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New Horizon College English Book Ⅲ

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1 New Horizon College English Book Ⅲ
Unit 4 Section B: Engelbreit’s the Name, Cute Is My Game New Horizon College English Book Ⅲ

2 Contents I. Reading skill II. Fast reading III. Structure
IV. Important Words V. Detailed study of Text VI. Exercises

3 I. Reading skill -- Appreciating Figurative Language

4 Practice Discuss the literal meanings and contextual meanings of the following underlines words and phrases from Passage B. 1. crushed To crush is to press something so hard that it is broken. Here it means the harsh words from publishers made her heart broken. 2. a come-down from her high expectations To come down is to move downward and lower. Here it means drawing greeting cards was a fall in her life’s goal. 3. boasts The car is personified. A car cannot boast; only the creator of the card boasts. 4. acid acid means have a sour or bitter taste. If a person has an acid tongue, she or he is very critical of others or other things.

5 Practice Discuss the literal meanings and contextual meanings of the following underlines words and phrases from Passage B. 5. trademark a trademark is a special name, sign, word, marked on a product. Here it means being cute is Mary’s distinctive characteristic. 6. the core of Engelbreit’s life A core is the central part of a certain fruit. A core of one’s life means the important part of one’s life. 7. feet are planted firmly on the ground When one puts his or her feet firmly on the ground, he or she is down-to-earth. In other words, he or she is very realistic or practical. 8. taking off To take off is to leave the ground and begin to fly. Here it means her work began to be successful. back

6 II. Fast reading. 1.When she flew to New York, mary Engelbreit expected that ___ . A. she would illustrate children’s books B. she would be better suited to greeting words C. she would give a try at drawing greeting cards 2.All the following are the results of that fateful, disappointed trip to New York except___. A. selling an astonishing 14 million greeting cards a year B. annual retail sales amounting to $100 million C. one of her bolder cards showing a young girl in overalls

7 3.You can tell Engelbreit’s cards from 20 paces away by___.
A. her eyes B. their colors C. their hearts 4.Which of the following characteristics is most important to Mary Engelbreit? A. Cheerful B. Down-to-earth C. Cute

8 5.Accordint to Engelbreit, ___ could help people with the demands of modern life.
A. being humorous B. being cute C. old-fashioned things 6. All the following have some influence on Mary Engelbreit except___. A. Jessie Willcox smith B. Raggedy Ann C. Johnny Gruelle

9 7.The birth of her son in 1980_____.
A. helped to broaden her vision of art B. made her work become pictures of daily life C. made her interested in everyday life 8.According to the author, Mary Engelbreit finally realized her dream of illustrating a children’s book because_____. A. she had enough money B. she was very successful in greeting cards C. she succeed in many ways back

10 III. Structure : How did Engelbreit realized her American dream?
from age four as soon as she could hold a pencil while she attended secondary school two years after she met Phil Delano after that ill-fated trip to New York while she was eight months pregnant after graduate three years after she started her company impressed with illustrations from the children’s books sold hand-drawn cards to a local shop married worked for greeting-card companies started her own company worked in an art-supply shop and later as a designer licensed the copyright to the cards started drawing

11 IV. Important Words astonish verb [T] 使……惊讶
If something or someone astonishes you, they surprise you very much e.g. She astonished everyone by announcing her engagement. 联想:astonished, astonishing

12 astonish 近义词:surprise, amaze, startle, shock 常用于以下句型中:
Sth. / Sb. surprises/ amazes/ startle / shocks sb. It surprises/ amazes/ startle / shocks sb. that… It surprise / amazes/ startle / shocks sb. to do… What surprises / amazes/ startle / shocks sb. is…

13 comprise (formal) (部分)组成(整体)
If you say that something comprises or is comprised of a number of things or people, you mean it has them as its parts or members 常用结构:be comprised of(整体)由……(部分)组成 e.g. The class is comprised mainly of Italian and French students.

14 comprise 近义词或词组: compose ;consist;constitute;be made up of
compose:be composed of(整体)由……(部分)组成 consist:consist of (整体)由……(部分)组成 constitute:(部分)组成(整体) be made up of(整体)由……(部分)组成

15 feature 作名词: ① 特色,特征 a prominent aspect of something
② 相貌,面貌 the characteristic parts of a person’s face ③ 故事片 the principal film in a program at a movie theater ④ 专题报道,特写 a special or prominent article in a newspaper or magazine 作动词:(slightly formal) 以……为特征,为特色 have as a feature e.g. This restaurant features the most famous chefs in France.

16 feature 注意:feature有时易与figure弄混淆 figure既可以作名词也可以作动词。 作名词:
① 图表 a diagram or picture illustrating textual material ② 体形,外形 the shape of the human body ③ 数字 digit ④ 名人,人物 a well-known or notable person ⑤金额,价格 a amount of money expressed numerically 作动词:猜想,估计 calculate, estimate, reckon

17 bold adjective ① 无畏的,大胆的 fearless and daring
e.g. The little boy was bold enough to walk in the dark street. ② 清晰的,醒目的 clear and distinct ③ in bold type/print 用粗体字

18 gratitude 感激,感谢  altitude 海拔,高度 attitude 态度 solitude 孤独,独居

19 words derivation literature~literary influence~influential
commerce~commercial myth~mythical distinct~distinctive~distinction imagine~imaginary~imagination decorate~decoration distribute~distribution illustrate~illustration

20 take off phrasal verb to suddenly start to be successful or popular
e.g. her singing career has just begun to take off.

21 show up phrasal verb, informal
to arrive somewhere in order to join a group of people, especially late or unexpectedly e.g. We were expecting thirty people to come, but half of them never show up.

22 turn(sb./ sth.)down phrasal verb [M] to refuse an offer or request
e.g. ① he turned down the job because it involved too much traveling. ② He offered her a trip to Australia but she turned him down.

23 with an eye to 注意,此短语不是短语动词(phrasal verb),虽然中文翻译为“关注”,但在句子中不能直接作谓语。
e.g. He bought the cottage with an eye to retiring there.

24 have one’s feet on the ground
idiom have a sensible or realistic attitude to life e.g. He is always talking about his big plans to be a great actor. You should tell him to keep his feet on the ground.

25 V. Detailed study of Text
1. Once you know Engelbreit's distinctive style,… (Para. 4) distinctive: a. that distinguishes sth. by making it different from others; clearly different from others and therefore easy to recognize e.g. His voice was very distinctive. 他的声音很特别。

26 1.Once you know Engelbreit's distinctive style,… (Para. 4)
Compare: distinct: a. 1) different in kind; separate e.g. His hobbies are quite distinct from his work. 他的业余爱好同他的工作性质截然不同。 2) easily heard, seen, felt or understood; definite e.g. I had the distinct impression that she was lying. 我当时明显觉得她在说谎。

27 2. Ann Estelle (named after her grandmother) is the imaginary representative of Mary's outlook. (Para. 4) imaginary: a. existing only in the mind; not real e.g. In the novel the writer creates an imaginary world that is completely different from ours. 作家在小说中创造了一个完全不同的世界。 Compare: imaginable: a. that one can think of e.g. His house was equipped with every luxury imaginable. 他这栋房子极尽奢华之能事。 imaginative: a. having or showing imagination e.g. His writing is highly imaginative. 他的写作极富想像力。

28 3. …children's literary classics… (Para. 7)
n. a famous book, play, etc. which has a lasting value e.g. As I grow older, I like to reread the classics regularly. 随着年龄的增长,我喜欢经常重读经典作品。 a. 1) (of a book, play, etc.) important and having a lasting value e.g. the classic children's film Huckleberry Finn 2) having a simple, traditional style which is always fashionable e.g. She wore a simple classic suit. 她穿着一套简朴的传统服装。 3) typical e.g. It was a classic case of bad management.

29 3. …children's literary classics… (Para. 7)
Compare: classical: a. 1) traditional, not modern e.g. classical ballet 古典芭蕾舞 2) (of music) serious and having a value that lasts e.g. I prefer classical music to pop or jazz. 3) relating to ancient Greece or Rome e.g. classical architecture 古典建筑

30 VI. Exercises Finish the rest exercises on Book 3, page 118.

31 The End

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