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November 1, 2012

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1 November 1, 2012

2 Today’s Agenda: Check in Professional Website Check in Digital Storytelling Presentations Break/Video Web 2.0 Cool Tool: Poll Everywhere Productivity Tools WELCOME BACK!

3 Checking in: How are things? Anything Nicole needs to know? CHECK IN

4 How’s the Professional Website assignment coming along? PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE CHECK IN **20 Links should be clickable links Publish if you would like me to check your progress Image source: The Goal is Sustainability

5 TECH IN ED PRESENTATIONS Rehana Patel"Social Media" Sandra Aguirre"Social Media" Unoma Gartley"NETS"

6 DIGITAL STORYTELLING Assignment Create a digital story. It should include a minimum of 3 of the 5 elements of a digital story (images, text, music, narrative, and video) with one element being narration. It should be between 2-4 minutes. Be creative! Take pride in your work!


8 Ten Minutes, please. BREAK!



11  WEB 2.0 FOR ORGANIZATION Image source:

12 ORGANIZATION Organization means different things to different people. Some can have a pile of papers scattered across their desk and can find what they need in a minute. Others need everything neatly spelled out and in proper order to function. Web 2.0 offers a great deal of organizational tools for you personally as an educator and for you to use with students as well.

13 EVERNOTE Evernote is a download notetaking and archiving software that allows you to keep all of your notes in one central location Sync notes from all your devices to the same place Upload notes, webclips, files, images, and audio Share and collaborate Extensions are available for additional features

14 DROPBOX As mentioned in Module #1

15 LIVEBINDERS Organize all your web resources in one place! View links like pages instead of URLs on paper Upload PDFs and Word docs Bookmarklet widget available Free account upload up to 5 MB per doc Total free upload space is 100 MB Create “shelves” of your binders and of other binders you find Collaborate Use with Students: / Set up LiveBinders for computer lab time Create a LiveBinder for each student to showcase online work Have students develop resource guides on subjects

16 DUE NEXT WEEK Tech-Tac-Toe Assignments Due! They will be presented to your colleagues Tech-Tac-Toe examples are to be posted to your Professional Website. Please remember to have the example posted as well as a description of what your lesson is and your reflection on the ease of the tool

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