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Far Detector non-oscillation Physics Group (FARDNOP) Muon - group Stu Mufson Maury Goodman.

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1 Far Detector non-oscillation Physics Group (FARDNOP) Muon - group Stu Mufson Maury Goodman

2 June 4, 2006Maury Goodman2 Outline Charge Ratio Paper Solution for (E-W) problem Gearing up for other Cosmic Ray analyses

3 June 4, 2006Maury Goodman3

4 June 4, 2006Maury Goodman4 Stu Mufson and Brian Rebel have taken the lead on writing this paper, and there will be a presentation on Wednesday. Then it goes to a paper committee.

5 Charge Ratios Brian Rebel’s thesis N  + /N  - (  R) = 1.43 Erik Beall’s thesis R eff = 1.346 ± 0.002 (stat) ± 0.016 (syst) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- NuMI note 1099 R = 1.37  0.03 (Rebel & Mufson) NuMI note 1687 R = 1.378  0.003  0.009 (Giurgiu et al.) Analysis by Juergen Reichenbacher R = 1.382 May 5 Paper Draft*R = 1.372  0.003  0.009 My paper input R = 1.372  0.003 + 0.012 – 0.009 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- *1.9 sigma rise over energy R = 1.343 at E  = 750 GeV 1.398 at E  = 3.75 TeV

6 June 4, 2006Maury Goodman6

7 June 4, 2006Maury Goodman7 Other interesting analsyes in the paper

8 June 4, 2006Maury Goodman8 Remaining Issues for paper (I haven’t seen latest draft. Hopefully out today or tomorrow.) When your answer is sensitive at the few parts per thousand level, things matter that you might have assumed didn’t. Also there are some subtleties involving the energy loss parameters a,b (dE/dX = a +bE) and the differences between slant depth in Soudan rock and Standard Rock.

9 June 4, 2006Maury Goodman9

10 June 4, 2006Maury Goodman10 How are we doing a 1% Cosmic Ray Measurement? Combining Forward and Reverse Field Cancels (some) rather serious systematic errors well!

11 June 4, 2006Maury Goodman11 Solving one systematic error Combine forward & reverse data The probability that these are flat is 0% The probability that this is flat is 83% Forward & reverse shown With/without qpid cut

12 June 4, 2006Maury Goodman12 East/West Problem Though it is not necessary for an accurate measurement of the charge ratio, it would be nice to figure out the charge ratio problem Tom Fields (NuMI-1483) has shown that sagitta errors as little as 2 mm can cause the problems that we see. & there are certainly alignment issues on that scale.

13 June 4, 2006Maury Goodman13 Alignment Issues The easiest alignment problems to think about are u & v shifts Harder problems are in z and in a possible myriad of rotations Need to understand Ugligeometry, Geogeometry, reconstruction issues Residuals vs u strip – Release 21

14 June 4, 2006Maury Goodman14 2 hour Schedule Charge Ratio paper – Mufson & Rebel Charge ratio – G. Gavril Charge ratio – Goodman/ Reichenbacher Charge ratio – Goodman/Schreiner Alignment – G. Gavril p  resolution – Goodman/Schreiner May need a 2 nd session

15 June 4, 2006Maury Goodman15 The Future FARDNOP has not been acting well as a group, and needs to be reorganized, re-energized or demolished. There is interesting physics to go after  Charge ratio; after problem solution, more statistics, other variables? Dimuons Multimuons Moon & Sun shadows Seasonal, sidereal anisotropies, More detailed rock map Cosmic NEARDNOP …

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