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Repositories The Algoma University Experience By Robin Isard, Algoma University.

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1 Repositories The Algoma University Experience By Robin Isard, Algoma University

2 What is an institutional repository? A storage service for a given institution's published output Can be physical or virtual

3 Why are repositories difficult to deal with? Unrelated data Storage Amount of data Length of time No obvious approach Record management? Open publishing? Digital archive?

4 Access How do you make massive datasets searchable? How do you make legacy data available? (The Wordperfect Problem) How do you provide access to completely unrelated datasets? Should people even be able to access the data? Are we “publishing” it? Digital Rights Management?

5 The Algoma Experience A variety or Data in a variety of places Archival data in a legacy system 23,000 photos Health Informatics Geo-Information Data Faculty Research Process published in the repository Output published to the web

6 Technologies we're looking at Fedora Drupal OpenSRF Solar

7 The Datastore – Fedora Scales to millions of objects Can manage unrelated data Many access options: REST, RDP Many storage options Databases Filesystems Define services

8 The interface – Drupal Content Management System Extremely popular Support from the Library community Modular flexability Can interact with Solr

9 Network Services – OpenSRF Micro Services Develop OpenSRF services to provide processing and connectivity services OpenSRF::OAI_Harvaster

10 Access – Solr Excellent for indexing Faceted searching Enterprise scale Runs on Apache/Tomcat Replication caching Many APIs  Xml / HTTP  JSON Talks to the interface (Drupal)


12 Putting it all together Fedora can store all kinds of heterogenous data Drupal + Solr provide an excellent generic interface Customizable Multi-site capable Integreates with the library website OpenSRF used to connect various processing services

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