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TIE 300 Session #3 September 27, 2012

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1 TIE 300 Session #3 September 27, 2012

2 Welcome back! Today’s Agenda: Check in Blog Updates Social Media Week Break/Video Personal Learning Networks Web 2.0 Cool Tool: Flocabulary

3 Check in Checking in: how are things? Anything Nicole needs to know? Thoughts on the online class? Blog- First two posts checked, comments on everyone’s blog. “Stages” due today, blog suggestions to follow Web Presences Website- 3 components: welcome, contact information, link to blog

4 Corkboard.Me

5 Blog Suggestions Write your blog post as if you are writing to a stranger or someone outside of education Spelling and grammar are important! Please go back and check your posts Name blog posts accordingly (topic specific as opposed to ‘post one’, ‘post two’, etc.) Read classmates blogs. Feel free to add comments and ask questions Remove “robot” verification prompt in settings Add pictures, widgets

6 Social Media Week

7 Break! Ten Minutes, please.

8 Professional Learning Systems Personal Learning Networks Professional Learning Systems Personal Learning Plans Professional Learning Committee Tailored to an educator’s specific needs “Learner Driven” Allows you to manage your own learning Learn from others with like-minded interest Anytime/Anywhere Learning

9 Why Participate in PLNs?

10 The Power of a PLN


12 United States Canada Guatemala Guyana Uruguay Spain United Kindgom Finland Indonesia Australia

13 Social Media & PLNs PLN’s aren’t just limited to technology: books, coursework, conversation, conferences

14 Nicole’s PLN

15 Edmodo ASK

16 Edmodo SHARE

17 Twitter

18 Additional PLN Resources Technology-and-Education/175403712471481

19 Additional PLN Resources Articles:

20 New to PLNs? Lurk! Collect! Contribute! Ask questions, make comments, share your stuff

21 PLN Means Added Resources

22 Stages of PLN Adoption

23 PLN Assignment Create a Twitter account (you may use an existing account). Find 5 (or more) education related people/organizations to follow. Check back every few days. On October 18 th your 4 th blog post will be due. You will write about 1 resource you found through your PLN and how this resource can help you in the classroom. Consider joining Edmodo (although not required)

24 Web 2.0 Cool Tool: flocabulary

25 Due Next Week Educational Philosophy Why are you here? What beliefs do you have about educating children? (suggestions) (samples)!__edphilospage (Nicole’s)!__edphilospage

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