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2 DAY 1 (Saturday, May 29) 6:00AM – Depart for Niagara Falls –This is a 7 hour ride. –Please bring breakfast for the ride. NO milk products. 2:30PM – Arrive in Niagara Falls, NY –Lunch at your own cost while touring the city with chaperones.

3 Optional Cave of the Winds Tour $12/Person –Guided tour through the Niagara Gorge! –Souvenir Poncho and sandals included! –Stand on Hurricane Deck, less than 20 feet from the torrents of Bridal Veil Falls!

4 !!PERFORMANCE #1!! Early Evening OUTDOOR performance –We have not yet been given an exact time for this. For this performance we need to: –Bring our stereo equipment –Find a way to power it without plugging into electricity.

5 Hotel #1 Holiday Inn Grand Island Resort 100 Whitehaven Road, Grand Island, NY 14072 Dinner is included at the hotel this evening. …also, enjoy the indoor pool!

6 Rules for Overnight Trips Students and chaperones shall conduct themselves according to standards of behavior that will secure maximum educational benefits, maintain good public relations, and contribute to individual and group safety.

7 Chaperones A chaperone, as defined in this document, is a person who may be a teacher, an instructional assistant, and/or other adult age 21 or older who accompanies and supervises the students on a field trip. The teachers will have the authority to approve all field trip chaperones. The minimum chaperone ratio for middle school trips in Frederick County is 8:1 Our chaperone ratio: 2 ¼ :1

8 Make-up Work Students shall have the opportunity and the responsibility to make up schoolwork they missed while attending a school- sponsored field trip. Legally, students are expected to be in school the following day and should decide whether or not to sleep on the bus accordingly.

9 Medications Students with specific health needs or physical limitations must provide all equipment/medicine to the teacher in charge or designated chaperone (Regulation 400-23).

10 Supervision All students whose parent/guardian(s) are attending the trip will be assigned said parents as chaperones. All students whose parent/guardian(s) are not attending will be assigned to either Ms. Hulihan or Mrs. Catron (our head chaperone).

11 Supervision (2) Chaperones must know where their assigned students are (or who they are with) at all times. Students may join other chaperone groups provided both chaperones have spoken, given consent and exchanged cell phone numbers with the student. No student may ever be alone.

12 Hotel Policies As before, no student is ever to be alone. Students may enjoy the hotel facilities in groups of two or more. Students may not leave the hotel building unless accompanied by their own parent or guardian. Curfew and room checks will occur at 10PM nightly. Students are welcome to go to bed before this time, but Mrs. Catron will be checking off names and taping doors promptly at 10PM.

13 Hotel Policies (2) Students may not leave their hotel room (break the tape) after 10PM for any reason. If there is an emergency, students should call Ms. Hulihan and Mrs. Catron or their own parents if on the trip to take care of the situation and replace the tape. Students who “break the tape” will receive a phone call home, at which time Ms. Hulihan, the parents and the chaperone will decide on a course of action.

14 Hotel Policies (3) Random hallway checks will be made by Ms. Hulihan and Mrs. Catron throughout the night. Other parents/chaperones are welcome to do the same.

15 WAKE UP! Students are encouraged to set an alarm and/or request a wake-up call from the front desk. 1.5 hours before departure from the hotel, Ms. Hulihan and Mrs. Catron will knock on doors to make sure that everyone is awake. They will check again one hour before departure and ½ hour before departure.

16 Student Responsibilities All Frederick County Public Schools policies and regulations as well as school rules are in effect during field trips. Students represent the school and the community and it is an expectation that students adhere to the same code of conduct that is expected in the school environment.

17 Student Responsibilities (2) Chaperones and all adults with whom students come in contact shall be treated with respect and courtesy. Students should not go anywhere alone; they should stay in large groups or small groups. A chaperone is responsible for knowing where students are at all times. –E. Students should not provide any information about themselves to strangers. –F. Male and female students will not intermingle in overnight accommodations. –G. Common sense guidelines for safety must be followed at all times.

18 Student Responsibilities (3) Students should not take large sums of money on field trips. If the trip extends overnight or for several days, students should take traveler’s checks or gift cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express all offer similar cards.)

19 Attire Students must comply with school dress codes while on all school trips. (exception: water parks) –Tank top straps must be at least 1” (2 fingers) wide. –Shorts should be mid-thigh in length Suggested packing list coming soon.

20 Day 2 (Sunday, May 30) Continental breakfast included at our hotel. 8:30AM Check Out and head for Erie, Pa

21 Lake Erie Peninsula and Beaches Enjoy the beach! (volleyball, swimming, etc.) Lunch is at your own cost today at nearby fast food restaurants (after leaving the beach)

22 Waldameer Amusement Park and Waterworld Enjoy rides, water slides, arcade, midway games, etc. PERFORMANCE #2 (early evening at Waldameer) Dinner is included in the park today via meal vouchers.

23 Hotel #2 (Erie, Pa) Wingate by Wyndham 8060 Old Oliver Road, Erie, Pa 16509 In case you didn’t get enough water time, enjoy the indoor pool tonight!

24 Day #3 (Monday, May 31) Breakfast is included at the hotel this morning. Check out time is 8:30AM Board the bus to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Oh (Cleveland Rocks!) Lunch is on your own at the café on level 3.

25 Put In Bay, OH Board Ferry at approx. 4PM to island. 2 15-passenger hired vans from “Island Club Taxi” will escort us into town and to our hotel. You will have the option to enjoy the town for a few hours. (I suggest heading down to the boardwalk and trying to win a live lobster in “the claw” game.) Dinner is included in the hotel tonight.

26 Hotel #3 (Put In Bay, Oh) Put-in-Bay Resort and Conference Center 439 Loraine Ave Put-in-Bay, Ohio 43456

27 Day #4 (Tuesday, June 1) Breakfast is included at the hotel this morning. Check out by 8:30AM Travel to Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio Performance #3 in the park today Lunch and dinner at your own cost in the park.



30 The world’s tallest coaster!

31 Going Home Board Bus at 5PM Arrive Back at MOMS Approx. Midnight

32 Pick Up Students should call parents via cell phone as soon as warning is given on the bus (when we enter Frederick). Parents are expected to pick up students within 15 minutes of arrival.

33 Questions?


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