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2 Venus R. Kent 1108 Inner Circle Drive Cincinnati, Ohio 45240
Skype: venus.kent

3 Career Objective I recognize my talent for collaboration with groups of diverse people and I seek a position of responsibility and accountability that hones my management and leadership skills. I seek an opportunity will allow me to build upon my career experiences, tap into my personal passion, and allows use of my creative and organizational skills.

4 Career Highlights More…
Reached 90% of sales goal in first year of working in convention sales. Have reached 145% or more of sales goal 5 of 7 years. Secured the 2012 World Choir Games and 2016 American Legion National Convention for Cincinnati USA, the first and third largest conventions in the city’s history. The World Choir Games is the most significant and largest international event in the city’s history. Supervised the design and manufacture of the 2012 World Choir Games Peace Bell, medals, diplomas and covers. Supervised/managed volunteers responsible for the Participant Lounge, Choir Guides, Hotel Hospitality, and Airport Greeters and staff responsible for the main operations center. More…

5 Career Highlights (cont’d)
Managed the final construction phase and on-going management of the Cincinnati Visitor Center until it closed in Researched, evaluated, and secured technology to provide first-class amenities to the visitors. Developed strong working relationships with various vendors in the promotional products industry and created the Cincinnati USA line of merchandise and online store for the Cincinnati Visitor Center. Negotiated volume pricing for meeting planners and various conventions. Researched, developed, and launched the Downtown Ambassador Program under the direction of Downtown Cincinnati Inc. This delicate transition from City provided services to private sector increased services without increasing expenses. Program still exist and is a vital part of downtown Cincinnati services. More…

6 Career Highlights (cont’d)
Facilitated or assisted numerous events in the city of Cincinnati, which include: Southern States VFW Reception on Fountain Square, ATP Smash Tennis, NIKE – NCAA Woman’s Final Four promotions, Cuervo Beach City Challenge Volleyball Exhibition, Summer on the Square Lunchtime concert series, Ujima Cinci-bration, Midwest Black Family Reunion, Sing Cincinnati, Pre Grand Opening of Kentucky Speedway at Turfway Park, Downtown Holiday Parade, Swifton Commons It’s Commonly Jazz Series, sidewalk sales, and fashion shows. Secured $214,000 in corporate sponsors for the implementation of various Fountain Square projects, which included public seating and vending programs and $50,000 in corporate sponsorships to supplement Swifton Commons’ marketing budget.

7 Employment September 2005 – present Convention Sales Manager Cincinnati USA Convention and Visitors Bureau, Cincinnati, OH Service Cultural/Fine Arts/Library and Social Welfare markets by working with their meeting planners to find suitable housing and meeting facilities for hosting their meetings/conventions in Cincinnati USA. More…

8 Employment (cont’d) More… January – July, 2012
Director of Participant Services 2012 World Choir Games, Cincinnati, OH Responsible for elements relating to the participants of the 2012 World Choir Games, which includes managing vendors, Friendship concerts, housing, transportation, meals and volunteers responsible for airport greeters, choir guides, venue information, and Friendship concerts. Also managed special projects related to participants awards and the official Peace Bell. More…

9 Employment (cont’d) More… April 2001 – September 2005
Visitor Services Manager Manage the day to day operation of Cincinnati Visitor Center, hire and train personnel, manage online store, build relationships with Bureau members, service special events held at the Visitor Center. More…

10 Employment (cont’d) More… September 1995 – February 2001
Environment Director Downtown Cincinnati Inc., Cincinnati, OH Manage Fountain Square Agreement contract and vending program, hire and train staff, promote and market Fountain Square for special events, maintain working relationship with various City of Cincinnati departments, and work as a downtown advocate. More…

11 Employment (cont’d) August 1990 – July 1995 Marketing Director
Various Shopping Centers, OH, MI Create and implement mall events which included sidewalk sales, concerts, fashion shows, holiday photos, coordinate collateral production, manage budgets, and hiring and training personnel.

12 Education Name of School Achievement Year Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio Master of Business Administration with concentration in Marketing/Sports Marketing 1988 – 1990 Ohio University Athens, Ohio Bachelor of Business Administration Cum Laude 1983 – 1987

13 Awards 2010 recipient of the Over-the-Rhine Chamber of Commerce Star Award - Special Recognition for contributing to the revitalization of our grand historic neighborhood, outstanding accomplishments, and dedication to the Over-the-Rhine Community through the obtainment of the World Choir Games. 2010 Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition 2008 Friends of LULAC Award 2003 Associate of the Year and Spirit Award Winner of Cincinnati USA Convention & Visitor Bureau

Darkened picture background with full-color circle (Intermediate) Tip: For best results with the picture overlay on this slide, use a picture that is the same dimensions as the slide: 10” wide and 7.5” high. If the picture is not the same width and height, resize or crop to those dimensions before following the instructions below. To reproduce the background effects on this slide, do the following: On the Home tab, in the Slides group, click Layout, and then click Blank. Right-click the slide and then click Format Background. In the Format Background dialog box, click Fill in the left pane. In the Fill pane, select Picture or texture fill, and then under Insert from, click File. In the Insert Picture dialog box, select a picture, and then click Insert. Also in the Format Background dialog box, click Picture in the left pane, and then do the following in the Picture pane: Click the button next to Recolor, and then under Color Modes, click Grayscale (first option from the left). In the Brightness box, enter -50%. In the Contrast box, enter -60%. On the Insert tab, in the Illustrations group, click Picture. In the Insert Picture dialog box, select the same picture used for the background, and then click Insert. On the Home tab, in the Drawing group, click Shape Effects, point to Soft Edges, and then click 10 Point. Under Picture Tools, on the Format tab, in the Picture Styles group, click Picture Shape, and then under Basic Shapes, click Oval (first row, first option from the left). Select the oval. Under Picture Tools, on the Format tab, in the bottom right corner of the Size group, click the Size and Position dialog box launcher. In the Size and Position dialog box, on the Size tab, under Crop from, enter values into the Left, Right, Top, and Bottom boxes to crop the oval as needed. Thank You Venus


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