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Canal Modernization Case Studies.

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1 Canal Modernization Case Studies

2 Affordable Canal Modernization I
Big Picture What is Possible? Potential Capabilities Adaptive Flexibility Small Picture Where to Start? Initial Needs Simplicity

3 Affordable Canal Modernization II
What is Affordable? Equipment Acquisition Costs Installation & System Setup Costs Reliability Considerations Troubleshooting & Maintenance Costs Potential Cost of Malfunctions

4 Affordable Canal Modernization III
What is the expected payback? Increased Staff Productivity Decreased Operating Costs Increased Value of Water Supplies Improved Delivery Efficiency

5 Pioneer Irrigation District
PID Diversion Structure on N Fork of Republican River

6 Pioneer Irrigation District
Specific District Objective: Measure flow  Delivery equity Project Scope: Assist District in Establishing Flow Measurement Capability at Turnouts Verify Flow Measurement Accuracy Provide Canal Operations Technical Support

7 Pioneer Irrigation District
Issues: Limited Head Availability Sites Limited Physical Space “Radical” Shift in Institutional Mode of Operations

8 Pioneer Irrigation District
Pre-existing Measurement

9 Pioneer Irrigation District
Example Turnouts

10 Pioneer Irrigation District
Trial & Error Measurement Efforts

11 Pioneer Irrigation District
Practical Measurement Solutions for Space-Limited Sites “Yakima Box” Submerged Orifice

12 Pioneer Irrigation District
Low-Head Measurement Alternatives Elbow Meter Constructed Venturi

13 Pioneer Irrigation District
Project Outcome Improved delivery equity Increased awareness of irrigation efficiencies Able to comply with subsequent Republican River Basin regulations

14 Bostwick Irrigation District

15 Bostwick Irrigation District
Outlet Works to Bostwick Canal Harlan County Dam Spillway

16 Bostwick Irrigation District
Harlan County Dam Gage

17 Bostwick Irrigation District
Lateral Head & “CHO” Check “Standard” Check

18 Bostwick Irrigation District
Initial Integration of Electronic Technology in Canal Operation Have Identified General “Wants” Thinking “BIG” from the Outset Have Expressed a Limited Sense of Possibilities, and of Limitations

19 South Platte Ditch Co. 2005 Pilot Demonstration Main Flume
Sandhill Pond Weir G2 Flume

20 South Platte Ditch Co. Colorado Water Conservation Board Grant
Developed Partnership w/Neighboring Districts Expanded Scope to Include Wells, Gate Control District Commitment to Rebuild Flume

21 South Platte Ditch Co. 2008 Status Seven open channel monitoring sites
Four well monitoring sites May ’08 Field Day One-Third Grant Completion

22 Twin Loups Irrigation District
TLID Office Calamus Lake Kent Diversion Dam Davis Creek Reservoir Delivery System Termini

23 Twin Loups Irrigation District
TLID Office Repeater 6.1 Lateral Main Canal Checks Calamus Reservoir Outlet

24 Twin Loups Irrigation District
Specific District Objectives: Functional automation of open canal reach that feeds piped lateral, with integrated phone/radio alarms Remote monitoring/adjustment of reservoir release & upper reach canal checks

25 Twin Loups Irrigation District
6.1 Lateral

26 Twin Loups Calamus Reservoir Outlet & 9.5 Check

27 Twin Loups Irrigation District
Current project scope targeted to key “problem” issues High likelihood of future expansion Numerous potential unique applications

28 Maricopa-Stanfield Irrigation & Drainage District
Study Tour Visit: Maricopa-Stanfield Irrigation & Drainage District Remote operation of main canal checks System developed “in-house” by staff Targeted adjustments to passing flow Fine adjustments based on pool elevation feedback

29 Maricopa-Stanfield Irrigation & Drainage District
“Gate-stroking” adjustments to pass target flow rates

30 Maricopa-Stanfield Irrigation & Drainage District
Remote operating benefits Dramatic reduction in staff/equipment resources devoted to main canal adjustments Improved ability to react to demand changes; operational issues Negligible spillage loss

31 Key factor in modernization success: Proponents in “Key” positions
Dan Korf Pioneer ID Mike Wells Twin Loups ID Clinton Powell USBR NKAO Charlie Bartlett South Platte Ditch Co Gary Sloan MSIDD

32 Automated Surface Irrigation, IID
Motorized Port Gate Check Gate

33 All American Canal Dave Rogers Flume

34 The Fence

35 All American Canal Dave Rogers Flume

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