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 Netflix  Season 5  Episode 26  10:28 The Office.

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2  Netflix  Season 5  Episode 26  10:28 The Office

3 Just Remember… o Image is REALLY important o First impressions are everything o Dressing is part of your nonverbal communication

4 Clothes o Solid colored o Black, navy, grey o Conservative o Suit- pants or skirt o Make sure skirt is long enough while sitting o Skirts are considered more formal o Coordinated blouse o No cleavage o White or Ivory is safe o Neutral panty hose

5 Accessories o Moderate shoes o Dark o Closed Toe o Limited jewelry o No jewelry is better than cheap jewelry o Belt o Small o Conservative o Solid colored o Purse o Small o Plain

6 Make Up o Sparse, light make up o Very light shades o Clean, manicured nails o Light shade or clear polish o Light perfume o Neat, professional hairstyle o Long hair should be pulled back

7 What NOT to wear

8 The BIG no no’s o Tight clothes o Wrinkly clothes o Shorts o Jeans o Mini skirts o Platform heels o Sneakers o Flip flops o Fishnet panty hose o Bare legs o Patterns o Sunglasses o Dangly earrings o Facial piercings o Underwear that shows o Boobs o Butts o Backpack or huge purse

9 Dressing For Success YESNO

10 YESNO Dressing For Success

11 YESNO Dressing For Success

12 Ladies, it’s time to go shopping!

13      Sources

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