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Windows Remote Desktop Services for Cloud Applications.

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1 Windows Remote Desktop Services for Cloud Applications

2 Existing Scenario in Most companies Intranet Custom Software ERP/CRM Software Software Outlook Email SAP MS Office PcKasse No Application Access outside the Company Office.

3 With Remote Desktop Services You can Access your Applications from anywhere Application Cloud (Terminal Server) Intranet Custom Software ERP/CRM Software Software Outlook Email SAP MS Office PcKasse

4 Simple Remote Desktop Services Deployment External User Internal User

5 Demonstration of Remote Applications Connect to Cloud Server from Web URL when you are away from office

6 Once connected, you will see all the applications and softwares that you are allowed to open remotely from anywhere. You can see below we have icons for Microsoft Softwares as well as custom company software like Davilex, Foxit Reader etc. You can even put your point of sales, Order Management or CRM here and access it from anywhere around the globe.

7 Clicking on any icon will connect you to respective software on cloud server. e.g Let us connect to Outlook to access exchange email. Once we click on Outlook Icon we are presented with below Screen. On top of first dialog, it says connecting to TSFARM, because we have Terminal Server Farm configured to load Balance the client connections. If One Server is down, It will connect to most suitable server to serve the software applications

8 Starting Outlook Remote Application to access exchange office email

9 In few seconds you will see out look software opening as seen below

10 And here we get inbox with all the exchange /office emails. It does not matter if you have MS Office/Outlook installed on your PC, It will still open like this on every PC. You do not need to install MS Office or outlook to access exchange emails inbox.

11 Application Cloud Cloud Everyone is using Cloud

12 Key Features Centralized Management Remote Applications RemoteFX Flexible & Cost Effective Solution Access all your office applications on the go. Session-Based Desktops Virtual Desktops

13 Technology Windows Server 2008 R2 or Server 2012 Domain Controllers Remote Desktop Services Hyper-V

14 Conclusion As we have seen that we did not have MS Office or outlook installed on PC to access the outlook email. This apply to all the softwares that can be installed on Windows server and can be accessed from anywhere around the globe without any need to install on local computer. This can be very beneficial for organizations with sales teams,Construction sites or any remote project teams. Where team member need to access respective software, CRM, emails etc. from outside the Company Network without compromising the security.

15 Thank you Presentation by: Sandeep Thakur Email:

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