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America Claims An Empire

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1 America Claims An Empire
Chapter 10 America Claims An Empire

2 Ch 10 Id and Define Section 3 Section 4 Section 1 Queen Liluokalani
Imperialism Alfred T. Mahan William Seward Pearl Harbor Sanford B. Dole Section 2 Jose Marti Valeriano Weyler Yellow journalism U.S.S. Maine George Dewey Rough Riders San Juan Hill Treaty of Paris Section 3 Foraker Act Platt Amendment Protectorate Emilio Aguinaldo John Hay Open Door Notes Boxer Rebellion Section 4 Panama Canal Roosevelt Corollary Dollar diplomacy Francisco “Pancho” Villa Emiliano Zapata John J. Pershing

3 Section 1 Imperialism and America
American Expansionism Imperialism, policy in which stronger nations extend their economic, political, or military control over weaker territories Global competition European nations had been establishing colonies for centuries

4 American manifest destiny
Desire for Military Strength Thirst for new Markets Belief in Cultural Superiority


6 The United States Acquires Alaska
Secretary of state William Seward ( under Lincoln and Johnson) convinced the U.S. to buy Alaska from Russia 7.2 Million dollars or 2 cents an acre Nick named Seward’s Folly or Seward’s Ice box Rich in Oil, gold, timber and minerals



9 The United States Takes Hawaii
American merchants had lived on the Hawaiian islands since 1790’s They sold sugar cane mostly to America In the Mid-19th century Americans owned about ¾ of the wealth The McKinley Tariff provoked a crisis by eliminating duty free sugar The planters called for annexation

10 The End of a Monarchy Hawaii for Hawaiians agenda of Queen Liliuokalani after she took over from her father King Kalakaua encouraged revolt by American Sugar growers Ambassador John L. Stevens organized a revolution with the help of the marines


12 US troops in Hawaii

13 Cont. Sanford B. Dole headed the new government
President Cleveland directed the queen be restored to her throne Power was never truly restored After William McKinley took office he annexed it on August 12, 1898 during the Spanish American war



16 Section 2 Spanish-American War
Cubans Rebel Against Spain A colony for over 300 years Spain sent The Butcher Weyler (Valeriano Weyler) to crush the rebellion Yellow journalism Incites and adds to the resentment against Spain De Lome – Spanish Ambassador wrote a letter in which he bad mouthed McKinley The explosion of the U.S.S. Maine was blamed on Spain


18 Cont. On April 30, 1898 Commodore George Dewey attacked the Spanish in the Philippine (Filipinos) Rough Riders led by Theodore Roosevelt along with the10th Calvary – take Cuba Treaty of Paris John Hay called it “a splendid little war” Puerto Rico Guam Philippines Cuba Teller Amendment – give independence Platt Amendment – delayed Cuba’s independence




22 Section 3 Acquiring New Lands
Ruling Puerto Rico Had not been promised independence Bring protection “protectorate” Foraker Act – enabled military rule Puerto Rico gained citizenship in 1917 Cuba Teller Amendment was delayed with the Platt Amendment Cuba could not make treaties U.S. had right to intervene Cuba could not go into debt U.S. could buy or lease land

23 After 3 years the rebellion was suppressed
Filipinos Rebel Emilio Aguinaldo believed that the U.S. had promised them independence He led a revolt in Feb. 1899 Anger at the U.S. suppressing a rebellion After 3 years the rebellion was suppressed 20,000 Filipino rebels died 4,000 Americans 400 million dollars Gained its independence on July 4, 1946


25 Foreign Influence in China
Sphere of Influence – one country controlling another John Hay wanted to keep China Open for trade Open Door Policy – everyone could trade equally in China Boxer Rebellion in China was suppressed by both the Chinese government and the American/European forces

26 Section 4 America as a World Power
Theodore Roosevelt Peace Maker – Negotiating a settlement of Russo-Japanese war Nobel peace prize in 1906

27 Panama Canal a man a plan a canal panama amanap lanac a nalp a nam a
Hay-Pauncefote – Britain gave the U.S. exclusive rights to build and control the canal 2 possible routes Nicaragua – much of it crossed a lake Panama ( a Colombian province) – shorter U.S. needed to get permission from Colombia When negotiations broke down Philippe Bunau-Varilla helped to organize a rebellion against Colombia

28 Panama Canal


30 Roosevelt Corollary Addition to the Monroe Doctrine
The U.S. will intervene if a Latin American country does something that may put them in danger. Dollar Diplomacy Guaranteed loans to foreign countries to keep European powers out of Latin America

31 BIG STICK DIPLOMACY Speak softly and Carry a big stick


33 Woodrow Wilson’s Missionary Diplomacy
Diaz, Madero, Huerta, and Carranza Wilson looks to oust Huerta Uses a incident to do so Take notes on your own starting on 363 Use the headlines in the book Underline names and terms There will be a quiz on this portion of your book tomorrow

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