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F irst I mpression Dressing for professional success.

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1 F irst I mpression Dressing for professional success

2 Whether youre at School or Casually walking around town. Going to a Formal event or After 5 party. Dressing for Everyday Work or an Interview. You can put your best foot forward and make a lasting First Impression. You dont have to be a fashion guru or break a bank to be dressed appropriately and stylishly for any occasion.

3 CasualWear Remember youre in school to develop and become more of the person you are meant to be. Take this time to develop your own personal style. Your college is a professional environment. You dont have to wear a three piece suit everyday, but it is a good idea to dress for the job you want. A strategy that successful people use! Just because youre a college student and in class most of the day doesnt mean you shouldnt be mindful of your attire.

4 Business Casual no-nos Shirt is too casual Uncombed hair is not acceptable Needs a jacket, too much skin Jeans are not business casual Not proper to show any mid- section No open toe shoes

5 Casual / DayWear Going to hang out with co-workers, not really knowing what the dress code is? Aim for the Day Wear / Casual look. Relaxed slacks with a print top is a great look. Even a good pair of dark colored jeans with boots and casual jacket will keep you looking stylish.

6 Dressing for anInterview In job-hunting, first impressions are critical. Remember, you are marketing a product -- yourself -- to a potential employer, and the first thing the employer sees when greeting you is your attire; thus, you must make every effort to have the proper dress for the type of job you are seeking. Will dressing properly get you the job? Of course not, but it will give you a competitive edge and a positive first impression. Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D. It's probably one of the most overused phrases in job-hunting, but also one of the most underutilized by job-seekers: dress for success…

7 Dressing for anInterview A suit should be worn. Blue, gray or black are best Ties should coordinate with suit and have a professional look Shoes should be either black or brown with coordinating socks Check out to learn how to tie a tie Guidelines for men Hair, including facial hair, should be trimmed and neat Do not wear any fragrance Minimal jewelry; a watch and wedding or school ring is acceptable Remove earrings, even if you usually wear them

8 Dressing for anInterview Guidelines for Women A dress is acceptable. Dark pants or a knee-length or longer skirt with a light-colored blouse and jacket is recommended. Pants or skirts in navy blue, black, gray or brown are best Blouses should be a simple style; white or soft colors are best; long or short sleeves, but not sleeveless Hose should be beige, tan or natural color without any runs Medium or low-heeled shoes, polished; leave the strappy shoes at home Hair should be clean, well-groomed and away from the face Handbags should be a medium or small size; color should coordinate with your outfit No more than one ring on each hand. One set of earrings only Minimal make-up and no perfume is preferred Check to make sure your clothes fit well. Too big is just as in appropriate as too tight. Avoid extremely long fingernails and trendy or bold nail polish Err on the conservative side when choosing a skirt length

9 InterviewCheck List Jewelry should be sparse, conservative and have a quality appearance Empty pockets - no bulges Refrain from using gum, candy or cigarettes Carry a light briefcase or portfolio case, pen and paper Remove visible body piercing (nose rings, eyebrow rings, etc.) Cover any tattoos, if possible Remember: neatness and attention to personal hygiene count in a job interview!

10 Everyday WorkWear Depending on where you work the dress code can vary. You can still be appropriate, adhere to the corporate culture and show your own personal style.

11 Business toEvent Going to an event after work? Women: ditch your jacket and accessorize. Men: streamline your look and add some flair.

12 Dressing forFormal Events Men should keep it simple and classic. If you want to jazz things up try a vest or vibrant tie and pocket square. Make sure your suit is dark and appropriate.

13 Dressing forFormal Events Woman have a lot more versatility when it comes to formal wear. Make sure your clothes fit your body type. Remember this is formal wear. Dresses should be tasteful, be aware of an outfit that is too short. If in doubt you can wear a dark suit.

14 Cocktail An After 5 event calls for that little black dress. Stand out of the crowd by adding some color.

15 Formal An elegant evening affair doesnt have to be boring. Add color and keep it classy, dont forget the shawl.

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