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1 How to succeed in Your Career Welcome! Julie Cooper

2 What we will do today Briefly look at what we mean by ‘success’ and ‘career’ Look at five things you can do to make a difference Tell you stories, ask you questions... Ask you what you will do differently!

3 What does success mean to you?...and besides money?

4 What is a Career? Your pathway through life: Jobs Self employment Portfolio working Job search Studying Unpaid work Your path does not belong to your parents, your town, your friends... IT IS YOURS. Make Your Own Decisions

5 Choose the path that is right for you

6 To choose the right path..... You need to know yourself! Values - what is important to you? Interests - what floats your boat? Skills - what can you do? Personality- what are you like? Boundaries Aptitude Can you articulate all these?

7 Values – Pick Three!

8 Holland’s Career Types Where are your: Interests? Skills? Passions? Experiences? Jobs from hell?

9 What do employers want? 1.Organised 2.Communication Skills 3.Motivated 4.Qualified 5.Flexible 6.Degree 7.Commitment 8.Passionate 9.Track record 10.Innovative ONE is about experience TWO are about Education SEVEN are personal qualities! Top words in Job Ads, Adzuna research 20142013

10 Getting your message across Once you’re in a job: 1.Be Interested 2.Be Inescapable 3.Be Incisive 4.Be Inspirational 5.Be Increasing.

11 Be Interested Know who you want to influence Be interested in what makes that person tick Find out what is going on with them Adapt your message to language and style that they can connect with You can only choose the right way to approach someone if you know something about them Give me an example of a way you could show your interest

12 Be Inescapable Make it impossible for your boss not to know you exist, in a positive way. Take or make opportunities to be moving in the right circle, at the right time and in the right place. What could you do to be ‘front of mind?’ Promotion at IBM: Quality of the work 10% Image 30% Visibility or exposure 60% (Harvey Coleman: Research at IBM)

13 Be Incisive Get to the point, don’t beat around the bush. Know your message, be well prepared and rehearsed. Be as laser sharp as an exocet missile. Focus, aim, fire! What is it that you want to say ?

14 Be Inspirational “the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something” It might be your.... Passion, enthusiasm, attitude, resilience, reassurance, acceptance, generosity, ability to understand, achievements, foresight, intuition, calmness, perspective, creativity, support, new ideas, willingness to challenge or take risks..... How could you inspire others?

15 Be Increasing Not learning is not an option. It is stagnation. Find ways to keep growing your skills, knowledge and behaviour. Have something fresh and new to bring to the table. How can you have more to bring? What should you be learning?

16 In your career: Know yourself Recognise opportunities Explore possibilities Make your own decisions Work on essential skills Every morning, say to yourself...

17 I didn’t wake up today to be mediocre! Fabienne Fredrickson

18 Recap What does success mean to you? How do you want your career to unfold? What will you do to be... - Interested - Inescapable - Incisive - Inspirational - Increasing.

19 Next Steps... Sign up for People Tips and get a free download of Five Steps to Being Heard If you would like a hard copy, you can get it by using the code ‘Unimenta’ at (plus free chapters of all our books) for a 20% If you would like to know about my upcoming series of webinars, or talk to me about training your staff, drop me a line at Thank you! Julie Cooper

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