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INVESTORS 092010 Investors Special Invitation 10/15/

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1 INVESTORS 092010 Investors Special Invitation 10/15/

2 10 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Dubai 6 Reasons to Inquire From Global-BMA 6 R easons Why You’d Succeed 10/15/2009 Did you know Dubai is the 21 st century phenomenon?

3 10 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Dubai Dubai offers unbeatable investment opportunities to property Investors Dubai provides the most Off-plan projects that maximizes investment returns The Hotel industry being lucrative in the UAE is currently witnessing unprecedented growth The high rates of capital appreciation and a substantial income from short to mid term business investment Dubai offer the Opportunities to Buy and sell investment property within short term for profit Residential, commercial and the hotel sectors are lucrative in Dubai-UAE couple with the daily announcements of mega structures that offers investment opportunity to investors from around the world Investors can sit back and enjoy highly rewarding, hassle-free rental returns with our partners Your time consuming doing researches might unfortunately have you missing out on some great investment opportunities available in Dubai. Life is too short to be looking for investment opportunity in uncertain regions when it’s available elsewhere Dubai is internationally recognized as the world's most vibrant hotel market in the world 10/15/

4 Global-BMA stands as a specialist in outsourcing new property investment opportunities to it’s Global investors and also in marketing the projects outcome Global-BMA has introduced new services for investors called (Short on Target), that would help maximize investors chance in search for the right oversea properties. Stay updated and Access to more attractive investment opportunities We have partners and access to investment opportunities in almost all the hot spots around the world You’d be successful just like our previous, present and future Investors Receive weekly updates of investment opportunities worth more then a billions dollars around the world Six Reasons to Inquire From Global-BMA 10/15/

5 Six R easons Why You’d Succeed Properties which are ideal for investment will inevitably sell quickly, Dubai offers that Amazing returns on property investment are being realized in Dubai by foreign investors, and it’s just the beginning for an upcoming world No 1 Tourist destination No matter what your reasons are for choosing property investment, Dubai has it all We have seen significant changes in the past few years in the Dubai property market couple with the recent regulation for property developers and investors. Dubai is the 21 st century phenomenon We take you beyond borders and offer you the best investment opportunities 10/15/

6 10/15/ The truth is, investors have always been interested in regions they can consider a save heaven for their worldwide property investments or investment as whole. Therefore if countries from emerging markets such as Dubai, Brazil, Jordan, Mexico, South Africa, Singapore, Egypt and Morocco to name just a few, can provide attractive returns and a safe haven to our ever increasing number of property investors, then my advice to global property Investors will be to consider a moment before making the next move in the current atmosphere; since this could be your last move at a time when the world is facing it most global issues or even worst for the short term property investors. Peoples are getting more confuse today with the numerous courses, advisers, or property exhibitions on the buy and let business. But let it be no doubt on the importance and necessity to take part in these courses or exhibitions. But then, as an experienced or debutant Investors, you should first be able to identify your goal and objectively carefully, present and future needs before considering which developer will do the best job for you. Emerging Market are strongly becoming Investors first choice for property investment, we have seen significant changes in the past few years in the Dubai property market couple with the recent regulation for property developers and investors. Most of these changes have been very much on the side of investors. And I think it has finally opened more doors to unbeatable and lucrative investment opportunities in these region.

7 Conclusion It has only been crystal clear that the property market has not been better else where than in some few emerging markets regardless to the global crises that recently raised uncertainty on the property markets. Though these regions suffered their own part of the crisis but they are quickly recovering with daily Millions Dollars lucrative investment opportunities that are made available each day. Gilbert Mbeh Real Estate Agent Global-BMA Investors Beginners: Key to property Investment Success Veterans: Source of Wealth Hot Inquiries & Quick Response: 10/15/

8 Stay Updated of Our Weekly Billions Dollars Investments Opportunities 10/15/2009 Our Aim: Earn Your Trust But we can’t earn your trust without offering you the best investment opportunity

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