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VICKY ARMSTRONG * SOPHIA BURR Launch, Explore, Summarize Instructional Model for Mathematics.

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1 VICKY ARMSTRONG * SOPHIA BURR Launch, Explore, Summarize Instructional Model for Mathematics

2 Does this seem familiar to you? ture=player_detailpage

3 Focusing on Instruction “ Use the implementation of the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics as leverage for improving instructional practice. ” -Cathy Seeley

4 CCSS Mathematics A Mile Wide and an Inch Deep What does i t mean to have a deep understanding of mathematics?

5 Launch – Explore – Summarize Let’s “Explore” the instructional model…

6 Choose Three Ways roblem-solving-math?fd=1 Teaching Channel,

7 Launch – Explore – Summarize LaunchExploreSummarize LAUNCH SUMMARIZE EXPLORE

8 Teaching Cycle Launch Explore Summarize Math Vision Project Anticipate student thinking Monitor student thinking Connect student thinking Select and sequence student thinking

9 Timeframe LaunchExplore Summarize Math Vision Project Launch Explore Summarize Did we activate background knowledge? Do students have enough information while maintaining the problematic nature of the task? When are students ready to move into the Discuss stage? What ’ s next? What are students taking away from the discussion? How does this align with our goals?

10 Unit Planning and Launch, Explore, Summarize Consider your weekly PLCs as a place for your teachers to really “explore” this lesson model. They could collaboratively plan the lessons and then reflect on the effectiveness of the lesson afterward. Big Idea – Grain size of assessment analysis is at the end of the unit of instruction

11 Discuss – Line Up As an administrator, how can you support your staff as they hone their skills with the Launch, Explore, Summarize model? Where does Direct Instruction fit within this Launch, Explore, Summarize model? When might be an appropriate time for a teacher to do a straight Direct Instruction lesson rather than a Launch, Explore, Summarize lesson? Which engagement structures would really support each phase of the lesson?

12 Let’s Try One… Overheard in the ER as the sirens blare: “Oh my, look at this next one. He’s completely burned from head to toe.” “Not a problem, just order up 1000 square inches of skin from the graft bank.” You have two possible responses: “Oh, good – that will be enough.” OR “Oh, Bummer – we’re in trouble!”

13 Launch, Explore, Summarize Which response, “Oh, Good!” or “Oh, Bummer!” is more appropriate? (Instinctual Response) Explain your thinking to your team. Assuming you are the patient, how much skin would you hope they ordered up? Work with your group and show how you arrived at your answer and be prepared to defend it to the class.

14 Red Light, Yellow Light, Green Light Red Light – One thing you commit to stop doing Yellow Light – One thing you need to continue doing Green Light – One Action/goal that’s new that you want to do between now and December

15 What does it look like when an adult has gaps in their mathematical understanding? ture=player_detailpage

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