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1 Patricia Ho Non Air Marketing Net Trans Commission Vendor.

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1 1 Patricia Ho Non Air Marketing Net Trans Commission Vendor

2 2 Net Trans Launch Brief Official Launch – Press Release on 02August 2010 Benefits To Travel Agents Key Information on Net Trans Information Available In Axis Net Trans Key Contact

3 3 Benefits to Abacus Travel Agents Quoted from Press Release dated 02August 2010 “..announced its new tie up with Net Trans to offer travel agencies a total solution for the collection, recovery and reconciliation of hotel commissions that may see travel agencies increase their revenues from hotel commission between 30-50% within a year.“ For a small service fee, it helps to cut down on bank charges significantly due to consolidation and travel agent can opt to receive commissions in preferred currency. Net Trans helps to chase for hotel commissions which will help recover lost commissions. Travel agent will be able to receive a consolidated report on commission status & also view their commission status online 24/7. Participation in Net Trans by Travel agencies are optional.

4 4 Net Trans Key Information  All participating agents needs to be either IATA or TIDs members.  Net Trans Contract Term: 2 years with subsequent 1 year renewal. After the initial term, Travel agent may terminate this Agreement on giving (90) days’ notice in writing to Net Trans.  Cost of commission recovery paid by agents to Net Trans: Euro 1.42 per room per night.  Commission payment received by Net Trans from Hotels before the end of the month are transferred to agents’ bank account on the 5 th of the following month. The total service fees due to Net Trans will be offset from the commission payment to travel agent.  Payment of commission to travel agents by Net Trans can be made in USD, AUD, EUR and 5 other European currencies.

5 5 Net Trans Key Information (Continued..)  Once agreement is signed between Net Trans and Travel agent, TAs is required to activate “Branch Access A or B”and use DX DUP function to send a copy of their IUR Data to Net Trans MINI LNIATA. TAs can call Abacus local helpdesk if they require further assistance. Set up guide available in Axis.  Net Trans Report weblink available in: eServices and accessible by Travel agents. Access to test reports via following:  Username: reporting,  Password: qwerty123  Agents who sign up as a new member will be given username and passwords to access the agency’s hotel booking reports.

6 6 Key Differences Between Net Trans and Pegasus Commission Processing Net Trans Pegasus Commission Processing (PCP) Approaches hotels to chase and reconcile travel agent's commission. PCP does not undertake to chase hotels for payment. Recover commission for All hotel Brands Collate commission only from PCP hotel members - approximately 40,000 hotels Payment to Travel agent in any of the 8 currencies available - USD, EUR, AUD, NOK, DKK, SEK, CHF & GBP. PCP offers 37 currencies on commission payment that includes 8 Asian currencies such as : BND, HKD, IDR, INR, PHP, SGD, THB & TWD. Net Trans will sign up members with PCP automatically as part of the implementation process. Agents that participate in PCP will not be automatically signed up as Net Trans member. Net Trans member pays Euro 1.35 per rm per night on top of *PCP service fees. *Net Trans is charged service fee by Pegasus for booking data supplied. PCP member pays between 9-12%service fees.

7 7 Information Available in Axis 1)Ecard 2)FAQ 3)Net Trans documents: a)What is Net Trans b)Benefits c)Reports 4)Guide for NMC helpdesk/agencies on : a)Main/Branch POS set up b)IUR Replication set up 5)10August Essential Concall slides

8 8 Ecard on Net Trans

9 9 FAQ- 18 Questions with Answers Posted in Axis

10 10 Net Trans Document In Axis – Introduction to Net Trans

11 11 Net Trans Document on “Benefits”- Available in Axis

12 12 Net Trans Reports – Available in Axis

13 13 Main/ Branch POS Set Up – Available in Axis

14 14 IUR Replication Set Up- Available in Axis

15 15 Net Trans Key Contact  Please refer to the following contacts when agents post questions pertaining to:  Commercials  Net Trans Sales: Mr Stuart Wines / Director of Sales Mobile: 65-9789 0464 Email: Web: 2.Disputes, unpaid commissions or other support issues: Net Trans Customer Support: Email:

16 16 Thank You

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