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Viewing, Listening and Speaking My Ideal Roommate.

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2 Viewing, Listening and Speaking My Ideal Roommate

3 Now watch the video and pay attention to how the speakers describe their ideal roommates. Then choose the words the speakers use in their descriptions. Put a tick in front of the letter you choose. An ideal roommate is: __ A) neat __ B) quiet __ C) intelligent __ D) interesting __ E) honest __ F) generous __ G) humorous __ H) healthy __ I) thoughtful (Key: A C D E G I)

4 Watch the video again and fill in the missing words in the incomplete lines of the speakers. 1) I don’t like to see our rooms __ __ __. 2) If I were sick when it was __ __ to clean the living room, my roommate would do it for me. 3) He can always give you __ __ when you are __ __. 4) It’s a natural closeness, not something we’d have to __ __. 5) If you have such high ______ _______ him, you might be disappointed. 6) Then ____ _____ a good sense of humor? 7) We should never demand ____ ____ of our roommates. 8) Ok, let’s be realistic and try to appreciate __ __ __ now. in a mess my turn a handin trouble work at expectations of how about too much what we have

5 Watch the video a third time. This time you are required to repeat a few important lines. What you have said will be recorded so that you can compare your pronunciation and intonation with the speakers. Try to imitate their pronunciation and intonation.

6 Now that you know the ideal roommates of the speakers in the video, it’s your turn to work in groups to discuss what kind of person you expect YOUR ideal roommate to be like.

7 Now we have learned what your ideal roommates are like. Considering that you will be staying together for a long time, it is necessary that you should work out a set of dorm rules so as to lead a harmonious, enjoyable and colorful dorm life with your roommates. Suppose you four, as a group, live in the same dorm, would you please work together to decide what the rules will be?

8 Listening, Understanding And Speaking Part Two

9 Listening III Before we get down to listening to the passage, please get to know new words and expressions. supermarket: n. 超级市场 groceries: n. 杂货 take hold of: 握住 raise: v. 养育 loneliness: n. 寂寞 apartment house: 公寓 reluctant: adj. 不情愿 purse: n. 钱包

10 Now listen to the passage and decide which of the following statements are true or false. Put T for True and F or False in the space provided. ____ 1) The old woman and the younger woman were neighbors. ____ 2) The two women met each other outside the supermarket. ____ 3) The younger woman offered to carry the bag for the old woman. ____ 4) The two ladies complained about living in a crowded city. ____ 5) The old woman was very sad to say goodbye to the younger woman. T T T F F

11 Listen to the passage again and complete the following statements with the information you get from the passage. 1)The two women lived on ________ Street. 2)The younger woman was leaving the supermarket ____ ____ ____. 3)She helped the old lady with her bag because the latter looked ____ ____. 4)Then the old woman ____ ____ ____ her arm and they walked together slowly. 5)The old woman wanted to give her a dollar ____ ___. 6)In the end the old lady was afraid they would ______ see each other ______. 181st in a hurry very tired took hold of for her help never again

12 Listen to the passage again and work in pairs to fill in the table with the information you get from the passage. The old woman The younger woman What was their relationship They were ________ but they ____________. Whom did she live with? She lived ________. She lived _____________. What did each talk about on the way? She talked about ________. She talked about ___________________ ________. neighbors didn’t know each other alonewith her family loneliness the cost of food and the problems of raising children.

13 Role-play Now role-play the story between the two ladies.

14 Thank U 4 Your Attention & Participation

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