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Dealing with Difficult People

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1 Dealing with Difficult People
Practical Strategies for Minimizing Their Disruptive Influence On Your Life Presented By: Shannon Odom Principal, Joe M. Gillmore Elementary

2 Dealing with Energy Vampires

3 Objectives.. At the conclusion of this workshop, you should be able to: Identify the major types of difficult people and recognize the behaviors they exhibit. Develop a plan that works for you in dealing with difficult people.

4 Why worry about difficult people?
These people are EVERYWHERE! You cannot avoid them entirely. Unfortunately, they often hold positions of power. Give them a chance and they will make your life miserable. You can’t change them, but you can change the way you react to them.

5 What sorts of behaviors are exhibited by difficult people?
They are insensitive and demanding. They are aggressive and hostile. They are vulgar and insulting. They are hateful, arrogant and demeaning. They are rude and uncivilized. They are either unresponsive or irresponsible. They are dishonest and conniving. They are uncooperative. They are sensitive, suspicious and intent on placing blame. They are stupid and ignorant and blissfully unaware of it.

6 How do THEY make us feel? Angry Resentful Helpless Hopeless Worthless
Frightened Intimidated Annoyed Revengeful Overwhelmed Angry Resentful Helpless Hopeless Worthless Frightened Intimidated Annoyed Revengeful Overwhelmed Hostile Inferior Threatened Hurt Insulted Frustrated Used Hateful Etc. Hostile Inferior Threatened Hurt Insulted Frustrated Used Hateful Etc.

7 How do these feelings make us behave?
Withdraw Nag Argue Give Up Explain Try Harder Plot Revenge

8 Why do they behave this way?
The payoff!

9 The Bulldozer They are the bully of the group. They know it all.
Often use threats, sarcasm and intimidation. They can be loud or hostile. They can be abusive. They have the potential to overwhelm you.

10 Fire Hose Dampen Enthusiasm Everything will fail Negative Statements
Constantly Complaining

11 Sniper Excludes key people Withhold information
Use hidden attacks, innuendos, digs, non-playful teasing Wreck havoc and you don’t see them

12 So What Can I Do? Avoid them Label them Persuade them Neutralize them
Confront them Rehabilitate them Discourage them Isolate them Punish them Pray for them Label them Neutralize them Understand them Accept them Inform them Involve them Ignore them Convert them

13 Neutralize them… Why should I?
Removes incendiary behavior from an emotionally flammable environment Reduces their payoff Reduces the disruption in your world Minimizes your stress How can I? Take notes Avoid eye contact Comment on their emotional arousal Ask them what constructive things they have tried Ask them what they want you to do Warn them, then hang up or leave

14 Label them… Why should I? Helps you cope
Helps you realize they need to be managed Lowers your expectations Reminds you to detach How can I? Monitor your emotions Imagine a sticky note labeled, “A Real Nut” attached to their foreheads Pity them Concentrate on observing them

15 Confront them… Why should I? Disrupts usual response patterns
Provides relief from helplessness Encourages others to take action How can I? Document their behavior Line up witnesses Give emotions time to dissipate Confront in a calm manner with respect

16 What can I do for me? Choose to Eliminate Negative People
Become the Observer Exercise Worst Case Scenario Avoid Heated Discussions Most Important Pour Honey Express It OIYLI (Only If You Let It)

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