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INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEWING AND THE JOB SEARCH Lynne Hollyer Associate Director Industry Alliances Office

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1 INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEWING AND THE JOB SEARCH Lynne Hollyer Associate Director Industry Alliances Office

2 What Are We Going to Cover Tonight? n What is the Value of Informational Interviews? n Getting Started n Asking Questions n Manners/Norms n Dos and Don’t n Practice n Wrap Up

3 Why do Informational Interviews? n To explore careers and clarify your career goals; n To expand your professional network; n To build confidence for job interviews; n To learn the most up-to-date career information; n To identify your professional strengths and weaknesses.

4 Steps n Assess your needs and wants n Research the companies in your target group n Write your interview plan n Conduct your interview n Follow up, both with yourself and the interviewee

5 Ask Yourself n What do you hope to learn through this interview? –Do you want to use the knowledge you’ve gained getting your education as a springboard for a career or do you want to continue the work you’ve already begun? –In science or on science? “Business of making scientific instruments is different than using scientific instruments”.

6 An Informational Interview is Not a job interview

7 Prepare for the Interview n Identify the person with whom you’d like to meet. n Send an introductory email explaining who you are and the purpose of your request to meet. n Ask for 20-30 minutes of your prospective interviewee's time. n Be flexible about when to meet-they are doing you a favor so meet when convenient with the interviewee (be prepared to meet at the beginning of the day). n Make sure you know where the office is and where you can park. Do a recon mission. n Write up your interview questions. It’s generally ok to take notes.

8 The Meeting n Learn all you can about the company and the person you’ll be talking to before the interview. n Be on time. n Dress as though you are going to a job interview, even if the worksite is a jeans and flip flops environment. n Good grooming is a must. Wear clothes and shoes you are comfortable in n Stay on track during the interview. Manage your time well. n Stay friendly, but not familiar. Do not gossip.

9 The Remote Meeting n If you can’t meet face to face, you can Skype or call. n Be on time. n If you videochat, still dress as though you are going to a job interview. n Stay on track during the interview.

10 Asking Questions n Ask open ended questions that allow the other person to explain and describe. n Ask a question and then stop talking, let the other person answer. n If you don’t understand something, ask for clarification. n If the direction of the interview diverges from your set of questions, go with it unless you begin to lose focus. n Your list of questions is a guide only.

11 Information Interview Do’s and Don’t n Go in prepared. n Don’t ask for a job. n Don’t ask about salaries, or vacation benefits. n Don’t ask any personal questions (do you like your job or the company?) that will put the interviewee in an awkward position. n Do phrase questions positively. n Do show that you are listening to the other person.

12 At the End of the Interview it’s OK to Ask n Could you take a brief look at my resume (make sure you have it with you)? n Can you give me three names of people in the field I might also be able to talk with? n Can I have your card and is it ok for me to check back with you in a few months?

13 After the Interview n Send a thank you note or email. n Follow up with the leads the interviewee provided. n Enter the interviewee information into you database, note book or what ever you use and make a note to follow up when you said you’d check back in.

14 Roleplay Practice n Select a partner. n One of you will be the post doc interviewer, the other will be the company representative n Spend 15 minutes preparing using the list of questions provided or your own questions. n Conduct a 20 minute interview. n Swap roles and repeat

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