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Federal Acquisition Service U.S. General Services Administration

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1 Federal Acquisition Service U.S. General Services Administration

2 Federal Acquisition Service U.S. General Services Administration This tutorial will take you step by step through a typical GSA Advantage shopping session. The tutorial is divided into 6 sections. Click on the section name to go to that section. Section 1: Intro Section 2: Registration, Password & Profile Section 3: Searching Options Section 4: Search Results Section 5: Cart & Checkout Section 6: Order History

3 Federal Acquisition Service U.S. General Services Administration Introduction and Definitions  GSA Advantage!  833 Disaster Recovery  211 Cooperative Purchasing

4 Federal Acquisition Service U.S. General Services Administration  Is the Federal Government’s premier online shopping superstore. With online access to millions of commercial products and services, GSA Advantage! ensures you are getting GSA-negotiated prices from GSA-approved sources.  Under 833 Disaster Recovery and 211 Cooperative Purchasing legislation, State and Local Government entities now have the ability to purchase products and services from GSA and Veteran Administration (VA) Federal Supply Schedules directly from GSA Advantage!.

5 Federal Acquisition Service U.S. General Services Administration 833 Disaster Recovery  Section 833 FY07 Defense Authorization Act authorizes GSA to allow State and Local governments access to the GSA Multiple Award Schedules due to a Presidential declared disaster.  Purchase products and services to be used to facilitate recovery from a major disaster, terrorism or nuclear, biological, chemical, or radiological attack.  Advanced Purchasing is allowed to Pre-Position for recovery of a disaster. 

6 Federal Acquisition Service U.S. General Services Administration 211 Cooperative Purchasing  IT Cooperative Purchasing- Section 211 of the E-Government Act or 2002  Section 211 authorized GSA sales of Schedule 70 IT products and services to State & Local Governments through the introduction of Cooperative Purchasing.  IT products and services only 

7 Section 2: Registration and Profile Registration Forgot Your Password? Updating Your Profile

8 To park carts, make purchases, and check order history, you will need to login or register if you haven’t already done so. To register and create a User ID and Password, click on “Register here!”.

9 Make sure your User ID is at least 6 characters long, and your password is at least 8 characters long. Select the programs you are interested in purchasing from. To complete your registration click the “Register” button. This is the Registration Page for All State & Local Users. Make sure to provide all required information. Ordering Authorization is optional. If you plan on purchasing from GSA Advantage! please provide your supervisor’s email. This is not necessary if you plan on conducting market research only.

10 Within your Profile the Ordering Authorization area will identify if you have the ability to purchase from GSA Advantage!. To check the status of your Ordering Authorization you can click on the “Profile” link in the menu bar.

11 Once GSA receives authorization your profile will be updated and you now have the ability to purchase on GSA Advantage!.

12 If your request is rejected by your supervisor you will not have the ability to purchase on GSA Advantage!.

13 If at any time you forget your user ID or password, simply click on the “Forgot my User ID & Password” link. This is the Member login page you will see throughout GSA Advantage!. Many areas/functionality require you to login.

14 Updating your Profile You can access your member information by clicking on “Member Information”. To update your profile, click on the “Profile” link in the menu bar. Member Information allows you to edit your personal information including your name, phone, agency, e- mail address, etc. This is the data you entered during registration. Click “Update” to save your information.

15 You can access your saved shipping address(s) by clicking on “Edit Address Book”. You can remove an address by clicking on the “Remove Address” link, located under each address. An additional address can be created by clicking on the “Create a New Address” link.

16 You must enter an “Address Name” and fill out the necessary information. Each address will require the name, phone number, and e-mail address of the individual receiving shipment.

17 You can access your methods of payments by clicking on “Edit Methods of Payment”. Edit Methods of Payment You can access your saved payment methods by clicking on “Edit Methods of Payment”. You can remove a payment method by using the “Delete” function. Click “Update” to save your information.

18 Section 3: Searching on GSA Advantage! Searching by Keyword Browse by Category or Special Program Refining your Search Results Advanced Search

19 GSA Advantage! offers several ways to search for products or services. We will demonstrate two options. Search Option #1. Search by Keyword First, enter your search criteria. You may select a specific category using the “look in” dropdown. Click Find it! to start searching.

20 Search Results Page This page offers you several ways to refine your search results. The search results page will display the matches based upon your search criteria

21 Search Option #2. Browse by Category or Special Program Click on the Category or Special Program that best fits what item you are searching for. To find specific protection equipment related to dangerous work environments such as face shields, click on “Disaster Relief” Under Special Programs.

22 To search for face shields or other personal safety equipment you should select “Personal Safety and Protection” This is the Disaster Relief page. There are many options available and each one covers a different type of supply.

23 Continue to drill down through the categories to narrow your search to a specific product.

24 This is another level of product categories. Select “Facial Shields” to continue further.

25 Search Results Page You can sort your results by price, part number, product name, manufacturer, contractor, or contract number. You can narrow your results by searching within results. For example, if you only wanted to display clear facial shields, type “clear” into the text box and click Refine. The bread crumb trail, at the top of the page, keeps track of your search history. It allows you to move backwards in case you need to.

26 If you are searching for a specific socio-economic size or source the “Limit to” function is very helpful.

27 Click on Advanced Search for additional opportunities to narrow your search results by searching for an exact phrase in a particular product field, restricting your search by category, price, or socioeconomic factors, and limiting your display options.

28 The Advanced Search page offers multiple options for your product/service search. If you wish to specify a socioeconomic size, program, etc you can do that here.

29 Section 4: Search Results & Product Information & Detail Search Results Page Compare Prices

30 Search Results Page Symbols represent the program the items belong to, i.e. Disaster Recovery, Cooperative Purchasing, Environmental. Business size indicators are listed next to the contract number.. Some items give you the ability to customize Options/ Accessories. Many items have additional product information on their website. Click this icon to view this information. “Compare Prices” provides a list of sources that support this item as well. Click on the NSN/Mfr. Part Number to view the Product Detail page. This provides you information such as price and min/max order requirements.

31 The “Product Detail” page displays important product information including price, unit of issue, min/max order, warranty, F.O.B., etc. Review this information thoroughly. Be sure to review the minimum order purchase amount before making a selection. If the product is available from multiple sources it will be displayed on this page. If you are ready to purchase, enter your quantity in the box and click “Add to Cart”.

32 Section 5: Cart & Checkout Shopping Cart Park a Cart Retrieve a Cart Checkout Order Confirmation

33 The shopping cart contains any item you have selected to purchase. If you make any quantity changes to the cart, make sure you click on the “Update Cart” button. You may park the cart at any time by clicking the “Park Cart” button. The cart can later be retrieved by clicking on the “Parked Carts” link at the top of the page.

34 Parking a cart allows you to save your shopping list for a future purchase or to forward it to another person. To park your current shopping cart, fill in a cart name and optional cart password, and click “Park Cart”.

35 To manage your parked carts, click on the “Parked Carts” link in the header. To retrieve a parked cart, simply click on the cart name highlighted in red.

36 The parked cart you clicked, is now listed to the right. You can forward a shopping cart to additional people by clicking on the “Forward Cart” button. To add items from the parked cart to your active shopping cart, click on “Add to Shopping Cart.” Remember, when you save a parked cart and retrieve it later, pricing is subject to change.

37 Your Shopping Cart To proceed to checkout, click on the “Checkout” button in your shopping cart.

38 Step 1: Select Method of Payment Purchase card customers may select a card from the one(s) entered in their “Profile”. Or, you may enter a new Purchase card in the boxes provided. Upon selecting your payment method, click “Submit-Continue” button to submit your information.

39 Step 2: Select Shipping Address The addresses listed on this page are the addresses stored in your profile. Please select which address you wish to ship to by selecting the radio button next to the Address Name. If you would like to Create a New Address, click on the “Create a New Address” link. The “Individual Receiving Shipment” information is required for each shipment. Click “Submit-Continue” to continue.

40 Step 3: Checkout Review Please review all information listed on this page. If you need to change any information, click on the link below the information. For example, to change your Payment Information, click on the “Change Payment Information” link. Click “Process Order” to process your order.

41 Here is your Order Confirmation. If you wish to print the purchase order, click “View/Print PO”.

42 Section 6: Order History & Order Status Order History Order Status

43 Your most recent orders are listed directly on the GSA Advantage! home page. To view order status, click on the date. To view your complete order history, click on “Order Status/History” from the top menu.

44 To search for a specific order, type the Purchase Order #, Requisition #, or Session #, then click “Go”. You can also view your orders placed during a certain date range by selecting the date range desired and clicking “Go”. To search for a particular item ordered, type the keyword into the search box under Step 1. Select which field you wish to search in, for Step 2, and click “Go!”. You also have the option to narrow your ordered items search by date range. To view all of your GSA Advantage! Orders, click on the “Go” after “View all your GSA Advantage! Orders”.

45 Click on the “order date” link to check the status or view details of a specific order.

46 Here are the details of the selected Advantage! session. Order status is located under the Status column. Check to see if the vendor has submitted shipping & tracking information. You may enter a cancellation request by checking the box under the Cancel column. Remember, items with one (1) day delivery cannot be canceled. Shipping addresses are located at the bottom of this page. A user may also choose to View/Print Purchase Orders by clicking on the “View/Print PO” button.

47 Federal Acquisition Service U.S. General Services Administration Thank you for your interest in GSA Advantage! If you have any additional questions, please call the GSA Advantage! Helpdesk at (877) 472 – 3777 or email

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