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A warm welcome from Julie Clamp, Our Chair of Governors “Participate, excel, be proud!”

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1 A warm welcome from Julie Clamp, Our Chair of Governors “Participate, excel, be proud!”

2 What does it mean to be a Governor? I asked a Year 4 boy “What do governors do exactly?” This is his simplest explanation. “They are in charge of the rules.”

3 Words of knowledge We asked a selection of children ranging from Year 2 to Year 6, “What is a Governor?” their responses were fantastic, as you can see below: They are in charge of the rules; Like a head teacher of Mrs Hunt; Say what is going on/what is going to happen; Sorts out and organises the school; Makes decisions about making school better; A teacher who tells Mrs Hunt, who tells the teachers what to do.

4 A child’s view of Governors at work

5 We also asked them “How do Governors get to know what you do? Very simply they responded... By asking us, asking our teachers and Mrs Hunt and through the School Council.

6 The job of the Governors… There are 10 people, known as the Governing Body, who challenge Mrs Hunt to make sure the school continues to improve and provides every pupil with wonderful learning experiences.

7 We take Mrs Hunt’s advice on educational matters because this is her expertise, and constantly work together with her towards improving the School and making sure all the pupils at Snarestone are making as much progress as they possibly can and achieve the best they can.

8 Split into three smaller groups (sub- committees) we discuss with Mrs Hunt – also a governor – if the lessons are exciting enough. We ask ourselves: how many children are finding lessons a bit difficult or too easy? What can the school do to change this?

9 Other questions we ask are: Do we have enough money to buy materials or pay for extra staff to help smaller groups progress? Do we have enough learning space? Are all our children safe and healthy at school so they can learn really well?

10 Are we helping the teaching staff to develop their own careers so they are enthusiastic about teaching our children? Have we got the right staffing structure to help our pupils achieve?

11 This sounds like a lot of discussion and decision-making, but it’s not always easy because the money Snarestone receives each year can change so sometimes there is not enough money to tackle everything.

12 You may think decision-making doesn’t sound like doing very much. Well, here are visible activities you may see us doing in School: job interviews for new teachers; reviewing Mrs Hunt’s progress; joining in with community events, writing reports from classroom visits and school trips; meeting with teachers or pupils; training; studying pupil progress data;

13 checking health and safety around the school; speaking to parents and speaking to Ofsted about current trends in the School during an inspection. We also look at how good your attendance levels are and deal with parents complaints when needed, if Mrs Hunt cannot resolve the issue.

14 We all meet together once a term and each sub- committee meets once or twice a term. We have a paid Clerk to Governors, Mrs Williams, who provides us with legal advice on governance, constitutional and procedural matters too. Governors don’t get paid for their work: they are volunteers. It would also be quite difficult to be an effective Governor unless you had a job that gives you some time because it’s important to get into School regularly.

15 Sometimes governors might not all agree on something, and will ask the Senior Leadership Team or teachers to provide more data, before moving ahead. Ultimately we come to an agreement with a majority vote.

16 Everyone in our School Community hold governors responsible for the direction the school takes but we can conclude that the Governing Body is very supporting towards the way the School is run.

17 Meet our Team of Governors

18 Julie Clamp - Chair I have been involved with the school since the late 1960’s when I myself attended the school. All three of my children have also attended. My Dad was a Governor here for 35 years and to keep my family link, I became a Governor in 1999. I have lived in the village all my life and am an active member of the Church, village panto and gardening club. I also enjoy walking, cycling and reading when I have some spare time! I am actively involved with the School Council and have recently become Chair of Governors.

19 Adrian Green – Vice-Chair and Parent Governor I am a police officer with the West Midlands Police and have been for 27 years. My link with the school is through my two children, one has now left and the other is currently in Year 5. My wife was a former Governor too! I am actively involved with the school’s two football teams and its great to see so many children wanting to join. We chose Snarestone School for our children because we loved the caring family atmosphere and being a Governor is helping to build on these values.

20 Brian Davies – LA Governor Hello! I have been associated with the school since 1973. My two children went through the school in the 90’s during which time I was on the PTA and chaired it for a couple of years. I was asked if I would like to be a parent governor in the late 1990’s and have been on the Governing body ever since! I also held the position of chair for a few years. I stepped back into the ‘ranks’ when the governors at Ibstock Community College asked me to be Chair there. I still love being associated with Snarestone school and the kids.

21 Emma Pepper – Parent Governor I have lived in Snarestone for 5 years and in that time have become an active member of the community – appearing in the village panto, supporting the village Tote activities, whilst also being on the Church committee. I have been a parent governor of the school for 2 years and have two daughters, one who previously attended the school and one who is currently in year 5. I am also a Headteacher of a Primary School in Shepshed.

22 Christine Mounfield – Foundation Governor I became a Governor of the school, a long time ago, being recruited through my involvement with St Bartholomew’s church and my interest in education – I used to be a teacher. I have lived in the village for 22 years. I am a very enthusiastic player of croquet and always hold a special Year 6 croquet match in my garden each year! I am also a keen gardener and love to travel, my list of destinations visited and to visit, is growing larger by the end of each year!

23 Richard Lovett – Foundation Governor Hi and I’m sure you have all seen me around the school! I have been involved with the school since 1973, when I myself came here. I have a small farm on the outskirts of Measham and also run a contracting business. Two of my three children have now left the school and currently my son is in year 4. As well as a foundation governor, I am also Chair of the Health/Safety and Premises committee.

24 Reverend Linda Cox – Foundation Governor I was ordained in the Church of England in 2012; my first post called a curacy is with The Woodfield Team of Churches, which includes Snarestone. Prior to ordination I worked in my local Primary School as a TA for 9 years and before that as a Registered General Nurse at Leicester Royal Infirmary. I have a passion to see children learn, explore, question and grow and was delighted to become a Governor at the school in early 2013. When I have ‘free time’ I enjoy walking my dog, reading and ‘being creative – anything messy really!’

25 Debbie Evans – Foundation Governor I have lived in the village for over 20 years and both of my children attended the school. For my job, I am a chief executive of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers. I also write and appear in the local pantomime, having starred as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Prince Charming to name a few! And more recently due to ageing, as an ogre and evil baroness! I am also active in the local church. I have been a Governor of the school for 12 years, holding the position of Chair until recently. I also sing and organise the Snarestone Choir.

26 Nicky Hearfield – Staff Governor I have been working for the school since 2005 and am the TA for Heron’s and Kingfisher Class at present. My daughter also attended the school. Outside of school I am a qualified auditor and love anything maths and sports based. I am very keen on being outdoors and am like an instrumental force of nature promoting sustainability and outdoor learning!

27 Getting in touch with us... We asked the children what do you think would be the best way for your parents to get in touch with us? Ask questions when see you Send home a questionnaire Have an idea’s box Write a letter Send an email using our school website Is there any other way you think would be best?

28 Thank you for listening. A message from Debbie Evans, one of our Foundation Governors: “We all take an active role in improving the quality of teaching and leadership within the school to the highest levels and have a strong grasp of the impact of a good education and a caring school community on children of all abilities, and are a supporter of small, inclusive, village schools. We are keen to support pupils, parents and staff in their journey through Snarestone School to ensure the best outcome for every child.”

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