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Next Generation Catalog The library OPAC meets Web 2.0.

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1 Next Generation Catalog The library OPAC meets Web 2.0

2 Introduction Survey after survey … study after study We all know that we need to offer better web based services to our users. We can offer them what they expect from services that we compete with: Google Amazon technorati

3 Goal web portalDevelop a completely ILS agnostic web portal for students and faculty to perform research activities: 1 single interfaceCreate 1 single interface for all library resources to minimize interface learning curve! Library CatalogInstitutional Bibliography Article Databases (and other local library catalogs) Institutional Repository Digital LibraryMany other resources…

4 Monsters with many heads Home Page Secondary Web Pages Catalog Article Search Digital Library … more All with a different interfaceAll with a different interface

5 VuFind An Open Source initiative from Villanova University

6 VuFind! one stop shopThe one stop shop for all library resources customizableCompletely customizable interface easy integrationAllows for easy integration into your library website template live statusConnects to your ILS for live status information Open Sourceand its Open Source!

7 Digital Objects Most, if not all, of your resources are in some digital form. The metadata and full text (if available) can be stored and searched VuFind has set the goal to search all of your content from 1 single repository Apache SOLR is an enterprise scale search engine that can allow VuFind to achieve this goal

8 Web 2.0 More than a buzzword Its a way to solve our problems

9 Web 2.0 If Web 2.0 for you is blogs and wikis, then that is people to people. But that was what the Web was supposed to be all along. - Tim Berners Lee

10 Web 2.0 Web 1.0 Web 2.0 OFoto Flickr Britannica Online Wikipedia Personal Home Page Blog Publishing Participation Content Management Wiki Directories (Taxonomies) Tagging (Folksonomies) External Links Syndication OReilly – What is Web 2.0

11 Mashups How many of you have found a book in the catalog and then copied the info and pasted it into Amazon to get more information such as reviews and other suggested books?

12 Must Have Features Faceted ResultsSearch with Faceted Results More Like ThisMore Like This resource suggestions BrowseBrowse by call number, tags, language, subject, etc. Author BiographiesAuthor Biographies show what the library has

13 Web 2.0 Features Live Record StatusLive Record Status and Location with on the fly AJAX technology Save ResourcestagsSave Resources and organize with tags book covers reviewsView book covers and reviews from Amazon Persistant URLsBookmarkable records and queries with Persistant URLs Live UpdatesLive Updates with RSS Syndication

14 Ugh! … Enough Slides Demo:

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