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Unit 2 – The Legislative Branch of Government The 3 rd Quiz Review.

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1 Unit 2 – The Legislative Branch of Government The 3 rd Quiz Review

2 What’s a subpoena?

3 A legal order requiring a person to appear before Congress

4 What is perjury?

5 Lying under oath

6 What is contempt?

7 Refusing to testify or comply with Congress

8 What is the amendment power of Congress?

9 The ultimate power – to change the constitution. Can suggest an amendment to the Constitution by a 2/3 vote of both houses (ratified by ¾ of state legislatures)

10 How does impeachment work?

11 The House of Representatives files impeachment charges and the trial occurs in the Senate (please notice, the Supreme Court is not mentioned at all in the process!!!)

12 What are expressed powers?

13 Also called enumerated powers, powers specifically listed within the Constitution.

14 Gibbons v. Ogden

15 First case to define the depth of Congress’s commerce power. NY gives a monopoly to steam boats traveling between NY and NJ. Supreme Court rules can only come from the Federal government

16 Necessary and Proper clause

17 Sets up the concept of implied powers, allows Congress to pass those laws necessary to carry out the enumerated powers.

18 Heart of Atlanta Motel v United States

19 Fed. Gov. uses commerce clause to uphold civil rights legislation. Ga. Motel refused to comply with Civil Rights Act of 1964 – S.C. ruled public places that accommodate across state lines = interstate commerce.

20 Interstate commerce is?

21 Any trade or persons who travel across state lines.

22 Who can declare war?

23 Only Congress (after Pearl Harbor, FDR went to Congress to ask for a declaration of war).

24 What’s the biggest too7 we have to limit the power of Congress?

25 What’s the biggest tool we have to limit the power of Congress? The Constitution and the Bill of Rights. (We could vote them out, but until the next election, it’s all we have)

26 Appropriations bills are?

27 Spending bills that originate in the House of Representatives.

28 Who confirms the president’s nominations for high office?

29 The Senate

30 How is Congress use its investigatory power?

31 Using the committee system, it holds hearing, calls witnesses to testify, leads to new laws. (Watergate hearings, VA hearings on treatment of war vets)

32 The End

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