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Where the Red Fern Grows Chapters 1-3 Vocabulary.

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1 Where the Red Fern Grows Chapters 1-3 Vocabulary

2 1. Boiled: p.1 (verb) To be filled with rage or passion Synonyms: angry; agitated The sea boiled in the storm. The dogs boiled out of an alley, turned, and headed straight tooward me (p.1).

3 2. Coaxing: p.2 (verb) To persuade; to try to persuade someone by pleading or flattering with compliments or gestures. Synonyms: persuade; entice We coaxed the secret from him. He bowed his head and his long, red tail started thumping the ground. I kept coaxing (p. 2).

4 3. Dormant: p. 3 (adjective) In a state of sleep; something that is inactive or lifeless. Synonyms: inactive; sleeping We coaxed the secret from him. Its strange indeed how memories can lie dormant in a mans mind for so many years (p.3).

5 4. Fared p. 8 (verb) To get along; to turn out; go (how something turns out) Synonyms: get along; turn out I didnt give up. After my talk with Papa, I went to Mama. I fared no better there (p. 8).

6 5. Grieve: p. 9 (verb) To cause to be sorrowful; great distress, to feel deep sadness or to mourn Synonyms: mourn; depressed I never saw a boy grieve like that. Its not right, not right at all(p. 9).

7 6. Squalling: p.11 (verb) A loud, harsh, outcry. It can also be a violent windstorm. Synonyms: cry; wail Samie told her with his spitting and squalling (p. 11).

8 7. Deliberately p. 13 (adjective) On purpose; decided with a purpose Synonyms: intentionally; knowingly; on purpose I was firmly convinced that a smart old coon had deliberately poked that stick in my trap (p. 13).

9 8. Hoe: p. 17 (noun) A tool with a flat blade and a long handle. It is used for weeding, cultivating, and breaking up soil. Throwing down my hoe, I ran down to the river and waded (walked through water) across at a place called the Shannon Ford (p. 17).

10 9. Dumbfounded: p.21 (verb) To strike as dumb (lacking the ability to speak or talk) to be astonished, shocked, or amazed Synonyms: astounded; confused, shocked Grandpa was dumbfounded. He tried to say something, but it wouldnt come out (p. 21-22).

11 10. Festered: p. 17 (verb) To become a source of irritation Synonyms: aggravate; bother The words festered inside my brain until they came out rapidly, like word vomit and I couldnt control them.

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