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Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Bureau of Construction Codes.

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1 Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Bureau of Construction Codes

2 Means of Egress Chapter 10 Irvin J. Poke, AIA, Director 2 Hours Plan Review

3 1001 Administration Provides that all buildings and portions thereof shall be provided means of egress in accordance with this chapter It shall be unlawful to alter a building or structure in a manner that reduces the number or capacity of means of egress. Means of egress shall be maintained in accordance with the International Fire Code

4 1002 Definitions These definitions apply to this chapter Definitions in Chapter 2 apply to all chapters of the code Pay attention to the definitions that have a line in the margin as they have changed or are new

5 1003 General Means of Egress Section has new exception 6, 7 and 8 for ceiling height –Ramp head room in accordance with section –Vehicle and pedestrian traffic areas in accordance with section –Areas above and below mezzanines in accordance with section 505.1

6 1004 Occupant Load This section has not changed from the 2006 edition of the code Be mindful that Table identifies functions and not use groups

7 1005 Egress Width Exit width is 0.3 per occupant for stairways and 0.2 per occupant for other elements Table has been deleted Added section Door Hardware Encroachment to exempt surface mounted hardware

8 1006 Means of Egress Illumination Illumination of means of egress is required to 1 footcandle at the walking surface Illumination is required to be on emergency power

9 1007 Accessible Means of Egress Provides for Accessible Means of Egress though elevators, stairs and areas of refuge 2009 Sections Instructions, Identification and Signage were deleted and a new Section Two-way Communication created The new Section provides –System Requirements –Directions –Signage –Instructions

10 1008 Doors, Gates, and Turnstiles Section Projections in clear width added an exception for stops and closures to reduce the headroom to 78 inches Section Door Swing added exception 9 to allow sliding doors in other than H occupancies Revolving Doors added item 5 to not allow revolving doors in an accessible route

11 1008 Doors, Gates, and Turnstiles Section Locks and latches added item 5 to allow fire doors after a minimum elevated temperature has disabled the unlatching mechanism Section Bolt locks added –Exception 3 to allow bolts in B,F & S with less than 50 –Exception 4 to allow bolts in B,F & S with fire sprinklers –Exception 4 to allow bolts in patient care areas of I-2

12 1008 Doors, Gates, and Turnstiles Section Closet & Bathroom doors in group R-3 added to require that bathroom and closet door being able to be unlocked for outside Section Special locking arrangements in Group I-2 added Section Locking arrangements in correctional facilities added Section Panic and Exit hardware is revised

13 1009 Stairways Section Headroom added exception 2 for R-3, R-2 and U that are accessory to allow treads to extend 4 ¾ inches into the required headroom Section Walkline added to address the walkline of winder treads Dimensional reference surfaces added to state all dimensions are exclusive of carpet

14 1009 Stairways (cont.) Section Rise height Tread depth added exception 2 for ship ladders Section Vertical rise Added exception 2 for alternating stairs to allow a 20 foot vertical rise Section Ship ladders added Stairways to elevator equipment added

15 1010 Ramps There are some language changes in this section Section Edge Protection added exception 4 to not require edge protection in assembly areas with fixed seating

16 1011 Exit Signs There are some language changes in this section Section revised exception 4 to include an exemption for dayrooms in I-3 occupancies

17 1012 Handrails Section Handrail Graspability added an exception to allow handrails to be equivalent with type I or type II handrails Section defines a type I handrail Section defines a type II handrail Section Continuity add exception 4 to allow obstruction at rail that are bumper guards Section Handrail Extensions provides for alternating stairways

18 1013 Guards Section Glazing added to reference Section 2407 Section Height exception 2 added for a guard used as a handrail to be not less than 34 inches and not more than 38 inches Opening Limitations added exception 1 to allow openings in a guard from 34 inches to 38 inches to be 4 7/8 inches

19 1014 Exit Access Section Group I-2 was revised to delete exceptions 2 through 5 of the 2006 edition addressing suites Sections , and were added to address suites

20 1015 Exit and Exit Access Doors Section Exit and Exit Access Doorways requirements and exceptions are reorganized. A new exception is added for R-2 and R-3 with an occupant load not more than 20

21 1016 Exit Access Travel Distance Section Travel distance limitation –Language is revised –Exception 3 and 4 revised to address H and I occupancies The Roof Vent Increase in 2006 section is deleted

22 1017 Aisles Section 1017 New section added to address aisles for certain seating, tables, furnishings and merchandise

23 1018 Corridors, 1019 Egress Balconies Some language revisions for clarification

24 1020 Exits No change from 2006 Michigan Building Code

25 1021 Number of Exits & Continuity Section 1021 renamed Exits from Stories and change language Exceptions –1. As modified by Section –2. As modified by Section –3. Stairway and ramps the comply with exception 3 and 4 of 1016 –4. R-2 and R-3 one egress for maximum occupant load of 20 –5. Space complying with

26 1022 Exit Enclosures Section Enclosures exception 4 in 2006 edition is deleted Exceptions 8 and 9 of 2006 regarding H and I occupancies deleted and moved. Exception 7 is added to address balconies, galleries and pressboxes Section revised language

27 1022 Exit Enclosures Section Signage Requirements provides minimum dimensional requirements Termination and extensions title and language revised and exception 3 added regarding fire barriers and smoke enclosures

28 1023 Exit Passageways Sections and have language revisions Section Termination is added to require the all exits terminate at an exit discharge or public way

29 1024 Deleted Luminous Pathway Markings This section is in the International Building Code and is deleted in the Michigan Building Code It is believed that this section is not cost effective It is also believed that the requirement are a maintenance issue

30 1025 Horizontal Exits Section Horizontal Exits language in the last paragraph of exception 2 is deleted Section Separation has language revisions Section Capacity of refuge area added language to the end of the section

31 1026 Exterior Ramps & Stairways, 1027 Exit Discharge, 1028 Assembly These sections have some language revisions

32 1029 Emergency Escape & Rescue There are no changes from the 2006 edition

33 Contact the Bureau Bureau of Construction Codes Web Page – Bureau of Construction Codes Mail –P.O. Box Lansing, MI Plan Review Division –Phone –Fax

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