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Sino investment Services Pty Ltd Corporate Profile January 2014 Copyright reserved 2014 Sino Investment Services Pty Ltd.

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1 Sino investment Services Pty Ltd Corporate Profile January 2014 Copyright reserved 2014 Sino Investment Services Pty Ltd

2 2 Investment highlights  A boutique investment bank in Australia -Sino Investment Services Pty Ltd (SIS) is an Australian government licensed boutique investment banking company: licensed under AFSL No. 246936 established since 1987. Unique opportunity  Earns comparatively high corporate commission rates (6-7%)  Low operating costs  A focused business, hence limited-competition business Attractive business model  Australian securities market is the 8 th largest market in the world  Has been growing at over 11% per annum  Significant growth forecast of the Australian equity market, with the largest sectors being financial services (32%) Large and growing market  SIS is well connected within China China relationship investment banking

3 3 A wealth of experience SIS was founded by Richard Li, Executive Chairman of SIS, who has had 36 years experience in financial and investment services with major financial and investment institutions including Arthur Andersen, AXA Australia, Ord Minnett Ltd, the predecessor of Australia’s JP Morgan where he was in charge of the Asian region. In 1987, Richard established SIS, by which time he already had a clientele of major institutions and high net worth investors throughout Asia. Richard has focused largely on the overseas Chinese community but in 1993, he spotted the opportunity to assist Mainland Chinese businesses to list on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), and he pioneered successfully the ASX listing of 5 Chinese businesses between 1993 and 1997, helping the ASX to establish an Asian Index of 20 companies of which the SIS China listings accounted for ¼ of all companies in the Index. Though the last China listing of SIS took place in 1997, today, 15 years later, the goodwill of SIS’s expertise in China listing on the ASX continues and many China businesses and investment banks still consult SIS and Richard on ASX listing opportunities.

4 4 A wide range of experience and expertise  SIS has assisted and advised many Australian and Asian/Chinese companies in different industries to raise capital, from mining to, construction, to heavy industries to technologies. SIS has also been involved in M&A activities and the latest assignment was in fact advising in 2012 on the successful privatisation of the second Chinese business listed by SIS in 1994 on the ASX.

5 5 Sample Assignments and Research Reports

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10 10 Sample Assignments and Research Reports

11 11 Sample Assignments and Research Reports

12 12 An investment bank with its own IPTV marketing platform  In 1998, SIS had the vision to create its presence on the Internet media and established GoConnect Ltd, an Internet TV company that commenced Internet TV as early as 2000 delivering videos in broadcast quality through narrowband with its own patented technology. SIS listed GoConnect on the ASX in November 2000 and Richard is the executive chairman of GoConnect. SIS works closely with GoConnect to make use of its IPTV media platform to promote its investment banking clients globally to GoConnect’s global audience. No other investment banking company can boast of its own in house IPTV media platform. SIS established The Business Show together with GoConnect in 2010 on GoConnect’s IPTV channel, which is now available on all smartphones, desktop PCs and all LG connected TVs sold globally. ( ) The audience reach of and hence, The Business Show, is in excess of 100 million households via LG alone.

13 13 The Business Show: SIS’s IPTV marketing platform

14 14 The rise of China Structured Chinese investments : exceptional returns  The focus of SIS and Richard in Asia and particularly China has enabled SIS to build significant connections and relationships in Greater China. This in turn enables SIS to source valuable projects and assignments from Greater China and structured with international capital to deliver exceptional investment returns for investors. The ability to assess Chinese opportunities through the perspective of acceptable Western due diligence by SIS’s sound understanding of the Chinese culture and Western regulatory environment sets SIS apart from many other Australian investment banking companies who are not knowledgeable of or have little working experience in the Chinese business culture. A bridge between two cultures  SIS and in particular Richard have been a perfect bridge between the West and the East in investment banking for more than 30 years. SIS ready to expand  SIS was privatised in 2010 out of an ASX listed company Sino Strategic International Ltd that Richard listed on the ASX in 1987 but gave up control in 2005

15 15 The Australian Stock Market  With a relatively high-growth and low-inflation economy supported by robust political and economic institutions, and an internationally competitive business sector, Australia now ranks as the 13th largest economy in the world (measured by GDP), and the 3rd largest in the Asia Pacific region.  This firm international standing is reflected in the fact that Australia’s three largest trading partners – China, Japan and the United States - are also the three largest economies in the world; and its two largest investment partners - the US and UK – are home to the world’s largest capital markets.  Such solid trade and investment relations have helped see real economic growth average 3.0% per annum over the past decade, positioning Australia as one of the stronger performers among developed countries during the period.  Australia’s steady economic growth has also been aided by a resources boom that has seen its economy emerge as one of the largest global suppliers of raw materials (coal, iron ore, etc). This fertile resources sector makes up around 9.6% of Australia’s total economy, with the remainder being comprised of financial services (11.0%), manufacturing (9.1%) and construction (7.7%).  This distribution broadly mirrors that of the Australian equity market, with the largest sectors being financial services (32%) and resources (31%).  Source: ASX

16 16 The Australian Stock Market  Australia is also home to a well-developed, innovative and highly-regarded financial services industry and capital market, including: –Financial development - Australia was ranked 5th out of 57 of the world's leading financial systems and capital markets by the World Economic Forum; –Equity market - the 8th largest in the world (based on free-float market capitalisation) and the 2nd largest in Asia-Pacific, with A$1.2 trillion market capitalisation and average daily secondary trading of over A$5 billion a day; –Funds management - Due in large part to its compulsory superannuation system, Australia boasts the largest pool of funds under management in the Asia-Pacific region, and the 4th largest in the world.  Spurred by its healthy political and economic position, Australia has become an attractive investment destination for global investors as well as home to many major multinational financial services providers. With a diverse investor group comprised of 40% foreign investors, 40% domestic institutional investors and 20% retail investors, the Australian equity market is well placed in the global economy.

17 17 Timing is everything, that time is now  SIS is keen to re-establish its success and strong profitability of the 90s in China listings on the ASX. SIS believes the time has arrived again for a resurgence of China listings. No other investment banks in Australia can compare to SIS in this business in experience and goodwill. SIS is particularly looking towards the Middle East for accessing capital to invest in sound Chinese businesses.  An expansion at this juncture of SIS’s operation in Australia is timely as the Australian dollar and the Chinese RMB have recently become directly convertible, which will lead to increasingly more Chinese investment in Australia, not just to buy resources but also to invest in tertiary industries and financial and investment service businesses. Many more Chinese businesses will also start to look at ASX for public listing. SIS has the most amount of experience and goodwill in China listing on the ASX and as in the 90s, with an expanded capital base, will capture many of these assignments.

18 18 A unique investment opportunity  SIS has a long and successful track record and with its focus on China and Chinese community, together with the inevitable rise of China in the next decade to we believe the largest economy in the world, a country which already has the largest forex reserves, the largest domestic savings pool, and possibly the strongest currency, the opportunities ahead for SIS can only be described as amazing.  We look forward to you joining the SIS family.  Contact Richard on

19 19 Disclaimer This document is provided for general information purposes only and does not take into account each person's individual circumstances. Accordingly, no person should rely or act on the contents of this document, without first obtaining advice from a qualified professional person. This document is supplied on the terms and understanding that: –Sino Investment Services Pty Ltd, its associates, its related bodies corporate and their respective officers and employees (“SIS”), are not responsible for the results of any actions taken or not taken on the basis of the information in this document; –SIS does not warrant the accuracy, reliability or completeness of such information and (subject to any statutory liability which cannot be excluded) accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions from this document (including by negligence). To the maximum extent permitted by law, SIS expressly disclaims all and any liability and responsibility to any person, in respect of anything, and for the consequences of anything, done or omitted to be done by any such person, whether wholly or partly, as a result of the contents (whether in whole or in part) of this document.

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