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ITS Lab Assistants Responsibilities and expectations.

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1 ITS Lab Assistants Responsibilities and expectations

2 Schedule/Lab Structure How to read and check the schedule Labs are divided into two sides West FCS, Derrick, and McCoy East ASB, AG, and Jowers

3 Shift Drops Permanent shift drop When you can no longer work a shift due to school interference You must email the Lab Coordinator and the HLA with the words “Schedule Permanent shift drop” in the subject Temporary Shift Drop This occurs when you need to drop a shift for a doctors apt, meeting, out of town, etc. You must email the Lab Coordinator and the HLA with the words “Schedule Temporary shift drop” in the subject Please give at least 2 days notice The Lab Coordinator or the HLA must approve time off

4 Shift Drops Cont. Emergency Shift Drop When a true emergency happens such as an illness, death in the family, etc. Email the Lab Coordinator and HLA ASAP. Call your HLA if possible…not before 7am. You must email the Lab Coordinator and the HLA with the words “Schedule Emergency shift drop” in the subject If you can not do either due the emergency situation (i.e. car accident) don’t worry. Do not use an emergency shift drop because you forgot you had something else on that day. Excessive time off requests can lead to lower performance reviews, loss of shifts, and possible termination of employment.

5 Examples Example Email for permanent shift drop: Subject: Schedule Permanent Shift Drop DRH Friday 9:45am to 11:45am Lab Coordinator, I need to permanently drop my shift at DRH from9:45am to 11:45am on Friday. I need this to be effective by the 15 th of this month. I need to drop this shift because I have signed up for a class during that time and can no longer make it to the shift. Thanks, Lab Assistant. Example Email for temporary shift drop: Subject: Schedule Temporary Shift Drop Request MCS 9/15 7:45am to 11:45pm Lab Coordinator, I need to drop my shift at MCS from 7:45am to 11:45pm on Tuesday September 15 th. I will be having a doctor’s appointment that day and will not be able to make it to work. Thanks, Lab Assistant Emergency shift drops will be the same as temporary shift drop with emergency shift drop in the subject line.

6 Shift Pick Up Shift pick ups are only available if the Lab Coordinator allows it Shifts that are available for both permanent and temporary are color coded on the schedule ITS Labs You must email the Lab Coordinator and the HLA with the words “Schedule Permanent/temporary shift pick up” in the subject Example Email for temporary shift pick up: Subject: Schedule Temporary Shift pick up Request MCS 9/15 7:45am to 11:45pm Lab Coordinator, I would like to pick up the shift in McCoy on 9/15 from 745am to 11:45am. Please let me know if this is okay. Thanks, Lab Assistant

7 Attendance No call/No show You must schedule a meeting with the Lab Coordinator Suspension Showing up late If you are late and opening, you will not receive the bonus hour If you are 10 minutes late, it is up to the HLA if you may clock in or not If you are more than 10 minutes late, you will be sent home Call the HLA if you know you are going to be late. This will not allow you to be more than 10 minutes late, but will save you from having a no call/no show.

8 Breaks If you need a break (i.e. eating lunch), you must notify your HLA. If you are going to be gone longer than 15 minutes you must clock out on break. ITS Labs

9 Time clock software Sign in using time clock software which is located on the ITS website ITS Labs If you realize that you have forgotten to clock in or out, you must contact your HLA for that shift. You will need to send the Lab Coordinator and you HLA an email with Timeclock in the subject line and explain what happened with the correct time/date you should have clocked in or out at.

10 Bonus Hour If you open any of the labs in the morning (except AG), you will get a bonus hour. The bonus hour will be recorded in SAP on the same day you earned it. If you opened Jowers at 7:30am and worked until 12pm then you would record 5 hours. You do not get to count the half an hour from 7:30am- 8am because you are already getting an extra hour. Please keep these bonus hours in mind when picking up shifts so that you do not go over 24 hours a week. It is up to the HLA whether or not you may receive the bonus hour due to tardiness.

11 SAP Enter timesheets using the SAP program. SAP can be found on the TXST homepage and also on the ITS website. For SAP trouble consult the SAP help page at the end of the handbook. For further trouble consult with your Head Lab or Lab Coordinator. SAP All time will be recorded in quarters If you work from 12pm – 2pm but have to stay until 2:15pm because an LA was late, you would record that as 2.25 hours in SAP. 30 minuets is.5 hours and 45 minuets is.75 hours. Please round to the nearest quarter, so if you work an extra 25 minutes round it to 30 minutes and record it as.5 hours.

12 Lab Assistant Station Sit at the designated Lab Station if possible. Lab Assistants must sit at designated lab operator stations when available. Head phones are not allowed to be worn while working. The Lab Assistant station must be neat and clean at all times. If you are coming on duty, then it is your responsibility to insure that the off going LA cleans up the station area before they depart. Lab Assistants must maintain a level of professionalism while on duty. This means no slouching in chairs, putting feet up on the desk, or any activity that would bring discredit to ITS Academic Computing. Do not continue to occupy a lab assistant station when not on duty. Follow the same rules as customers: No food! Only drinks in spill proof containers are allowed but must be on the floor!

13 Lab Assistant Station Cont. Jowers When you walk into the room, it’s the two computers that are turned facing the printers. Next to the storage closet. AG The two computers that are located next to the printer. One is facing the window and has the phone, the other is facing the rest of the lab, next to the same window ASB Located up the ramp Derrick Located behind the desk McCoy Located behind the desk FCS The first computer next to the door on the right. The second one is located next to the printers with the stapler on it. If this on is taken sit as close as you can and then move when it becomes available.

14 Staff Shirt Wear staff shirt according to policies. If you come to work without your shirt you will be either sent home to get it or will be sent home for the shift. On the 3 rd offense you will be suspended and will have to meet with the Lab Coordinator Lab Assistants will be issued two shirts upon employment or when available. They must wear their staff shirts at all times while working. If you lose your staff shirt, you will be required to purchase a new shirt.

15 Customer Service Assist students in the lab. Assist students who are having trouble printing, assist with applications, and assist students who need simple trouble shooting. You are not required to tutor students in the subjects they are studying, if they need additional school work direct them to the SLAC lab on the 4 th floor of the library. Be available and courteous to customers.

16 Access Station Monitor workstation for handicapped access to ensure availability for students requiring use of specialized software When there is no waiting line, please keep the access station open. When there is a line to use computers, students may use the access stations, but will have to move if a handicapped student needs it.

17 Never leave the lab unattended If you must leave the lab and there is no other LA present, contact your head lab and do not leave until someone has come to relive you. Always contact your head lab if you want to take a break. When your shift is done and the replacement LA has not shown up, please wait in the lab and call your HLA.

18 Check for missing equipment Be aware of what computers are in the lab at all times, If it appears that computers or equipment are missing, contact the Head Lab Assistant immediately.

19 Computer Lab Policies Know and enforce the policies contained in IT Computing Labs- Use Policy No Food Only drinks in spill proof containers are allowed in the lab and must be on the floor. All other drinks must be outside the lab! No talking on cell phones in labs – ask them to please step outside Keep the noise level down. This also includes the LA’s! If a student will not follow directions please take note of what computer they were at and what time exactly. Notify the HLA

20 Rounds Walk around every 15 minutes ensuring the lab is neat and clean. Push in chairs and keyboards Check printer paper level Clean monitors and desks. Pick up trash. Empty recycle bins. Replace toner when needed. Vacuum/sweep if empty/closing time.

21 Lab Reports Every time you assist someone or do a round you must report it. Even if there is no one in the lab, report this about every 15 minutes to help us track of traffic within the labs. Lab Report

22 Out of Order Signs When a computer, printer or stapler is broken or is being worked on you must fill out an out of order sign from the website ITS Labs Notify the HLA on duty about the problem and be sure to report it in the lab reports form as un-resolvable with as much detail as possible as to what the problem is and what steps you took to try and fix it.

23 Answering the Phone Answer the lab phone When answering a phone, be polite. Answer at ASB with the following: "ASB Computer Lab, this is (your name here)." If you are not sure how to answer their question, ask them to hold and ask someone else.

24 Daily Duties Follow directions, and complete tasks identified by Head Lab Assistants. Head Lab Assistant on duty will be the direct supervisor of all LA’s for the lab. Fill out the log sheet during your shift Regularly check email, schedule and ITS labs website for changes and notifications. Open and close the labs according to Opening and Closing Procedures. When you clock in – check all printers for paper and make a lab round When you clock out - check all printers for paper and make a lab round

25 Supplies/Mics. If you notice that the lab is running low on supplies (i.e. paper or toner) please notify the HLA right away! Students may only post things in the labs on the bulletin boards No video taping of any kind in the labs. If someone with a video camera comes in please contact HLA and Lab Coordinator ASAP

26 Laptop Check Out Students may check out laptops from the McCoy computer lab. Both the LA and the student must fill out a worksheet ITS Labs Only take their TXST Student ID Make sure you return the correct ID to the student. Must be returned an hour before closing If not returned please notify the HLA ASAP

27 Assistive Technology Lab LA’s will be trained on how to use the equipment in the lab Located inside the ASB computer lab Details located on pages 21 and 22 of the Handbook.

28 Emergencies Medical emergencies call 911. Inform Lab Coordinator as soon as possible. Report major facility problems to Lab Coordinator or call facilities 5-2148. Fire Alarms In case of a fire alarm the Head Lab Assistant should announce that everyone needs to leave the building immediately. Have the LA’s help empty the lab of all people and instruct everyone to exit to the street (ground level). Check that all rooms are empty then close all doors to each lab. Do not return until the alarm has terminated. Notify a Lab Coordinator and Head Lab Assistant as soon as possible. Personal Safety and security Contact UPD 2-2805 and/or a Lab Coordinator. Interpersonal problems between Lab Assistants Meet with a Lab Coordinator to discuss any interpersonal issues with coworkers.

29 Handbook Read and follow policies and procedures outlined in the handbook. Can be found on ITS website

30 Evaluations At the end of ever semester, all LA’s and HLA’s must meet with the Lab Coordinator to be evaluated. Your HLA’s will be in charge of scoring the LA’s work throughout the year and who they think should become an HLA.

31 Questions/Discussion

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