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Denise O’Shea Systems Librarian Fairleigh Dickinson University.

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1 Denise O’Shea Systems Librarian Fairleigh Dickinson University

2 : Easy Searching

3 Where Are Our Patrons? Most patrons start and finish their searches: Google Amazon, Barnes & Noble Wikipedia

4 What about the library website?

5 Why ? LibX is a great shortcut to library sources It's a tool bar Always with you Search anywhere Free, easy to setup, no programming required, no server needed (hosted by

6 What Can LibX Do? Search your catalog and other library resources Localization (use of embedded cues/graphics) on webpages Provide links to library resources Offers a right-click context menu

7 It’s a toolbar It’s a context sensitive menu Embedded cues

8 Getting Started with LibX How to make your own edition -- visit and copy/modify an existing Market it Put it on your library computers, your blog, your handouts, give classes, etc.

9 : Libraries Check-in

10 What is Foursquare? Location-based social networking website A new way to engage with library patrons Marketing and education It's also a game Main strength is tips -- users can leave short messages about a location, other users in the vicinity can see the tips

11 Libraries and Foursquare Over 1600 libraries in Foursquare What are they doing? Giving prizes to Mayors Sharing tips about new services and resources Feedback from patrons Used at conferences

12 Getting Started with Foursquare Download the mobile app to a compatible device (or access via the mobile site -- Can integrate with Facebook & Twitter Check-in, share tips


14 Privacy & Security Concerns You can check-in privately ("off the grid") Use of QR codes to provide links to library tips and services may be less intrusive

15 Competitors Gowalla Brightkite Loopt Where Yelp Google Facebook Places Many others

16 iPads in Libraries

17 Ways Your Library Can Use iPads Roaming Reference eBook Readers, Reserves and Ready Reference Roaming libraries – go where your users are A teaching tool A substitute for a desktop or laptop Turn any library resource into an “app” Turn any library space into a classroom Loan to patrons

18 Vital Apps Data storage/transfer – DropBox, GoodReader ($), iRead PDF eReaders – iBooks, Kindle, Nook, Stanza, more Office Productivity – Pages ($), Keynote ($) Image Editing – Photopad, Photoshop Express Screen Capture – Page Capture ($) VGA Browser – Expediton ($) Collaboration – Whiteboard Free & Whiteboard Lite, Webex


20 Vital Apps, continued Citation – iSource Lite ($) Note Taking – Sundry Notes, Sketch Memo Lite, SmartNote ($), iThoughtsHD ($) Audio – AudioNote Lite Accessibility – Tap to Talk Handwriting – NoteTaker HD ($) Tasks – List n’Do ($) Google Apps – some free, some not Web browsing/RSS – Instapaper ($), Reeder ($)


22 Library Apps National Library of Scotland – John Murray Archive iPrinceton More, also apps for guided tours of museums

23 Reference Apps Gale – Access my Library World Factbook 2010 ($) Wikipedia and Wikipanion Worldbook: This Day in History U.S. Historical Documents Famous Speeches ($) History: Maps of the World, National Geographic Atlas Periodic Table of Elements Science Glossary IMDB SciVerse Scopus Alerts






29 Library Apps National Library of Scotland – John Murray Archive iPrinceton More, also apps for guided tours of museums



32 Education Apps 24/7 tutor is a nice multi-language tutoring program for beginning foreign language learners. Blackboard Mobile Learn mBook (Moodle) VitalSource Bookshelf


34 Useful Links iPad Tips and Tricks -- Video playback -- iPad Apps for Elementary School Kids --

35 Questions? Contact info: Denise O’Shea

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