet, and give every new member a branded division/district T-shirt – in same color. Contact: Mary Forhan – ; Mark Bennett –

6 Transitioning Leadership to the Next Generation Theme: Inclusion, relationships Desired Future State Younger and more energetic club leaders are engaged to continue the club’s past successes. New leaders say, “This is OUR service club and networking organization.” Current State: Youngest member is currently 60, average age is 67.3 Baby Steps Contact PTA Contact young professionals group Make meeting times more flexible Ask family and friends and younger people for contacts Invite people to do a service project first Baby sitters for moms and dads = key club Young volunteers of America Contact (not listed)

7 Community Survey leading to Club Signature Project Theme: Desired Future State -Good contacts with the community in both directions -Signature project is in place and operating -Increased participation by all members -Kiwanis’ value in the community is more recognized -Unified clubs with firm focus Current State: Project efforts are scattered Geographic / influence boundaries undefined We don’t know the real needs of the community We are a bit afraid of what we might find Baby Steps Define influence/geographic boundaries Define entities to interview (including: schools, media, religious, recreational, medical, business and youth) Organize members to implement surveys Collect and analyze survey results, draw conclusions Select projects to serve community needs including one major signature project. Contact: Hazel Kinzer, Div 9 Lt Gov, 303 347 2753,

8 Website framework/template Theme: Desired Future State: Website framework and template established Facebook template established Twitter template established Current State: Not available - international Baby Steps: District level committee to develop common template for different club websites, Facebook pages Contact

9 The Kiwanis Circle Walk Theme: Desired Future State: Beneficiaries of the fundraising are the participants of the event Each beneficiary would receive x amount of the funding for their organizations Participating organization action would measure success Current State: The board has already approved the fundraiser Talk to members to get ideas from them Make sure everyone is engaged Get the organizations that will benefit fully engaged to help with ideas and manpower Baby Steps: Engage a committee of parties who are interested Find members who will help w t-shirts, advertising, sponsors, goodie bags, water, walking stations, location, getting walkers Contact Maggie Weakley (303) 489-7777

10 Kiwanis Family Day Theme: Desired Future State Kiwanis Family Day is a day to connect all of the K-Family clubs. We would designate a day for clubs in different regions to gather together with their K-Family clubs (understanding how big Kiwanis is). St first, we would do things in regions and then eventually we will have one big celebration together as a district. Current State: Kiwanis clubs and Key clubs to interact, but not on a huge scale. We break up because of geographical issues. We would start with interactions between Key Club Lt. Governors and Kiwanis Lt. Governors. Baby Steps Denver area and greater. Denver area will organize a day at the Rockies. In spring, we will connect the Lt. Governors and set up a meeting date and a date for the event. After the event, we will evaluate what worked and hope to grow the project. Impact – we are family. Contact: Juliana Rodriquez,

11 Connect Key Clubs with Aktion Clubs Theme: Desired Future State Start with a connection between Key Clubs and Aktion Clubs in Division 9. Current State: Key Clubs don’t really know what Aktion clubs are and would like to know more and work with them on projects. Baby Steps Contact man in charge of Division 9 Aktion club. Pick a date. Do it. Talk to Carl from the Arvada club. Done! Contact: Juliana Rodriquez

12 Younger People Wanted Theme: Desired Future State: Need more young people available for service projects, preferably through increase in membership. Current State: Three younger members who do not attend the weekly meetings will occasionally attend the service projects. Baby Steps: Figure out how to have some older members subsidize the younger member’s dues. Award service “points” for service to effect dues. Set up a meeting with the three younger members to ask for their ideas. Pick a service project specifically geared toward 20/30 members – maybe with Key Club. Contact: Russ Adsit (303) 587-7441

13 Kiwanis can be FUN! Theme: Desired Future State: Bring fun back into Kiwanis Clubs would have increased membership because people will want to be involved with Kiwanis Clubs would be strong – members would be actively involved because they are having fun Current State: Clubs get bored – participation in projects is minimal, membership declining Baby Steps: The club forms a committee to evaluate each project they are currently doing to see if something can be done to make the project more exciting, more FUN4 Do this on an annual basis Evaluate one project at a time Contact: Kathy Lee (719) 588-7003

14 Value of Club Committees Theme: Desired Future State: Every member of the club would be engaged or involved in some capacity or on a committee or heading up a project. Current State: Little structure – loose or no committees. Same people do everything. Little opportunity to discuss business during meetings. Baby Steps: Periodic (i.e.., 3 rd meeting of the month or quarterly) meetings set aside for committees People choose committee to participate in – take ownership of club success – your ideas and input are needed Incentivize meeting day with something fun, i.e.., every member writes three statements about themselves (two true and 1 false). Read all three statements aloud and members try to guess who wrote the statements and which is false. Contact: Mary Forhan

15 Wooden Toys Project Theme: Desired Future State: Wooden toys for distribution and sale Current State: Only one product – could use EBay or Amazon Baby Steps: Invite Chuck Everitt Get equipment – belt or disc sander Find source for wood Buy or borrow patterns Order wheels and axels Wood treatment – mineral oil Need brander Contact: Chuck Everitt

16 Better Communications Theme: Desired Future State: That people within your division would know everything your club does, is, or will be doing. All of the info on all clubs I there for people to find. People will know Kiwanis, who we are and what we do! Current State: Clubs are doing great things but the word is not out there. Starting point is ground zero! Baby Steps: Get all clubs together from the division Get all projects put in one folder Get ideas for useable media utilization Decide what media to use Use Key Club, CKI, and Builder’s clubs to build media sources Put info out to all citizens Contact:

17 Use projects to attract members Theme: Desired Future State: Bring new people to service project Hold classes for new members Assign someone to mentor new member Current State: Projects are not currently advertised We are painting picture but not showing it Baby Steps: Put project in news paper or on radio Cards for Kiwanians saying they were there Connect with Key Clubs and SLPs on projects Have Key Club do internet work Contact:

18 Including 20/30’s in projects Theme: F cl Desired Future State: Get 20/30 people involved in service projects, then get them to join Kiwanis Current State: Create a bulletin board/ face book page/web page that show all the projects that are going on in the area that people can get involved in. The new people can pick and choose what project they would like to do. The Kiwanis Family befriends them and the want to join a club. Baby Steps: Find out what projects or social events are going on with all the clubs in the area. Post them to public viewing Let the public know where to go and what they can do when they get there. See who shows up and have FUN with them doing the project. Contact

19 Subsidize younger members Theme: Desired Future State: Make it more affordable for young people to join Kiwanis Current State: Just too expensive, $49 per month Baby Steps: Use a weekly game of chance where people put in a $1 and half the pot goes to Int’l and District dues for younger members. Use progressive game where the winner must draw the queen of spades. Contact:

20 Improve SLP Relationships Theme: Desired Future State:  Have Key Clubbers and CKI continue working with the Kiwanis family and ultimately join Kiwanis  Kiwanis events would be full of past Key Clubbers and CKI members Current State: o Disconnect and no communication between Key Club Leadership and Kiwanis o Need support from faculty advisors o Starting point: Build relationship with kids Baby Steps: Have K Family come to KC DCON to see what we do and have the students see their Kiwanians Consider getting co-sponsors for your Key Club Pizza Party for K-Family Take large groups to Key Club meeting Invite Key Clubbers to your meeting Directly communicate with your Key Club Officers & hook up with Lt. Governors Get Key Club input on staying in Kiwanis Plan joint service projects Send Key Clubbers to convention, Key Leader Have Kiwanis Advisor at every board and club meeting Contact: A Key Clubber

21 Marketing, Branding, & PR Theme: Desired Future State: Kiwanis to become a household name Service = Kiwanis Current State: Great internal marketing We preach to the choir Little state/district publicity/media presence Baby Steps: 1)Create committees; social marketing, website, branding, education, SLP marketing, and media/print advertising 2)Interactive website w/high traffic; calendar for service, template for clubs 3)Have marketing budget 4)Use FB, twitter, and leave cards behind Contact:

22 Branding Uniformity Theme: Desired Future State: Branding resources/Promo Material Need online access to logo for business cards, marketing, brochures, stickers and T- shirts so everyone has same logo to make “Kiwanis” recognized world wide Current State: Does international have the newest logo? Baby Steps: Have tech person hook u[ link at each district’s website to international logo link. Contact:

23 Attracting 20/30’s Theme: Desired Future State: Schedule presentations geared to younger members (no hearing aids) Create Facebook page/Web Page Customize service programs that attract youth Involve youth in planning programs Invite youth to every service project Create new levels of membership (non-meal dues) Current State: Baby Steps: Find younger members through lists, i.e.., local chamber of commerce Create projects for younger members (habitat for humanity, food pantry) Allow them regularly to pick a service project and social hour Assign a sponsor Adjust meeting requirements Contact: Dawn Ignatius (719) 237-7533

24 CKI into the future Theme: Desired Future State: CKI students fully integrated and networked with Kiwanians of similar interests CKI students matched one-on-one with Kiwanis mentor Regular career speakers to include non CKI members, maybe once a month Regular use of Kiwanians connections to deliver speakers and boost membership Current State: CKI is disconnected from Kiwanis CKI is lacking funding CKI students desire one-on-one mentoring (older college students) and to explore careers (younger college students) Kiwanis members would like to mentor and share their story Baby Steps: Create college student personal information/interests sheets CKI to bring informational sheets to Kiwanis clubs looking for a match in mentors CKI asks for career speakers Integrate social activities with CKI and Kiwanis; icebreakers and mixers to create relationships Get Kiwanis Lt. Governor to take CKI president to each club to steal the bell and force interclub between Kiwanis Club and CKI. Contact: Brian Boyes, Ft. Collins Noon Club, (586) 612-6058

25 Tutoring and Literacy Programs Theme: Desired Future State: Tutoring program @ Wilmont and Marshdale; reading and writing programs bring all students up to grade level by grade 3. Current State: 20% of students are not reading and writing at grade level. Bigger classroom sizes preclude individualization. Staffs are stretched too thin. Baby Steps: Meet with school personnel and specialists to determine needs (i.e.., tutoring, library skills) and feedback procedures. Match needs with volunteers Train volunteers Determine times and activities schedule Measure progress Contact: Principal, Coach, and Teachers

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