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Writing a Thesis John Berryman’s “Sole Watchman”.

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1 Writing a Thesis John Berryman’s “Sole Watchman”

2 What jumped out first? The address to “Sole Watchman” Imperative structures – Guard – Teach – Sustain – Grant – Achieve – Make – Shut

3 Unclear words! “Them” was slightly off-putting at first The colon after daughter is unexpected “Make” is vague “Fill” is also vague “Pace without fear” jumps in out of nowhere “Various” seems to tie everything together

4 Thesis Attempt “Sole Watchman” is a prayer by Berryman, a late religious convert, for singleness of purpose in mind and body. NO! Thesis is too plain and obvious.

5 Back to Square One He seems helpless in the face of his desires, which is why he is praying HOWEVER, he has an achievement to fret about Perhaps he is crafting a confession to ease his desires? It is not a clear confession, though.

6 Thesis Attempt Part Two Berryman’s unclear stance in “Sole Watchman” reveals that his “various soul” is, in fact, impossible to govern. NO! There’s no proof in the text that it is impossible to govern. I lack textual evidence.

7 Square One, Take Three Unclear can work He is unclear a great deal in his essay, especially with “Fill” and “Make.” His imperative structures go well beyond the requests in prayers I’ve heard of or said. Perhaps his structures reveal a deeper weakness?

8 Thesis Attempt Part Three Berryman is really asking for more help than he needs A lack of believe in innate ability equals a low sense of self-confidence There may be a lack of self-confidence at the root of all of his sins. POSSIBLE THESIS: Berryman’s true vice in “Sole Watchman” is a lack of self-confidence.

9 Paragraph A paragraph of detail about my thesis, to make certain that it works: – The evidence is prevalent throughout the text. Berryman, who struggled with alcohol, takes the imperative structure of requesting for help present in the “Our Father” and takes it a step further. He asks God not just to “guard” and “teach” him, but to “empty” his heart and “achieve” in him patience. There is no sense of self in the poem because he lacks the confidence to have a self.

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