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Curriculum Night December 3, 2014. Graduation Requirements English 1, 2, 3, and 4 in order (20 credits) Mathematics-Must include Algebra 1 (if not mastered.

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1 Curriculum Night December 3, 2014

2 Graduation Requirements English 1, 2, 3, and 4 in order (20 credits) Mathematics-Must include Algebra 1 (if not mastered in grade 8) and Geometry (15 credits) Science-Must include Biology (15 credits) World Language (5 credits) World History II, U.S. History 1 & 2 (15 credits) Phys. Ed. & Health (20 credits) Visual or Performing Arts (5 credits) 21 st Century Life & Careers (5 credits) Financial Literacy or Economics (2.5 credits)

3 Graduation Requirements (cont.) Successfully complete 125 credits to graduate 40 credits per year

4 Program Levels AP level courses are geared towards the advanced placement examination of the College Entrance Examination Board which is given in May of each year College level courses Honors level courses- available in English, Mathematics, and Art History R track courses- advanced program S track courses- college prep

5 English Requirements 20 Required Credits English 1-Honors, R, S English 2-Honors, R, S English 3-Honors, R, S English 4-R, S English AP Language & Composition (11 th or 12 th grade) in lieu of English 3 or 4 English AP Literature & Composition (12 th grade) in lieu of English 4

6 English Electives Comparative Mythology-R Creative Writing 1, 2-R, S Journalism 1, 2-R Literature & Film-R Philosophy & Literature-H SAT Prep Verbal-R (2.5 credits) Yearbook 1, 2 R Gifted & Talented 1, 2, 3, 4-H (must be accepted into G&T program)

7 Mathematics Requirements 15 Required Credits—20 Suggested Algebra 1 R, S –OR– Algebra Part 1&2 S (graduation requirement if not mastered in grade 8) Geometry Honors, R, S (graduation requirement) A third year of Math that builds upon Algebra 1 & Geometry

8 Additional Mathematics Courses Algebra 2, Honors, R, S Pre-Calculus Honors, R, S Calculus Honors, R, S Calculus AB/BC AP Calculus 3 C Intro to Computer Science R Computer Science A AP Statistics AP, R, S Math for College Readiness S Mobile Applications 101 R (2.5 credits, paired with Video Game Design) SAT Prep Math R (2.5 credits)

9 ScienceRequirements Science Requirements 15 Required Credits-20 Suggested Biology – R, S - N.J. Biology Competency Test (BCT) Chemistry, Environmental Science, or Physics-R, S An additional lab/inquiry-based Science

10 Science Course Options Anatomy & Physiology-R, S Cell Biology & Genetics/Bio & Evolution of Organisms-AP Chemistry-AP, R, S Forensics-R, S Methods of Science Investigation-S Physics-AP, R Science Research 1-R Science Research 2, 3, 4-C Robotics-R Intro to Engineering-H Science of Engineering 2-H

11 Social Studies Requirements 15 Required Credits 9 th Grade-World History 2-AP, R, S 10 th Grade-US History 1-AP, R, S 11 th Grade-US History 2-AP, R, S

12 Social Studies Electives Economics-R, S Macroeconomics-AP Empowerment Civics-R European History-AP Facing History & Ourselves-R Law & Society-R, S Psychology-AP, R, S Sociology-R, S

13 World Language 5 Required Credits, 20 Recommended Spanish French Chinese

14 Physical Education and Health 9, 10, 11, 12

15 Financial Business Literacy R, S (2.5 credits required) --OR-- Economics R, S or Macroeconomics AP (5 credit courses)

16 21 st Century Life and Careers/ Technology, Industrial Arts, Family & Consumer Sciences 5 Required Credits Accounting 1-R, S College Prep. Accounting-C Business Management/Principles of Business-R, S (2.5 credits each) Careers-R, S (2.5 credits, paired with Financial Lit.) Fireworks Flash/Dreamweaver (2.5 credits each) Video Game Design (2.5 credits, paired with Mobile Apps)

17 21 st Century Life and Careers (cont.) Teacher Apprentice Program-R Intro to Information Technology-C Basic Foods 1 Nutrition & Diet 2 Professional Foods 3 Creative Fashion & Construction 1, 2, 3, 4 Parenting Education Home Improvement

18 Visual & Performing Arts Visual & Performing Arts 5 Required Credits Dance Intro to Visual Art Theater Arts Oratory Band/Orchestra Chorus Concert Choir-R Men’s Choir; Women’s Choir Theater Arts 1 & 2 Music Theory-AP Music Theory 1 Studio Drawing-AP (10 credits) Studio 2D, 3D-AP (10 credits) Digital Photography Visual Art 2D, 3D Visual Art Major 3, 4 Art History-AP, H Ceramics

19 9 th Grade Schedule English 1- Honors, R, or S Algebra 1 (if not mastered in grade 8)-R or S If mastered, Geometry-Honors or R Environmental Science-R or S or Biology R World History II-AP, R, or S Spanish 1 R,S or Spanish 2 R; French 1 R, S or French 2R; Chinese 1 R Physical Education/Health 21 st Century Life and Careers/Technology- Freshman Academy, Web and Beyond-Google Docs Visual & Performing Arts Options- Dance, Intro to Visual Art, Theater Arts Oratory, Band/Orchestra, Chorus *Gifted and Talented 1-(if accepted into G&T program) **Science Research 1R

20 Community Service Recommendation Students are recommended to complete 10 hours of community service each year. Community service opportunities will be offered at the high school or within the community. An average of 10 hours each year is recommended for a total of 40 hours. For example, if a freshman completes 40 hours during their freshman year, they have fulfilled the community service requirement for graduation. Students who complete 40+ hours will be recognized at graduation.

21 Thankyou Thank you Please join the department heads in the cafeteria for questions and answers.

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