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Federal Acquisition Service U.S. General Services Administration Air Force Advantage!

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1 Federal Acquisition Service U.S. General Services Administration Air Force Advantage!

2 Welcome to Air Force Advantage! A user ID and password are not required to view the web site. The user is required to register, complete a user profile, and log in to purchase items.

3 Federal Acquisition Service This tutorial will take you step by step through a typical Air Force Advantage shopping session. The tutorial is divided into 5 sections. To skip to a specific Section click below or continue to the next slide.  Section 1:Login/Registration & Profile Section 1:Login/Registration & Profile  Section 2: Searching on Air Force Advantage! Section 2: Searching on Air Force Advantage!  Section 3: Search Results & Product Information & Detail Section 3: Search Results & Product Information & Detail  Section 4: Cart & Checkout Section 4: Cart & Checkout  Section 5: Order History & Order Status Section 5: Order History & Order Status

4 Federal Acquisition Service Section 1: Login/Registration & Profile  Logging In  Registration  Forgot Your Password?  Updating Your Profile Topics Covered

5 Federal Acquisition Service To create a shopping cart, make purchases, and check order history, log in to Air Force Advantage!. To create a User ID and Password, click “Register”.

6 User ID must be least six characters long, and the password must be at least eight characters long. Create a one word password. Enter all required information and click the “Register” button. Use the drop down box to select a password hint question.

7 To log in to AF Advantage! Click “Login” and enter your user ID and password.

8 Federal Acquisition Service 8 Forgot your password? To reset a forgotten password or retrieve a user ID, click on the “Forgot my User ID & Password” link. The email address in your “Profile” must be current.

9 Complete your profile information by creating an address book and entering purchase method information.

10 10 Updating your Profile The Member Information page allows you to enter and update your personal information including name, phone, agency, e-mail address, etc. Enter updated information, and click “Update”. To create or edit the shipping Address Book click here. Enter payment information by clicking here.

11 Federal Acquisition Service 11 This is the “Address Book” page. Remove an address by clicking on the “Remove Address” link. An additional address can be created by clicking on the “Create a New Address” link.

12 12 Enter an “Address Name” and complete the address information. The “Address Name” only assists in easily identifying the address. Examples of an Address Name would be, Ranger Station, Loading Dock, Field Office, Regional Office, etc. The “Address Name” does not display on a shipping label. Each address will require the name, phone number, and e-mail address of the individual receiving shipment. Address Name

13 Federal Acquisition Service 13 Edit Methods of Payment Page Access your methods of payment information by clicking “Profile” and then “Edit Methods of Payment”. Add purchase cards or AAC/DoDAAC codes by entering the required information and clicking “Update”. If a DoDAAC is being used as a method of payment, click here to apply for a DoDAAC code or DoDAAC password as needed. A DoDAAC code must be entered for all overseas purchases regardless of the method of payment used for the purchase. (Note: A purchase card must be used for all private vendor purchases.) Once all three Profile pages have been completed, purchases may be made on Air Force Advantage!

14 Federal Acquisition Service Section 2: Searching on Air Force Advantage!  Searching by Keyword  Browse by Category & Special Category  Refining your Search  Advanced Search Topics Covered

15 Federal Acquisition Service 15 Air Force users can search for products and services, and conduct market research on Air Force Advantage! without logging in. There are two ways to search. Search Option #1. Search by Keyword. Enter a keyword that best describes what you are looking for. Searches may also be made by entering a manufacturer name or part number, National Stock Number, a vendor name or contract number. This is the most utilized search method. calculator Type a keyword such as “calculator” in the search box. Click Find it! to begin searching.

16 Federal Acquisition Service 16 Notice the large number of products found. Narrow the search results by using the suggested “related terms” listed here. Clicking on a related term will display filtered results that contain the related term. Or Select another descriptive keyword and search within the current search results list. This is the sample search results page for the keyword “calculator”. Search results may also be filtered by environmental and socio-economic factors, and specific Contractor and Manufacturer names.

17 Search Option #2. Browse by Category or Special Category “Browse By Category” is a ‘drill down’ search system that begins with the broad categories seen here. When a category is selected, sub- categories are then displayed narrowing the search field. An example of this type of search is shown in the next slides. Special categories focus on unique interests of government purchasers. In addition to products and services information, special categories provide information on agency services and applicable laws and regulations.

18 Browse by Category Example To find a solar powered calculator, click on “Office Solutions”. This search will begin with a category drill down approach, and then the final results will be refined using a ‘search within results’ keyword.

19 Federal Acquisition Service 19 Calculators fall under “Office machines & their supplies & accessories”. Click here to continue narrowing the search. Note: Look for services in each category under the “Additional” subcategory. GSA eLibrary at is the best source for contractor and services information. Below is a list of sub-categories under “Office Solutions”. Examples for each sub-category are listed.

20 Federal Acquisition Service 20 Continue to drill down through the subcategories making the best selection based on the item you wish to find. Categories are designed so that each level or sub-category narrows your search results. For the ‘calculator’ example, look under the subcategory “Calculating machines & accessories”.

21 Federal Acquisition Service 21 This is the final level of sub-categories to choose from. Click on “Calculators or accessories” to display the search results. Or a keyword search could be made here. The search results are displayed in the next side.

22 Federal Acquisition Service 22 Refine Your Search Search Results may be sorted by price, part number, product name, manufacturer, contractor, or contract number using this drop down box. Narrow these results by “searching within results.” To display solar calculators, type “solar” into the text box and click Refine. solar

23 The result of this search is a list of solar calculators offered by GSA Global Supply and office supply vendors. The term “solar” is found in all the product descriptions.

24 Clicking on “Fire Catalog” will display the next slide. Product searches may also be completed within Special Categories.

25 There are two ways to locate products in this special category. Helpful Special Category Information

26 Click on “Advanced Search” for additional opportunities to narrow your search results. Search for an exact phrase, restrict the search by category, price, or socio-economic factors, and limit the display options. The next slide shows the Advanced Search page.

27 Advanced Search Page

28 Federal Acquisition Service Section 3: Search Results & Product Information & Detail  Search Results Page Details  Compare Prices  Product Detail Page Topics Covered

29 Federal Acquisition Service 29 This is a sample Search Results page for the keyword “calculator” refined by the keyword “solar”. Business size and socio-economic indicators are listed next to the contract number. Clicking on the indicator will display a definitions page depicted below. Symbols below the item price represent the environmental, socioeconomic, and other factors which apply to the vendor or item. Click on the icon to view definitions. See the next slide. Click on the “Compare Prices” link to view additional vendor sources for this specific item.

30 Clicking on any symbol will display the product Symbols Page.

31 When the “Compare Prices” link is displayed, more than one vendor offers the same item. Clicking on “Compare Prices” will display the “Product Detail” page where prices and vendor information can be compared. It is always a good practice to click on “Compare Prices” when the link is displayed. Compare Prices Feature Clicking on “Compare Prices” will display the Product Detail page for this desktop calculator item.


33 Found the vender you want to use? Click the corresponding radio button, enter the quantity, and add it to the shopping cart. The Product Detail page displays a description, price, and contractor information for the item just selected in the search results. Below is a list of vendors also offering the same product. If the vendor has a minimum order requirement, that amount is displayed here. The Product Detail page is a convenient place to compare vendor prices.

34 Federal Acquisition Service Section 4: Cart & Checkout  Shopping Cart  Park a Cart  Retrieve a Cart  Checkout  Order Confirmation Topics Covered

35 Federal Acquisition Service 35 Your Shopping Cart If you have negotiated a lower price with a vendor representative, the “reduce price” link provides the ability to lower the item price before checking out. Vendors may be willing to lower the price of an item especially when items are purchased in volume.

36 Federal Acquisition Service 36 Price Reduction Authorization When buying in volume, contacting the vendor may result in a lower price. This page allows you to change the price and indicate the name of the vendor representative that authorized the lower price. To lower the price enter the new unit price agreed upon and provide the name of the vendor representative. Upon clicking “Submit” the new price will appear in the shopping cart.

37 Federal Acquisition Service 37 The shopping cart contains item(s) selected for purchase. Notice the informative Shopping Cart Notes here. If quantity changes are made, click the “Update Cart” button. You may park the cart at any time by clicking on the “Park Cart” button. The cart can later be retrieved by clicking on the “Parked Carts” link at the top of any page.

38 Federal Acquisition Service 38 Parking a cart allows you to save your cart for future processing or changes. Also when a cart is parked it can be forwarded to another person for review, approval, or final checkout. When parking your current shopping cart, give it a cart name. A password is only needed if you are forwarding the cart to another individual.

39 Federal Acquisition Service 39 To display your parked carts, click on the “Parked Carts” link. To retrieve a parked cart, click on the cart name highlighted in red.

40 Federal Acquisition Service 40 The parked cart you retrieved is now listed here and the contents are displayed. To forward a shopping cart to another person click on the “Forward Cart” button. The cart must have a password assigned to forward it. To check out or make changes to the contents of the retrieved cart, click on the “Add to Shopping Cart” link.

41 Federal Acquisition Service 41 Your Shopping Cart To proceed to checkout, click on the “Checkout” button.

42 Federal Acquisition Service 42 Select Method of Payment Air Force Advantage! allows Purchase Card and DoDAAC payment methods. Purchase card customers may select a card from the one(s) entered in their “Profile”. Additional cards may be entered in the boxes provided. After selecting your payment method, click on the “Submit-Continue” button. If you are ordering GSA Global Supply items, you may select from two billing options. Choose “Line Item Billing” to see each item listed on your Purchase card statement. Select “Consolidated Billing” to see only one line with the total for your entire order.

43 Federal Acquisition Service Private vendors only accept a government purchase card. GSA Global Supply accepts a DoDAAC or a government purchase card.

44 Federal Acquisition Service 44 Select Shipping Address The addresses listed on this page are the addresses stored in your profile. Select the address you wish to ship to by selecting the radio button next to the Address Name. Click “Submit-Continue” If you would like to create a new address, click on the “Create a New Address” link. The “Individual Receiving Shipment” information is required for each address.

45 Federal Acquisition Service 45 Checkout Review Click “Process Order” to complete your order. Here is the Checkout Review information. Order changes may be completed here. For example, to change the Payment Information, click on the “Change Payment Information” link.

46 Federal Acquisition Service 46 Order Confirmation Page The Purchase Order may be viewed and printed here. When a session number is displayed, the order was successfully submitted. An email confirmation will be sent to you also. Be sure your email address is correct in your Profile.

47 Federal Acquisition Service Section 5: Order History & Order Status  Order History  Order Status  Assistance Topics Covered

48 View your most recent orders by clicking the session number. Click Order Status/History to display your order history.

49 Federal Acquisition Service 49 To search for a specific order, enter the Purchase Order, Requisition, or Session number and click “Go”. View your orders placed during a specific date range by selecting the date range desired and clicking “Go”. To search for a past item ordered, type a keyword in the search box and complete the information required. To view all of your GSA Advantage! Orders, click “Go”.

50 Federal Acquisition Service 50 Clicking on the “order date” link will display the Order History, Status, Cancellation, and Re-order page. The details of the AF Advantage! session (order) are summarized there. See next slide. An order cancellation may be requested by clicking on the “order date” also. An item listed as a one-day delivery timeframe cannot be cancelled on line. Phone the vendor directly to request a cancellation, although the item(s) may have already been shipped.

51 Federal Acquisition Service 51 Here are the details for the selected Air Force Advantage! Session from the Order History. Order status is displayed here. Click on the status link to view a list of codes and explanations. If the vendor has submitted shipping & tracking information, it will be displayed on this page. The shipping address is here. You may enter a cancellation request by checking the box under the Cancel column. Items listed as a one day delivery cannot be canceled. View/Print Purchase Orders by clicking on the “View/Print PO” button. The symbol definition is displayed here.

52 There are two places on the Air Force Advantage Home Page to find assistance in using the web site. Clicking on “What’s New” will display important operational and procurement information. Information displayed changes frequently. Clicking on “Help” will display the Customer Assistance page seen on the next slide.

53 The “Customer Assistance page provides guidance regarding problems with orders. Extensive information on using the web site can be found under the “Help Topics.”

54 Federal Acquisition Service If you need assistance, please contact the GSA Advantage! Help Desk (877) 472 – 3777 option #2 or email Thank you for your interest in Air Force Advantage!

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