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Futures – Alpha Cloud Deployment and Application Management.

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1 Futures – Alpha Cloud Deployment and Application Management

2 To paraphrase James Carville: “It’s about the application…stupid!” Publication Deployment Monitoring Cost Management Database Management What Is the Alpha Cloud?

3 Publication Directly from Alpha Anywhere Development Environment Application publications are versioned Applications publications are never overwritten – Roll-back/roll-forward as needed – Deploy multiple copies and versions concurrently What Is the Alpha Cloud?

4 Deployment Assigns a web site and path to a specific application version with a specific build of Alpha Anywhere Application Server Changes to a deployment can be scheduled ahead of time and are automatically deployed or terminated according to the schedule For example, create a deployment to: – Test your recently published application version – Test a new build of Alpha Anywhere – Diagnose a specific application issue – Support a specific organizational group in production – Demonstrate your application for a prospect What Is the Alpha Cloud?

5 Application Monitoring/Cost Management User interface for developers, operations, management, accounting Access to log files, usage metrics, costs for deployed applications Tools to analyze and export activity data Notifications for exceptional conditions What Is the Alpha Cloud?

6 Database Management Basic DBaaS support or BYODB Ultimately, want more complete DBaaS support to make that part as easy as possible (including backup and recovery and schema migration) What Is the Alpha Cloud?

7 First Look at the Alpha Cloud Accessing the Alpha Cloud From Within Alpha Anywhere

8 First Look at the Alpha Cloud Selecting Alpha Cloud as a Publication Target

9 First Look at the Alpha Cloud One-step Publish and Deploy

10 First Look at the Alpha Cloud Moving Your Application To the Cloud

11 Advanced Publishing Now It Gets Interesting!

12 Subscription What you purchase in the Alpha Store Owns all cloud resources you create Subscription owner can delegated authorization for resources belonging to the subscription Key resources (like web sites and certificates) are managed at the subscription level Subscription

13 Accounts Group billing and control of sets of applications within a subscription Can be used for organizational or functional units or to isolate activity for the subscriber’s customers – Accounting, Manufacturing, Sales – Production, Test, Development – Customer A, Customer B, Customer C Applications Names your web project for Alpha Cloud within an account Each publication of an application creates a new version You can select which version to deploy where and when Accounts and Applications

14 Managing Accounts

15 Accounts and Applications Managing Applications

16 Two Key Roles Alpha Cloud User Is granted permission to publish, deploy, manage resources (web sites, databases, accounts, applications). Anyone can create an Alpha Cloud user account. Note: This is for Alpha Cloud and has nothing to do with users or accounts for applications published on the Alpha Cloud. Alpha Cloud Subscriber Pays the bills Owns the Alpha Cloud subscription and all accounts within it Associated with an Alpha Cloud user when a subscription is purchased Delegates permission to specific users by resource Access to Alpha Cloud

17 Before you can do anything on the Alpha Cloud, you must register as an Alpha Cloud User.

18 Access to Alpha Cloud Once control of an e-mail account is established, you can confirm your registration and set a password.

19 Access to Alpha Cloud Logging on to Alpha Cloud

20 Access to Alpha Cloud An Alpha Cloud User: Can own multiple subscriptions May be granted permission to manage resources for subscriptions they do not own Does not need a subscription, if authorized to work on someone else’s

21 Delegating Access Managing Authorized Maintainers

22 Advanced Features Managing Web Sites

23 Advanced Features Uploading Certificates

24 Advanced Features Managing Deployments

25 Architecture Alpha Cloud Ecosystem Configuration Manager Alpha Anywhere Development Environment Service Environment Manager Cloud Management Database Apps Exes Config App DB Alpha Cloud Administrative Interface Alpha Cloud Security & Session Storage

26 Architecture Alpha Cloud Service Environment Service Environment Manager Cloud Management Database Cloud Management Database Generate Cloud Configuration Instantiate/ Alter Cloud Instantiate/ Alter Cloud Alpha Cloud Alpha Cloud Collect Statistics Logs Usage Exceptions Logs Usage Exceptions Forward Alerts Forward Alerts

27 Architecture Built on Amazon AWS and Alpha Anywhere Application Server for IIS Load Balancer Application Server for IIS Server Instance Public Subnet NAT Server Management Host Server Groups Virtual Private Cloud x Scaled Instances Cloud Node Manager Server Group Subnet

28 Architecture Implemented to be Portable Alpha Cloud Client for Alpha Anywhere Development Environment Amazon AWS Implementation Cloud Manager Service Environment Interface Alpha Cloud Administrative Components ???

29 Summary Publication Deployment Monitoring Cost Management Database Management What Is the Alpha Cloud?

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