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Alvin ISD 6 th Grade Course Registration 2015-2016.

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1 Alvin ISD 6 th Grade Course Registration 2015-2016

2 Alvin Jr. High Lip dub 2013 It's Always a Good Time

3 Transportation Contact Cynthia Lozano If you currently receive transportation it should roll over for next school year. A bus driver will call before school begins to give you bus information If you believe you will need transportation for next year- two weeks before school starts- contact our front office

4 Required Sixth Grade Classes  Language Arts 6  Math 6  Science 6  Social Studies 6  P. E. Wellness 6  Kick start is available at HJH/RPJH

5 Pre-Advanced Placement Classes  Pre-AP classes prepare students for high school Advanced Placement Classes and Dual Language Classes  They are taught at a higher level and faster pace  They require more individual study time. This includes more reading and preparation at home  They accept few late homework/daily assignments in the first nine weeks and NO late major work or projects  Require a signed Pre-AP contract in August of 2015 (page 21 of course guide)

6 Pre-Advanced Placement Classes  Students should choose to take Pre-AP classes in their strongest subjects  Eligible students need to carefully consider the time that is needed for activities after school and for their other courses.  Students are able to choose Pre-AP in:  Language Arts  Math  Science  Social Studies

7 6 Th Grade Elective Choice Advisory Art/Theater Arts 6 AVID 6 Band Choir

8 Kickstart (Harby Jr. High and Rodeo Palms Jr. High)  Complete application when school starts  $25.00 equipment fee (scholarships available)  Takes the place of PE  Includes physical and mental conditioning

9 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) Those students who do NOT pass the STAAR Math, Reading, or Writing tests may be placed into a district intervention class that is designed to fill in the gaps that they may have developed. The intervention class will take the place of an elective

10 Course Selection Card  Fill in the information at the top of the card  Choose regular or Pre-Ap classes by making an X or a Check Mark on the left hand side  All Pre-Ap classes require a teacher to initial them  Number the electives from 1-3 at the bottom of the page  Student Signature  Parent Signature

11 But, what if I change my mind about my classes?  Give serious consideration to what classes you want to take  Do NOT take a class because your friend tells you too  Schedules will be changed to Correct scheduling errors or Equalize class sizes Student’s requests for preferred lunch, teacher, or class period will not be honored.

12 Course Selection Card  Each elementary school will give students a deadline  It is usually about 1-2 weeks after the presentations  Feb. 5 th Walt Disney  Feb. 11 th and 12 th Alvin Elementary  Students who do NOT return their card by their campus’s deadline will have their classes chosen for them.  There will be limited options to change them when school starts

13 Sample Schedule  Student information is located at the top of the schedule  Student’s lunch pin is printed on the schedule  There are two semesters of classes  In 6 th grade the only semester classes are Art/Theater Art 6  Each class is approximately 52 minutes except 4 th period  4 th period has lunch (30 min) and a school wide advisory (20 min) during which announcements are made

14 Sample Schedule  The doors unlock at 8:00 am  Students have the option to eat breakfast or wait in the gym  The gym is divided into 3 sections- 6 th, 7 th, 8 th  Students are dismissed from the gym at 8:37 am and have until 8:44 am to get to their first class  There are 4 minutes between each class period: get drinks, use the restroom, talk to friends  Music plays for 3 minutes and then shuts off for the last minute  Students are counted tardy if they arrive after the bell rings

15 Events MUSTANG DAYS Date has not yet been determined Look for a flyer that will be mailed home in August Scavenger Hunt Meet other 6 th Graders Meet teachers SCHEDULE PICK- UP Date has not yet been determined It is usually 3-5 days before school begins Pick Up your schedule Walk through your schedule Meet your teacher

16 Alvin Jr. High School MARIA BRISEÑO Alpha Group A-K 281-245-2769 SHANNON DEITCH Alpha Group L-Z 281-245-2762

17 Mr. Erwin  Dress Code  Student Code of Conduct  BYOD


19 Magnet Academic Program (MAP) A ccelerated curriculum Program courses are for mat h/ science and humanities (language arts/social studies). MAP is housed at Harby Junior High and Nolan Ryan Junior High. RegularPre-APMAP 6th grade material at a 6th grader pace 6th grade material at a faster pace 6th, 7th, and 8th grade material at a faster pace

20 MAP Math & Science Qualifications

21 MAP Math Math 6 MAP Students cover 6 th, 7 th, & 8 th grade TEKS. Students take the 8 th grade STAAR math test. Algebra 1 Pre-AP Students receive high school credit and GPA points for this class. Students take the Algebra EOC (End of Course) exam. Geometry Pre-AP Students receive high school credit and GPA points for this class.

22 MAP Science Science 6 MAP Students cover combination of 6 th grade and 8 th grade TEKS. Science 7 MAP Students cover combination of 7 th grade and 8 th grade TEKS. Science MAP 8 Students focus on chemistry and physics in order to build a better foundation for advanced classes at the high school. Students take the 8 th grade STAAR science test.

23 MAP Humanities Qualification

24 MAP Humanities MAP Humanities is an interdisciplinary program designed to integrate the curriculum of sixth-grade language arts and sixth-grade social studies. This course will require students to: Analyze Synthesize Evaluate Students will be required to use the higher level thinking skills of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation to demonstrate understanding of content. MAP Humanities 6 is designed to prepare self- motivated students for Advanced Placement courses in high school.

25 Transfers & Transportation S tudents zoned for a non-MAP junior high who qualify and accept program will be a “transfer” student to their MAP junior hig h. Transportation is provided for MAP transfer students.

26 Advanced Academics Contacts Campus:Name:E-mail Address: AJH & FJHStacey HJH (MAP Campus)Michelle NRJH (MAP Campus)Britney Campbell Vincincia Wright RPJHVincincia

27 The End Please make sure you visit all of the elective tables to ask questions Please ask questions!!!!!!

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