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Red Kayak Magazine.

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1 Red Kayak Magazine

2 News Report You MUST: You must NOT:
Ben has passed away. The local magazine is planning on including a short news report on the accident. You need to interview people that were involved in Ben’s rescue, or may have any information regarding his death. Include quotes from these people in your news article. Be detailed and informative in your article. People reading your magazine may be hearing about this accident for the first time when reading your news report, make sure you give them enough information so they know what happened. Be descriptive, factual, and creative. You MUST: You must NOT: - fill up the entire template write huge/space out your words just to fill - write nicely and neatly up space, OR YOU WILL START OVER - take your time- give me your best - give me excuses as to why you can’t fill up work the entire template. It needs to be full. - include 3 quotes - Write final copy in ink

3 Information Page You need to inform your readers of a fun hobby or possible job opportunity based on the different information you have from Red Kayak. You need to give them a quick summary that illuminates what the activity/job is and why they should be participating in it. Make it sound exciting, fun, and a much needed experience. Use lots of colorful adjectives and adverbs to paint them a picture of what they are missing out on. Be persuasive and creative. Possible topics you could use, but are not limited to: - Crabbing in the Corsica River - Fishing in the Corsica River - Search and Rescue professional, or volunteer - Boat Carpenter - Farmer - Student at Alexander Holmes Middle School

4 Advertisement JUST IN!!! Your magazine needs some advertising to keep it going! You need to come up with a product to sell. It can be food, clothing, sports equipment, etc. You are going to have to come up with a catchy name and catch phrase. You will have to describe the product in detail. You are trying to convince us to buy what you are selling, so make sure that your picture is colorful and appealing. Examples of existing products and slogans: “Just Do It” = Nike products “Got Milk” = Milk products “So easy a caveman can do it!” = Geico “Always one of a kind.”- Dr Pepper "The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since the iPhone.”= iPhone 5 "Mini. The next big thing." iPod Mini

5 Photograph Magazine’s with no pictures are no fun, your magazine needs some exciting color! Illustrate a scene from Red Kayak. It can be any scene that you either feel is important to the story, or is your favorite part of the book so far. Your picture needs to look as close to a photograph as you can make it. It needs to be detailed and colored. TAKE YOUR TIME! Remember, if you decide to rush through this, you will start over.

6 Character Spotlight Your magazine needs to spotlight someone. Most magazines will spotlight an actor/actress, someone who has been in the news, a politician, or a writer/editor for the magazine itself. You need to choose one character from Red Kayak, and write an article about them. Give as much information as you can. The following, if known, should be included in your article: - name - personality traits - hobbies - family/friends - pets - likes and dislikes - conflicts they have faced - hard/good/bad decisions they have had to make - how they handle given situations - changes that have caused personal growth

7 Plot Diagram

8 Book Review Last, but not least, you need to write a review of Red Kayak. Within your review, you need to address the following: - What was good/bad about the book? Be specific. Use events from the book to back yourself up. - Why would you recommend, or not recommend this book to someone?

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