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RSEP LESSONS, CHALLENGES & RECOMMENDATIONS  Baseline Survey across 100 schools  Mid-term Survey across 50 schools  End of term survey across 100 schools.

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3  Baseline Survey across 100 schools  Mid-term Survey across 50 schools  End of term survey across 100 schools  “Stakeholders’ Analysis” study in 20 schools Research, Monitoring & Evaluation

4 Program Objective: Road safety education to reach out to 10,000 children in 100 schools (50 Govt. and 50 SEF Community Schools). Target No. of Children Beneficiaries of the Program

5 According to the data obtained from hospital records, mostly children and adolescents are the victims of road accidents. Primary Findings of Baseline Study


7 Status of Road Safety Education in Schools

8 Primary Research Findings on Attitudinal Changes Attitudinal changes observed in students since implementation Students’ BehaviorsIndicatorsTeachers (%) High level of students’ interest throughout RSE learning sessions in schools High class attendance83 Students actively participate in RSE activities in classrooms96 Students know the rules of the road and basic road signs Students can identify traffic lights96 Students can identify road signs93 Students are able to participate safely in trafficStudents know their role as a: Pedestrian100 Cyclist96 Passenger on public transport89 Students are more careful when playing near main roads/ highways Students try to stay away from the main roads94 Students are more vigilant of traffic while playing98 Students help younger children in crossing roads when coming to and going back from school Students hold hands of younger children100 Children look both ways before crossing road98 Students hold frequent discussion on road safety issues Students discuss road safety issues with other students and the teacher 89 Students discuss road safety issues at home80

9 Program Objective: Introduce a methodology that uses teaching methods which follow the principles of child development. Use of Child-centered Teaching Methodologies in Classrooms

10 Child-to-Child Approach Step : 4 Taking and reflecting the action Step: 3 Planning for the action Step: 1 Selecting & understanding the topic Step: 2 Finding out more (data collection)

11 Child-centered Methodologies used by teachers in target RSEP Schools

12 Impact of Child-centered Curriculum on Children

13 Program Objective: Increase effectiveness / skills of Teachers to impart road safety training by developing curriculum and designing a training program. Availability of RSE Materials in Schools

14 Percentage of Teachers trained on Road Safety Education (RSE)

15 Program Objective: Improve knowledge amongst School Management Bodies (SMBs) i.e. parents/community by involving them in classroom education activities and community awareness events Training of School Management Bodies (SMBs) on Road Safety Education

16 Involvement of School Management Bodies in Road Safety Education

17 Program Objective: Create ownership / sustainability of program through improving knowledge of communities and making them see the imperative behind the program so that they would accept ownership of RSEP, ensuring its sustainability beyond the pilot implementation duration. Awareness-raising tools for Community

18  Use of electronic media specifically television could not be undertaken as part of the program owing to heavy expenditure involved even though it has high penetration. However use of this media is imperative for widespread publicity educational campaigns;  Teacher transfers in government schools during project implementation period adversely affected implementation of RSE within certain schools;  Teachers needed more frequent learning support and refresher training courses for effectively internalizing child-centered pedagogical practices;  Under-staffing in schools with skewed students-teacher ratio overburdened several RSEP target teachers and posed a challenge in implementation of the RSE curriculum;  Intervention with School Heads and School Management Bodies was undertaken midway into the program whereas their role would have been more effective and instrumental if they had been approached at the outset of the program;  Active strategies of raising awareness were limited by the absence of parallel programs for infrastructural improvement because the children were at times unable to relate the concepts (eg. Road signs, zebra crossing, etc.) to their surroundings. Challenges in RSEP implementation

19 Let’s act together towards keeping children safe on the roads through education and awareness. Recommendations for Road Safety Education  The Department of Education should include Road Safety Education as a part of its core curriculum.  Visually appealing modes of teaching children need to be incorporated in the curriculum e.g. posters, colorful displays and attractive learning aids.  Local district government should allocate funds for road safety activities for children and communities.  Road safety education for children within schools should be supplemented through training in simulated traffic environment.

20  Community engagement and participation are the building blocks for community ownership of any learning initiative. Road safety education programs should therefore be targeted at government bodies, education agencies, community representatives and the local school staff in order to deeply penetrate inside the localities and among the people.  Popular electronic media should be utilized for creating mass awareness and galvanizing parental involvement for road safety.  Donors and private sector agencies can support road safety education programs in schools and communities.  Road infrastructure development projects should always be accompanied by a road safety education component. Contd. Recommendations for Road Safety Education

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