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John Paul Academy Teacher v’s Pupil Derby Match 24 th June 2009.

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1 John Paul Academy Teacher v’s Pupil Derby Match 24 th June 2009

2 Pupil Team

3 ‘Teacher’ Team

4 Pre-Match Parade Before the match, Mr Collins and Mr Owen proudly paraded the Trophy they were defending in the game today. Victory today would put the Teachers 1 step closer to keeping the trophy in the Staff Room for good.

5 The Pupil’s ‘Huddle’ The Pupil team made sure this did not intimidate them and they took part in a ‘Huddle’. Captain Danger led the boys in a motivational speech before the game.

6 Match Report An uninspiring first 20 minutes was livened up in 25 minutes when Pupil winger Finnan had a legitimate goal chopped off by controversial referee McQuade. This galvanised the defending champions into action and after 8 minutes of sustained pressure, Officer Glancey took control of the situation. O’Donnel shows his skills

7 Law & Order… A sublime first touch and strike from 16 yards, rose high above keeper Boyd’s head and buried itself In the postage stamp. Boyd was rooted to the spot, unable to effect a save. C.Docherty commented that: “Only one player on that pitch could have pulled that off.” Ball went here A helpless Boyd can do nothing to prevent His team ‘Copping it’ from Glancey.

8 All Even.. Failing to consolidate the lead, the Teachers suffered a setback after 36 minutes when a mistake by goalkeeper Cresswell let in a low strike by No.15 McKay from 18 yards. The remainder of the half was played out in pedestrian fashion bringing into question the fitness levels of both teams. Many argued that the hot weather was having a say in the flow of the game.

9 Half Time! Scorer: Glancey 33minsScorer: McKay 36mins Teachers Pupils

10 Second Half 5 minutes after the break, recharged by the halftime Pie and Bovril, the Teachers re-took the lead. A mazy 20 yard run by Clydebound maestro Febers resulted in a beautifully finished strike beating the keeper at his near post. On the hour Finnan shot from 20 yards but it never really troubled the keeper.

11 Battle of Strength A change of tactics from the pupils quickly led to 2 fouls on Teacher Connolly. Both Brewer and Campbell Were booked for their challenges.

12 Level Again Finnan’s ‘Skippy McDonald’ workrate and pressure finally paid off after 68 minutes when he struck from 20 yards and drew his side level. The Last 20 minutes saw Glancey hitting the post, McClure booked for dissent, McKay shooting wide and Agnew missing the chance to seal the game in a 1 on 1 with the keeper. McGillion limped off near the end suffering a ‘hurty hamstring’.

13 Penalty Shootout An exciting climax to the Derby match saw the two teams line up for a Penalty Shootout.. Both teams converted their first round of 5 penalties each leading to… TeachersPupils 1. Febers1. Mair 2. Jack2. O’Donnell 3. Collinzio3. Campbell 4. Owen4. Finnan 5. Glancey5. Morton Penalty Takers

14 Sudden Death Brewer faced off against McClure in a nail biting battle of nerves. Brewer failed to convert after a fantastic save from Cresswell leaving the fate of the trophy in the hands of McClure…

15 Math Magician McClure McClure holds his nerve and calmly converts past a helpless Boyd to seal the result and the JPA Pupil/Teacher Challenge Trophy for 2009.

16 The Winners

17 Presentation The Trophy was presented by Mr Docherty to Teacher team captain McGillion.

18 Champions 2009

19 Man of the Match Vincenzo Collenzio

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