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The Experience Called Grief Gary D. Smith, MAEd..

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1 The Experience Called Grief Gary D. Smith, MAEd.

2 Five Stages of Normal Reaction to Loss 1.Denial 2.Anger 3.Bargaining 4.Depression 5.Acceptance Photo by Ken Ross

3 Death brings a flood of feelings and emotions to each person in their own way!

4 Feeling A sense of knowing or an impression on the mind Microsoft clipart

5 Emotion A mental and bodily reaction accompanied by a strong feeling Microsoft clipart

6 Stages of Grief 1.Denial a)Acknowledging the loss 2.Anger a)Experiencing the pain 3.Bargaining a)Experiencing the pain b)Re-adjusting to the loss 4.Depression a)Finding a way to move on

7 Acknowledging the Loss May be Hard  Shock  Disbelief  Confusion  Anxiety  Panic Microsoft clipart

8 Children Acknowledging the Loss Anger Frustration Questioning Guilt Copying the behaviors of others Global Star software

9 Adults acknowledging the loss  Anger  Frustration  Guilt  Blaming others  A sense of loss of control Microsoft clipart

10 Disorientation Phase  Despair  Lowered self-esteem  Pre-occupation  Loneliness  State of disequilibria  Tearful Microsoft clipart The Faces of Grief are Different in Each Person

11 Bargaining / Experiencing the Pain  Disorientation  Fear  Loss of Control  State of Limbo  Frustration  Vulnerable Microsoft clipart

12 Depression / With the Pain Helplessness Hopelessness Resentment Bitterness Emptiness Sadness Global Star Software

13 Bargaining and Adjustment ( Adaptation )  Re-adjusting to the loss  Struggling with new roles and responsibilities  Envy  Yearning  Missing Microsoft clipart

14 Acceptance a Sense of Healing  Developing a new environment  New Relationships  New Activities  New Hope  A Sense of Healing Global Star Software

15 Acceptance Reconciling The Loss Hope for the future Growth from the trial Healing from the heart Remembering with less pain Global Star Software

16 Rainbows Give Us Hope For The Future And Build Bridges Over Our Trials.

17 There Is Life After Grief

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