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Call Control Strategies

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1 Call Control Strategies
Polite and Easy Ways to Get Ramblers, Whiners and Storytellers to Cut to the Chase

2 Why lengthy calls are a problem
Longer queues Serve fewer customers Increased costs Customer dis satisfaction

3 Call control is about delivering a great customer experience in just the amount of time it takes to resolve the issue.

4 Why Calls Get Out of Control
Lack of product knowledge Agent speaking too fast Focusing on the next call Lengthy hold times Inability to handle difficult customers

5 Polite and Effective Ways to Gain Control of Calls: 10 Strategies

6 “Topic grab” approach “Grab” a topic your caller keeps coming back to and flip it into something productive. Your caller will feel you are listening. You will be in control of the call.

7 How to Get a Customer to Stop Screaming and Listen to You
Ask 3 (closed-ended) questions back to back

8 Give a minimal response

9 Gain Control with “I Can” Statements
“I can help you with that.” “I can get that information for you.” “I’m glad you called today.” “I’ll be glad to check that for you.” “I’m glad you brought that to my attention.”

10 Use the caller’s name

11 Go into “computer mode”

12 Broken record approach

13 Interject with a question
“The first thing we need to do is…” “I think I know exactly what has happened here…” “Real quick, I just need to get a couple of things for you…”

14 Get as much information as you can as the customer talks

15 Use closing statements
“Before we hang up….” “One last thing…” “Great. We’re just about done. The last thing I need is…” Quiz title Quiz subtitle

16 In summary… Excessive talk times puts customer experience at risk
You can control the length of the call Focus on politely getting the customer to cut to the chase

17 What delays talk time for you?
Reducing talk time What delays talk time for you?

18 A 45-60 second reduction is absolutely doable.
Set your goal right now! A second reduction is absolutely doable.

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