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Classroom Expectations and Procedures My Expectations My Expectations of You 1. I will give you 100% and I expect 100% in return 2. I expect you to be.

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2 Classroom Expectations and Procedures

3 My Expectations My Expectations of You 1. I will give you 100% and I expect 100% in return 2. I expect you to be on time and have your supplies 3. I expect you to actively participate in class 4. I expect you to read the assigned materials or watch the assigned video. 5. I expect you to be prepared for class discussions 6. I expect you to respect yourself as well as others

4 What you can expect from me What you can expect from Me I am here to HELP you be successful and accomplish your goals inside as well as outside of the classroom. H – I am here to Hear you. E – I am here to Encourage you. L – I am here to Lead you. P – I am here to Prepare you.

5 Disciplinary Procedures 1 st offense- Warning 2 nd offense- Parent Notification 3 rd offense- Detention 4 th offense- Referral to the office This procedure may be altered according to the severity of the offense!!!!

6 Tardies and Technology Use You will have one free tardy (warning) All other tardies after that will be reported to Coach Stephens 15 min. late or more is an absence Technology use will abide to schools policy Technology in my room will be used as needed…if it becomes a distraction we will not use them in this class. You have a taped off corner on your desk to place your phone everyday. So I know where it is.

7 Incentives 1. Praise 2. Class Dojo points 3. 10 Class Dojo points allows you to do your work in the Creative Learning Lounge. Points start over every 3 weeks

8 Classroom Procedures

9 Being Prepared and Writing Utensils Being Prepared Bring required materials each day. Pencils, red pens Highlighters, journals and green folder. Writing Utensils a.Pencils Should be used for all assignments. b.Students may use a pencil and RED pen for grading c.Typed or computer generated work will be accepted with prior approval of the teacher.

10 Entering and Exiting Class Entering Class A.After entering the room, students may not leave without permission. B.Upon entering, students should go to their assigned seats and prepare for class. (Sharpen pencils get journals out, turn in any assignments, get your make up work, and the start bell ringer) C.Begin working on Bell Ringers. Exiting Class A.The teacher will dismiss the class Not The Bell. B.Do not pack books or journals to exit class until instructed to do so by the teacher. C.Students are responsible for cleaning the area around their desks before leaving the room. D.Students will be dismissed by groups and exit to the right door.

11 Voice levels and Attention Voice levels 3. Outdoors (loud) 2. Group Work 1. Shhh…oulder buddies 0. Lecture,Test, Quiz (NO talking) I will raise my hand and wait for ever ones attention before we move on the next part of the lesson.

12 Pencil Sharpening and Trash Pencil Sharpening a.Students are to sharpen pencils upon entering the classroom b.If your lead breaks during class and if you have no other writing utensil, raise your hand and wait for further instructions. Trash a.Trash will be thrown away when you are dismissed from class. Keep it at your desk until you are dismissed. b.Pick up all paper around your desk before leaving the room. c.Paper should be put in the recycle bin.

13 Restroom and Water Restroom a.Students should use the restroom before class. b. After entering the classroom, students will not be allowed to leave unless it is an extreme emergency. Water a. Students should get water before class.

14 Nurse Visits If you are feeling ill and think you need to see the nurse let me know and I will write you a pass. You will have to go to the junior high office to be signed off before going over to the nurses office (located in elementary building).

15 Class/Lab Journals Your journals will be kept in the classroom at all times! I will be grading your daily Bell Ringers and other assignments regularly…if your journal is not here it will be counted as late for that assignment (s). Checking out journals will be allowed for quizzes, test and Video watching (W.S.Q.)

16 Papers Paper Headings in lab journals and other assignments must include Name Date Class period Title of Assignment At the top of the page where it is easily found. If any item is missing you will receive -5 points Papers must be in sequential order in journals do not skip pages…it waste paper and I need to be able to easily find your assignment For every page skipped you will receive -5 points Turning in assignments will be turned into the appropriate file by the exit door at the beginning of class.

17 Grades Test/projects will be 50% Daily Grades and quizzes will be 50% Each six weeks you will have a minimum of 8 daily grades, 2-3 quizzes and 2 test.

18 Late Work I will receive late work but here are the penalties 1 Day late -10 2 Days late -20 3 Days late -30 4 Days late 0

19 Absent Work When you are absent be sure and check the “were you absent” box for your assignment. If there is not assignment for the day you were gone then come see me. You will be given 1 day for every day you were absent. EX: you are absent 3 DAYS=3 DAYS TO MAKE IT UP.

20 Redo’s Retake’s or Extra Credit I will not allow a redo or retake for assignments. Students will be allowed to make test corrections where they will receive half the points for each corrected question up to 70% Students will also be required to correct the entire test. There will be no “extra credit” but you will receive a class participation grade from Class Dojo.

21 Lab Rules Food, drinks and gum are not allowed in labs, unless we are doing a fun FOOD lab! Always wear the right protective gear in lab Know where fire extinguisher, fire blanket, shower, eye wash and exits are located in case of an emergency. Follow ALL instructions from your teacher and we will have a lot of fun in lab and will have them more often

22 Lab Procedures You will receive a participation grade and a grade for the lab assignment completed in your journal. Your instructions for each lab will vary so, listen close Discipline Procedures in lab 3 accounts of misbehavior in labs will result in not being allowed to participate in current or future labs (I will determine how long your lab suspension will be depending on the severity of your actions). You will be assigned worksheets to complete instead of participating in the lab and they will be sent home as home work if not completed in class.

23 New things for 2013-2014

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