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VuFind An Open Source initiative from Villanova University.

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1 VuFind An Open Source initiative from Villanova University

2 Goal web portalDevelop a completely ILS agnostic web portal for students and faculty to perform research activities: 1 single interfaceCreate 1 single interface for all library resources to minimize interface learning curve! Library CatalogInstitutional Bibliography Article Databases (and other local library catalogs) Institutional Repository Digital LibraryMany other resources…

3 The Basics Apache SolrBuilt on Apache Solr, an enterprise scale search engine live statusConnects to your ILS for live status information customizableCompletely customizable interface online supportStrong online support Open Sourceand its Open Source!

4 Search Features Custom SearchesEasily define your own Custom Searches

5 Search Features Faceted ResultsSearch with Faceted Results

6 Search Features BrowseBrowse by call number, tags, language, subject, etc.

7 Search Features More Like ThisMore Like This resource suggestions

8 Web 2.0 Features WorldCat APIGet alternate editions from WorldCat API

9 Web 2.0 Features covers reviewsView third-party covers and reviews

10 Web 2.0 Features Save ResourcestagsSave Resources and organize with tags

11 Web 2.0 Features Persistent URLsBookmarkable records and queries with Persistent URLs

12 Next Steps record formatExpanded record format support configurabilityImproved configurability… without changing code! ConsortialConsortial features mobile devicesSupport for mobile devices [Your feature here][Your feature here]

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