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Introducing Web ViewPoint V5 AAH

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1 Introducing Web ViewPoint V5 AAH

2 page 2 Web ViewPoint - SJ70 V5 AAH New for V5 AAH Central Router Direct & smart connections to multiple Nonstop Clusters Message Distributor Events can be sent to pagers and Cell phones, or Emailed to individuals, or vocalized to be spoken through speakers OpenView Gateway Send Events through SNMP Traps to OpenView. Supports both UNIX and Windows. Access Authorizations & Audit Control user access to features by user group/id or alias. Choose to log and View users’ access to features. Multi-file FTP Upload or download multiple files to and from NonStop Event Type & Lite WebView New Event Type setting is added to Event search criteria. Optionally activate an Event monitor which requires no logon New configuration options Choose to show or hide certain features (e.g. Terminal Emulator) system wide

3 page 3 Web ViewPoint - SJ70 V5 AAH one One interface into multiple “neighborhoods” and “residents” Neighborhood: A group of nodes running Web ViewPoint Resident: A node in a neighborhood \C \B \A \D \E Web ViewPoint automatically synchronizes IP addresses among different residents. Change of a URL or introduction of a new node in the neighborhood is automatically communicated to all the residents.

4 page 4 Web ViewPoint - SJ70 V5 AAH Products working in concert \C \B \D’ \E’ \A’ \C’ \B’ \X \A \D \E Web ViewPoint plug-in for ASAP Your plug- in? Plug-in for security Plug-in for Pathway ?

5 page 5 Web ViewPoint - SJ70 V5 AAH Message Distributor & OpenView Gateway Open popup Windows Send to Web ViewPoint Electronic boxEmail to yourself and/or othersSend SMS Text to your cell phone and/or others’Send to OpenView through Smart plug-ins on either Windows or UNIX Use Calendar to support multiple Operation shifts Use any subset of the generated Event, and/or create your own custom message to go out Using the same message selection, and Calendar control options, choose which Events should be spoken via a speaker setup in your Operation area. Optionally, create your own text to be spoken, and test it to hear the message in advance.

6 page 6 Web ViewPoint - SJ70 V5 AAH Access Control Choose who should have access to which features, and whether their activity should be audited.

7 page 7 Web ViewPoint - SJ70 V5 AAH Multi-file FTP New FTP component uses enhanced browsing features to enable upload/download of multiple files simultaneously. Both Guardian and OSS spaces are supported.

8 page 8 Web ViewPoint - SJ70 V5 AAH Event Types Use new Event Type settings to better define your search criteria.

9 page 9 Web ViewPoint - SJ70 V5 AAH Lite Web ViewPoint New Lite WebViewPoint monitor can be installed to only monitor and query Events, with no logon requirement.

10 page 10 Web ViewPoint - SJ70 V5 AAH CCM – new Navigation features Back / Forward Go to a Subvolume Quickly open a file Export to Excel Automated history

11 page 11 Web ViewPoint - SJ70 V5 AAH CCM – Obey Files Execution of multiple OBEY files, whether in parallel or sequence, can now be ordered.

12 page 12 Web ViewPoint - SJ70 V5 AAH

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