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Fragments By, Jeffry W. Johnston.

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1 Fragments By, Jeffry W. Johnston

2 A brief summary Ever since the accident, Chase feels shattered. He can't remember that night, and everyone's treating him like a broken freak. He just wants things to go back to normal. So when he starts getting flashes of memory, he's relieved. He's sure once he remembers everything, he can put the crash behind him and start over. But when the flashes reveal another memory, Chase starts to panic. He's desperate to leave his ugly past behind. But if he wants to put the pieces together once and for all, he must face the truth about who he is and what he has done.

3 Conflict Chase can’t figure out what happened the night of the car wreck. He hates the way people treat him, he feels like it’s his fault the crash even happened. Because of this, he feels a great deal of survivor's guilt. When asked to describe the evening, Chase only has a few images, which are all frightening. No matter how hard he tries or how nice Angela's then-boyfriend Kevin is to him, he can't seem to put all the pieces together.

4 Main characters The main Characters are Chase, Angela, Dan, Sara, Jay, Kevin, his brother Ben, Dr. McShane, Dr. Braun, and Darla.

5 About Jeffry W. Johnston
Jeffry W. Johnston has published approximately thirty-five short stories in the fields of horror, mystery, fantasy, religious/inspirational, children's, and young-adult fiction. He has also written articles and a monthly column for Rodale Inc. Before that, he worked for the Bethlehem Globe Times, writing feature articles on theater and reviews of local plays. He has also written film reviews. Jeff lives in Broomall, Pennsylvania, with his minister wife, Janet Moore, and their eight-year-old son.

6 Likes and dislikes I didn’t like that it was kind of confusing and the choices that chase chose to do and that he tried to kill himself. The things I did like were that it was a good book and that he went and seen a therapist and tried to get better and make better decisions.

7 Sources

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