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Common Core Literacy Alignment: Adopt, Adapt, or Do Both?

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1 Common Core Literacy Alignment: Adopt, Adapt, or Do Both?

2 Our goals for today: We can make informed choices about literacy curriculum adoption and/or adaption to align instruction to Common Core standards We can use resources on EngageNY and the WCSD Staff Curriculum site to support the alignment of our instruction

3 Setting Instructional Outcomes (Domain 1, Component C)

4 K-2 CKLA Domains 3-5 Expeditionary Learning Modules Written by Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) Primarily address the Listening and Learning Strands through a series of read-aloud lessons organized by topics. (60 minute lessons) Focus of building students’ literacy skills as they develop knowledge about the world 8 week “Modules” of instruction Includes assessments and end-of module performance tasks Designed to give teachers concrete strategies to address the “shifts” required by the CCSS Adopting Curriculum: Engage NY Modules EngageNY Modules

5 Adapting/Creating New Curriculum WCSD Curriculum Site

6 Feedback from NYSED Let the students do the work: turn it over to them and let them struggle with hard questions. Encourage 3 or 4 answers from students for every 1 question you ask. Encourage them to consider each other’s answers, build on, or disagree Ask students to refer to specific text, to say the page number/paragraph and point to the words to support their precision Ask students to wrestle with “What is the author up to in this paragraph?” “Why choose XYZ word or phrase?” “Does this sentence or paragraph relate to any of the other sentences, how?”

7 Helpful Resources for Adopting or Adapting Teaching Practices and Protocols (EngageNY) Teaching Practices and Protocols Graphic Organizers (EngageNY) Graphic Organizers Text Selection: Searchasaurus (WCSD Staff Site) Text Selection: Searchasaurus Writing Standards Progressions (WCSD Staff Site) Writing Standards Progressions “Cheat Sheet” to guide the unit design process (Not the only way, but the process we have used and revised based on our experience)

8 Time to Explore Time in PLCs to explore and unpack the EngageNY Modules and/or WCSD examples Questions to consider:  What support do we need to implement this (or something like it) in our classrooms in order to achieve the intended Common Core-aligned outcomes?  What plans do we have about adoption or adaptation of curriculum for the rest of this year? For next year?  Have we already done some of this work? Can we share our experience with others via the Curriculum Site? (If yes, let Kate & Melisa know!)

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