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Dressing for Success. First Impressions Given that first impressions can greatly influence a hiring decision, the manner in which you present yourself.

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1 Dressing for Success

2 First Impressions Given that first impressions can greatly influence a hiring decision, the manner in which you present yourself during an interview can make a big difference in your ability to advance further into the interviewing process.

3 Interview Attire Always present a neat, well-groomed, and professional appearance during interviews. How you dress may depend upon the job for which you are applying; however, you don't want to assume one setting is necessarily more casual than another. It is probably best to stick with a suit regardless of where you are going, UNLESS you have received specific information to the contrary.

4 Men and Women Conservative two-piece business suit (solid dark blue or grey is best) Conservative long-sleeved shirt/blouse (white is best, pastel is next best) Clean, polished conservative shoes Well-groomed hairstyle Clean, trimmed fingernails Minimal cologne or perfume Empty pockets--no bulges or tinkling coins No gum, candy or cigarettes Light briefcase or portfolio case No visible body piercing (nose rings, eyebrow rings, etc.)

5 Women Always wear a suit with a jacket; no dresses Shoes with conservative heels Conservative hosiery at or near skin color (and no runs!) No purses, small or large; carry a briefcase instead If you wear nail polish (not required), use clear or a conservative color Minimal use of makeup (it should not be too noticeable) No more than one ring on each hand One set of earrings only

6 Men Necktie should be silk with a conservative pattern Dark shoes (black lace-ups are best) Dark socks (black is best) Get a haircut; short hair always fares best in interviews No beards (unless you are interviewing for a job as a lumberjack!) Mustaches are a possible negative, but if you must, make sure it is neat and trimmed No rings other than wedding ring or college ring No earrings (if you normally wear one, take it out)

7 Business Casual Guidelines for Men and Women When you are specifically directed to wear business casual, or think that this attire is in order, you can follow the following guidelines. –Pants: Khaki pants, neatly pressed, and a pressed long- sleeved, buttoned solid shirt are safe business casual for both men and women. –Shirt: Polo shirts are an appropriate choice if you know the environment will be quite casual, outdoors, or in a very hot location. –Shoes/Belt: Be sure to wear a belt and shoes that are in good condition. Athletic shoes and flip flops are not acceptable.

8 Top 20 Wardrobe Malfunctions 1. Carrying a backpack or fanny pack instead of a briefcase or portfolio: Some image consultants suggest women ditch their purse, too! 2. Sunglasses on top of your head or headphones around your neck: Be sure to remove all your "transit gear" and tuck it in your briefcase before entering the lobby. 3. Too-short skirts: Forget what some of those ladies on 'The Apprentice' are wearing. Your skirt should cover your thighs when you are seated. 4. The wrong tie: Ties should be made of silk, no less than three and a quarter inches wide with a conservative pattern. Image consultants say the best colors are red or burgundy. 5. Overly bright or large-patterned clothing: With the possible exception of creative fields like advertising or computer programming, it's best to stick with navy, black or gray. 6. Heavy makeup on women (or any makeup on a man) 7. Earrings on men: In fact, men should avoid wearing any jewelry unless it is a wedding ring, class ring or metal watch. 8. More than one set of earrings on women 9. Facial piercings, tongue jewelry or visible tattoos 10. Ill-fitting clothes. Spending a little extra time on selecting the appropriate fitting garments.

9 11. Long fingernails, especially with bright or specialty polishes. Nails should look clean and be trimmed to a length that doesn't leave an observer wondering how you keep from stabbing yourself. 12. Unnatural hair colors or styles. Remember, Donald Trump was a billionaire well before he began wearing a comb-over. If you're balding, try a close-cropped cut like Bruce Willis or Matt Lauer. 13. Short-sleeved shirts, even worse when worn with a tie 14. Fishnets, patterned hosiery or bare legs (no matter how tan you are). Women should stick with neutral color hosiery that complements their suit. 15. Men whose socks don't match their shoes, or whose socks are too short and leave a gap of flesh when they are seated 16. Rumpled or stained clothing: If interviewing late in the day, try to change to a fresh suit beforehand. 17. Scuffed or inappropriate footwear, including sneakers, stilettos, open-toed shoes and sandals 18. Strong aftershaves, perfumes or colognes: Many people are allergic to certain scents. For a subtle fragrance, use a good quality bath soap. 19. Belts and shoes that don't match: Shoes and belts should be made of leather or leather- like materials and the best colors for men are black or cordovan. 20. Telltale signs that your wearing a new suit. Remove all tags and extra buttons -- and remember to cut off the zigzag thread that keeps pockets and slits closed! Top 20 Wardrobe Malfunctions

10 Business Causal Samples

11 Final Tips For Ladies 1.Attractive, controlled hair style. 2.Minimal make-up and perfume. 3.Moderate jewelry. 4.Carry either a purse or attaché case. 5.Positive attitude. 6.No gum, food, or cigarettes. 7.Clean fingernails with no chipped polish. 8.Clean, pressed suit or tailored dress. 9.Conservative hosiery without runs. 10.Polished pumps in good repairs.

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