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Vocabulary for “The Necklace” Mnemonic Devices will help you remember them.

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1 Vocabulary for “The Necklace” Mnemonic Devices will help you remember them

2 prospects-chances or possibilities, especially for financial success pro spec t –a spec of gold could =money Prospect for gold in which you are looking for the chance or possibility to find gold. Girls and boys are looking for prospects to marry who have money.

3 incessantly= without interruption; continuously Incess ant ly-ants march continuously without interruption

4 vexation-irritation; annoyance v ex ation – I am vexed with my ex.

5 pauper-a poor person, especially one who depends on public charity The Prince and the Pauper – The pauper depends on the prince

6 adulation-excessive praise or flattery adul a t ion – We look to adults to give us praise or flattery elation-happy about the praise you received

7 disconsolate-extremely depressed or dejected Dis consol ate- If you have been dis’d, you would be extremely depressed and couldn’t be consoled.

8 aghast-filled with shock or horror The ghost was aghast If you saw a ghost, you’d be aghast with shock and horror

9 gamut-an entire range or series gamut-The game was part of the World Series

10 privation-the lack of a basic necessity or a comfort of life privat ion-The private in the army lacked the comfort of life while sleeping on the hard ground.

11 askew-crooked; to one side ask ew- When you are asked a question, sometimes you tilt your head to one side while thinking, “Huh?” ask ew -When you say “eew,” your forehead crumples and your mouth puckers to one side

12 Try it out proSPECt incessANTly vEXation pauper…Prince ADULaTion disCONSOLate aghast…ghost GAMut- PRIVATion ASKew or askEW A. filled with shock or horror B. an entire range or series C. excessive praise or flattery D. crooked; to one side E. chance or possibilty for financial success F. continuosly without interruption G. a poor person H. irritation or annoyance I. the lack of basic necessity or comfort of life J. extremely depressed or dejected

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