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Ohio University Libraries Wikis in Action: A Wiki as a Research Guide Chad F. Boeninger Computers in Libraries March 22, 2006.

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1 Ohio University Libraries Wikis in Action: A Wiki as a Research Guide Chad F. Boeninger Computers in Libraries March 22, 2006

2 Ohio University Libraries What is a Wiki? A website in which content can be created and edited by a community of users Best example is Wikipedia Strength of the resource is often dependent on the strength of the community

3 Ohio University Libraries Traditional Research Guides Research guide = subject guide = pathfinder Popular method of disseminating library information Previously had 3 research guides Business Research Guide International Business Research Guide Marketing Research Guide

4 Ohio University Libraries Traditional Research Guides Redundancy of resources No interlinking Multiple edits of the same content Not searchable No way to measure use Timely updates are difficult

5 Ohio University Libraries The Wiki Process Installed MediaWiki on our server Added most useful content from old research guides Wiki organization evolved while adding content

6 Ohio University Libraries The Biz Wiki Organized by area of research need Browse by category or alphabet Searchable by keyword Users can edit/add content Interlinked articles allow for increased access to information

7 Ohio University Libraries Reference Content Key reference resources Guides to common questions Definitions of terms Examples: Demographics USA Doing Business in Another Country Company Annual Reports

8 Ohio University Libraries What About the Catalog? Library catalog entry for Exporter’s Encyclopaedia Biz Wiki article for Exporter’s Encyclopaedia

9 Ohio University Libraries Instruction Content Wikis make excellent teaching tools Replace class handouts Broader scope than class specific handouts Example: Industry Research BasicsIndustry Research Basics

10 Ohio University Libraries On the Fly Content

11 Ohio University Libraries “On the Fly” Content 1.Answered reference email question 2.Similar question via IM 3.Used content of previous question to create wiki articlewiki article 4.Answer is out of email and on the web 5.Easier future access to information Reference Email Answer Email IM Question Wiki Article

12 Ohio University Libraries Popular Pages Feature Popular Pages See what is being used Useful for collection development See what you need to create more of Automobile Industry Guide

13 Ohio University Libraries Creating Content Create an article Link to the article from another article Assign a category for the article

14 Ohio University Libraries Measuring Use

15 Ohio University Libraries Biz Wiki Usage 1 24576 Academic Search PremierAcademic Search Premier 2 6875 Lexis-Nexis AcademicLexis-Nexis Academic 3 3770 ERICERIC 4 3712 Business Source Premier (BSP)Business Source Premier (BSP) 5 3378 PsycINFOPsycINFO 6 2327 BIOSIS PreviewsBIOSIS Previews 7 2325 Business and IndustryBusiness and Industry 8 2063 Education AbstractsEducation Abstracts 9 1970 JSTORJSTOR 10 1757 Science Citation Index ExpandedScience Citation Index Expanded 11 1704 FactivaFactiva 12 1659 Medline (1966 to the present)Medline (1966 to the present) 13 1364 General Science Full TextGeneral Science Full Text 14 1356WorldCatWorldCat 15 1313 Biz WikiBiz Wiki 16 1294 RefWorksRefWorks 17 1271 Hoover's OnlineHoover's Online 18 1229 Communication & Mass Media CompleteCommunication & Mass Media Complete 19 1210 Oxford English DictionaryOxford English Dictionary 20 1195 AnyWho DirectoryAnyWho Directory January 1-March 2, 2006

16 Ohio University Libraries Feedback on the Wiki “You weren’t around, so I showed them the Biz Wiki Guide to Doing Business in Another Country, and they were satisfied.”--Reference Librarian “I had no idea how to find a swot analysis, so I just searched for ‘swot’ in the Biz Wiki, and low and behold, you had an article on finding a SWOT analysis.” ---Reference Librarian

17 Ohio University Libraries Wiki Challenges Getting others to contribute More content = more maintenance Maintaining organization and structure with growth of content Difficult to see new content Spam, Spam, and more Spam MySQL stop words (SIC)

18 Ohio University Libraries Wiki Strengths Extend the reach of the librarian Promote sources Teach research skills Make the job of the librarian easier Easy to add and edit content

19 Ohio University Libraries More Wiki Strengths Make information and knowledge more accessible Content is more timely Potential for contributing to the academic learning community

20 Ohio University Libraries Future of Wikis Wiki/Blog/RSS workshops Promote feedback mechanisms of the wiki Gather input from users (librarians, students, faculty) Record usage of library resources

21 Ohio University Libraries More Wiki Ideas Student Research Wikis First-year experience wiki Campus collaboration Multi-disciplinary subjects (Latin American Studies/Women’s Studies/Film)Women’s Studies

22 Ohio University Libraries Other Great Wikis SJCPL Subject Guides Butler Reference Wiki

23 Ohio University Libraries Special Thanks Alden Library Reference Staff Alden Library Systems Staff Numerous Library Bloggers Ohio University Business researchers

24 Ohio University Libraries Questions??

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