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DataFlex Web Framework Licensing Chip Casanave Data Access Worldwide.

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1 DataFlex Web Framework Licensing Chip Casanave Data Access Worldwide

2 Framework Licensing Objectives A fair, versatile, simple license policy Motivate current users to create new web apps Provide a competitive policy for new customers

3 Framework Licensing Objectives Support a range of different business web app scenarios  Avoid constraining product use and opportunity with license policy that is too narrow or complicated

4 Licensing policy realities It’s complicated Required pre-release Start with essentials; evolve


6 Current Web Licenses Licensed per server instance  Physical or virtual Lite Edition  5 Sessions; no process pooling  Intranet only; not suitable for DFWF Workgroup Edition  5 Sessions with process pooling

7 Current Web Licenses Internet Edition  Process pooling (no limits) Enterprise Edition  Through-the-firewall security for any connected server  Cluster load balancing Supports 1….255 Internet Edition servers Scalable; tunable

8 Current Web Licenses Issues…  Too expensive for deployment of small applications  Too cheap for capacity of server license Prospectively supports 100’s of users  Licensing not “value” based


10 Web App Usage Scenarios Administrative, transactional  On Windows, a “DataFlex application”  Users are known; defined by admin.  Usage patterns are known  User based licensingworks well

11 Web App Usage Scenarios Personal service – e.g. fitness web site  No Windows equivalent  Business role: The application is the business; typically a monthly membership or subscription is paid per user  Users have unique identity and define themselves in the application  Load and usage unpredictable

12 Web App Usage Scenarios E-commerce web site – shopping cart  Business role: operational; supports sales  Users are unique; unknown; self-defining One-time-use or recurring – user and transaction volume unpredictable

13 Web App Usage Scenarios Administrative services – a school app  SaaS; multi-tenant  Business model: subscription/mo  Known application users with different profiles… Administrators and teachers Students and parents Always admin. defined

14 DataFlex Web Licensing LICENSE TYPEPre-… Server basedYesMaybe Per CPU-CoreNoMaybeLikely # Users “Web Client” (like Windows Client)NoYes E-commerce; ‘soft users’NoMaybe Value BasedNoMaybeYes

15 DISCUSSION…. Thank you…

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