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Grief cycles.

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1 Grief cycles

2 Grief models- The extended grief cycle
Kubler-Ross E (1997)

3 Lois Tonkin – Growing around grief
Expectation Reality Before loss Loss Eventually

4 Colin Murray Parkes Model of grief
Numbness – shock and disbelief Pining – anger, guilt and physical restlessness Disorganisation and despair – depression, loneliness and anxiety Re-organisation – recovery and acceptance

5 Stoebe and Schut Dual Process Model of Grief
Loss oriented Restoration –oriented Grief work Attending to life changes Intrusion of grief Doing new things Breaking bonds/ties Distraction from grief Denial/ avoiding Denial/avoidance of grief Restoration New roles/relationships

6 Useful links Kubler Ross (1997)
Lois Tonkin information around Grief.pdf Slides by Colin Murray Parker Stroebe and Schut information Ann Dent article – supporting the bereaved -theory and practice

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